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Pope asked to announce Antichrist name

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posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 03:20 PM

Originally posted by muzscman
malachy never said the words, the black pope, but a lot of people that i've heard and talked to believe, for some reason or another, that this is what he will be called. a local conspiracy person that's on a radio show every tuesday was discussing this past tuesday....that's the reason it's still fresh in my mind.

i'm not sure were he got the black pope idea, but he was sure stuck on it.

sure enough muzscman...there are several angles as to what, who, is a Black Pope.
the meme may have sprang from Nostradamus, he covered a lotta stuff

or maybe mixing up a Vatican Pope
with the CHURCH of SATAN- - Black Pope: see->

then theres' the sollog 902 prophecy which includes the death of the Black Pope....see->
(if server troubles, theres a link to here on the www.thee underground....)

SomewhereinBetween:....And of course if the next (pope) has nothing to do with olives (Malachy; list-of-Popes prophecy), skin colour;
loves olive oil; had an olive tree in his backyard as a child; read popeye comics etc., They'll just be adjusting the doomsday prophecy once more, forever waiting for something thats never going to happen.

near-bingo.... the prophecies must , for every generation, have an air of Immediacy! a Promised Fufillment just around the corner!....the clergy & theologians will explain to the followers, >>prophecies are wrapped in mystery and are in a continual state of unfolding

posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 08:07 AM
I came across this ,
the pontiff wishes he was younger and in better health to confront the possibility that Bush may represent the person prophesized in Revelations. John Paul II has always believed the world was on the precipice of the final confrontation between Good and Evil as foretold in the New Testament.
I think he has already made his pick. I could be wrong. But why make a statement as such, if he were not trying to get a message across.

posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 08:27 AM
Even if he can't speak or type I am sure his aids who really seem like they have been doing all the work anways will have the same information.
I doubt though even if he did know that he would say, its all been such a secret up to now I don't see anything that is going to change it...

In a way it's a bit like that book about the 'titan' bought out a few years before the titanic sank. Prophecy or not?

a theory could be that because it was written, it happened and became real.

Nothing is nothing, in order for there to be nothing it becomes something even if that something is nothing. Who knows maybe things were written to change and control the future but by the very act of them being written have created that future they were trying to avoid......

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posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 08:38 AM
How can a roman empire be rebuilt if none of the offices, society, and institutions of it have been around for a thousand or so years? Also, why isn't the orthodox church a successor to the roman empire? Its the byzantine church, and the roman emperors were orthodox christians, or at least not catholics.

Have you ever thought of the E.U being the next roman empire with all there antichrist sayings. And there steady growth over the usa. just an idea huh?

posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 10:58 AM
Fyi - according to St. Malachy the final pope is Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman)

In effect coming full circle to the "first" pope or the Apostle Peter.

posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 07:41 AM
The seat of the Anti Christ is in Rome.. Rev 17:9

posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 07:55 AM

Originally posted by Croat56
Id also be worried about the 3 secrets that were left at Medjagorje.

10 secrets. 6 kids and each has 10 secrets. Not all are the same.
So there could be as many as 60 secrets.
(we went to Medjugorje back in 1990 ... wonderful trip).

posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 08:08 AM
to be quite honest, I really doubt that the Pope... or ANYONE for that matter knows the true identity of the anti-christ.

Once again, another instance where man puts his own righteousness before Gods. Always coming up with new theories regarding the mark of the beast, the anti-pope, prophecies from post-revelations period... don't you realize that it's all in vain? Did John not say himself that there would be no true prophecies after him?

We won't know until it happens.

".... like a thief in the night"

posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 08:16 AM
This whole thing is so silly. Honestly people, use your brains here and just think. So if you believe in the anti-Christ, and the pope knew who it was and threw out a name....then what? What do you suppose would happen? Have you thought about this?

posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 08:25 AM
I find it so hard to believe Bush would be the anti-christ. I mean, that would be a total anti-climax.

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