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POLITICS: Arms Embargo Violations In Ecuador Brought To Light

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posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 03:33 AM
During a brief 1995 border dispute between Ecuador and Peru, Ecuador was subject to a UN Arms Embargo. Now That nation's former Minister of Defense is under arrest, accused of misusing $7.3Million to buy weapons from Argentina. Former Argentine President Carlos Menem remains under investigation in related matters, as well as for similar violations in Croatia.
Jose Gallardo is accused of misusing public funds to orchestrate a $7.3m deal to purchase rifles and ammunition later found to be outdated and useless.

Ecuador was subject to a UN arms embargo at the time, because it was fighting a border war with Peru.

Argentine officials broke a weapons embargo to sell rifles and ammunition to Ecuador, even though the Buenos Aires government was trying to mediate in the conflict with Peru.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I think I'll do a little more digging into this. I'm a little curious why these arrests are being made 10 years late and I'm wondering if it will end up having anything to do with foreign politics. I also would be curious to find out where Argentina is getting weapons to sell to Ecuador, and what political affiliations Ecuador has. Maybe I'm nuts, but when something small like this makes the news I feel compelled to check the loose ends and see if its a hint at the bigger picture. Often times that seems to be exactly the case.

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posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 09:27 AM
It looks like I may have been right this time. There are possible political motivations for this 10-years late arrest.

In 2000, amidst riots and a military/police refusal to restore order, Ecuador's president Mahuad had to flee. A junta briefly took power until being forced to recognize Vice President Gustavo Noboa as the new president.
Now, Colonel Lucio GutiƩrrez has been elected president of Ecuador- he was a member of the Junta that overthrew Mahuad.
Guess what Mahuad blames the coup on?
His ending of the war with Peru, which put a stop to weapons deals for the military.

It sounds to me like the coupsters are finally in power (they handed power right back to the VP after the coup) and they might be using that to blame their mistakes on a man loyal to the president they overthrew.
I could be misreading something, so what say you?

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