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Central American Migrant Accused of Abusing Girl in Tijuana

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posted on Nov, 23 2018 @ 08:26 PM
a reply to: roadgravel

So all of these migrants are criminals and therefore should not get entry?

OK, dammit, I demand to be shown where I said that! This crap about trying to put words in my mouth needs to stop.

So if you have a single ounce of human decency in your body, show me where I said all illegal immigrants are criminals.


posted on Nov, 23 2018 @ 10:16 PM

originally posted by: OccamsRazor04
a reply to: chr0naut

Great, then they can apply for visas and we can accept people as needed. Trump is not an isolationist, that's a lie. Anti illegal immigration is not anti immigration.

Fair enough, but Trump has been calling them illegal immigrants before they even got to the border. They weren't immigrants yet, let alone illegal.

The immigrants in the caravan were heading for Tijuana. Their stated and demonstrated goal was to become legal immigrants by applying for asylum at the designated port of entry.

Calling them "illegal immigrants", when they weren't, was a lie. There's no wiggle room in that. Trump straight-up lied in public, before the media of the world. You can't deny it.

The fact that under Trump's executive order, the entry point at Tijuana was briefly closed - to everyone - until the judge ruled the executive order illegal and unconstitutional, indicates that Trump had no intention of blocking only the illegal immigrants (who would not have entered through Tijuana anyway).

Trump had defined all pending immigrants as illegal, despite the fact that they actually weren't, and was closing the border to everyone (even those already engaged in the process of legal application). His actions clearly show his intentions, despite the apologist BS.

Trump's dropping out of international efforts like climate change, the United Nations, immigration procedure, arms limitations and existing trade agreements indicate that he is, in fact, strongly isolationist. You can tell a tree by its fruit.

Construction used to be a good job. Now it's all immigrants who can't speak English. We are doing a lot of construction on my unit, top hospital in the State, on the Forbes best companies to work at list, none of the guys doing the work can speak English. One of them hit a live wire or something, killed all the lights and we heard them fall, they are behind a barrier so we can't see them. We went to go find out what happened and if he needed medical assistance, couldn't even communicate. These are jobs that people wanted before immigration was used to kill the wage and make it no longer appealing to Americans. So yes, immigration is needed, but unfettered immigration has consequences. Only 75% of working age black Americans are employed, so how can we possibly need more people when we have people without jobs?

Your primary issue seems to be with uptake of the English language among construction workers. Surely that is easily resolved by preferentially granting access to those who already have a grasp of English and through education.

In your situation, surely someone with access to the web could communicate. You see, communication is two-way and it sounds like you guys were at least 50% of the problem. Try google translate on a 'phone in future.

Also, some people, regardless of their origin, are unemployable. They may be disabled, they may be in jail, they may have mental problems, they may be independently wealthy, they may simply choose not to work.

To expect to fill the requirements with the unsuited and unsuitable is a pipe dream.

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