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Wow! The Girls Scouts going bad against the Boy Scouts

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posted on Nov, 6 2018 @ 07:44 PM
Hey Girl Scouts, I use to love your chocolate mint cookies, but I would find it odd that girls in the boys scouts start selling them.

My suggestion now would be this:
Boy scouts start selling survival kits. Yep, for you Boy Scout Leaders that are reading this, I've made a suggestion now (please remember me or I'll sue you for money damages of my suggestion, you are not allow to use or do without fair compensation to me)
Start selling Survival Kits. But maybe the Girl Scouts will end up suing you folks for stealing their cookie idea.

I, using my birth right given of common sense, people are beginning to become too wacky for their own good these days. It's no longer comical . It's going on world-wide.
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