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TH3WH17ERABB17 -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -13-

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posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 02:20 AM
a reply to: wanderingconfusion

Thanks for replying W.C.. FYI: James Comey is now scheduled to be interrogated on Friday at 10:00am.

posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 02:22 AM
Re Q #2547 - this is PACKED WITH DECODES!:

For such a short post I've never seen so many decodes...

1) Timestamp/Delta2Acronyms method:
ULC = You'll See!
CCK = Commander-in-Chief Killed (also in posts #233 as CAPS only decode)
CDR = Commander
CCH = Commander-in-Chief Hit?

2) In content
line 1 = FOX execs pulled (3) scheduled guests. - FOX3 indicates "Missile fired".
line 2 = Focus: 41 = Focus GHWB

3) CAPS only method
FOXFQ =Missile Frequency

4) Start of Lines method
FFQ = False Flags Queued

5) Guccifer Method
Using "P" gives dgQ = Dig! Q, OR Director General queue?

6) COVFEFE method using "41" gives GB = George Bush OR Great Britain

7) Qclock search links following posts and tweets on MIRRORS:
#2330 - seconds match AND 23 in timestamp
#2329 - 23 in timestamp AND 29 in both timestamps
#2328 - 23 in timestamp TWICE
#2327 - Checksum match AND 29 in both timestamps
#2326 - Hours match AND 29 in both timestamps
#2325 - 17 in timestamp AND checksum match
#2322 - Post number checksums match
#2319 - Seconds = #2547 hours AND checksum match
#2493 - Minutes match AND Post number checksums match
1047673458241560000 - Hours match AND 23 in timestamp

As EMN pointed out from qresearch board when there is a MIRROR within the timestamp then the timestamp needs to be changed to give pointer to the correct linked posts... the rest are supposed to be a false trail for deep state.

Mirror1 = Timestamp = 21:12:29
Mirror2 = Time Delta from #2546 = 03:30:44 (and 44 = Obama)

EMN... Help needed with working out what the mirrored timestamps should be!

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posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 02:24 AM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

I think it was discussed somewhere in these threads that movie scripts are really bios of people's lives put on the big screen. SICK if true. 🤢

posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 02:32 AM
a reply to: carewemust

This is more good news! Does the article mention about the stipulation of his testimony being released soon after? I'm sure that will be many pages of white paper. 🤣

posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 03:01 AM
Rut roh...

Massachusetts judge, under scrutiny for possible role in immigrant's escape from ICE, should be benched, Gov. Charlie Baker says

A Massachusetts district court judge who is reportedly under federal investigation should not be handling criminal cases while a review is underway, Gov. Charlie Baker said Monday.

The Boston Globe reports federal prosecutor Andrew Lelling has convened a grand jury to investigate the role District Court Judge Shelley Joseph may have played in helping an undocumented immigrant, Jose Medina-Perez, get away from federal immigration authorities in April.

Speaking to reporters at the State House, Gov. Baker, who nominated Joseph, called the story "extremely troubling."

"I don't believe she should be hearing criminal cases until that federal case is resolved," Baker said, adding that there is precedent for court officials taking such action.

"Look, judges are not supposed to be in the business of obstructing justice," the governor said. "And as far as I can tell, based on the facts as they were presented, she clearly violated the court's own policies with respect to the way they're supposed to handle continuance and involve federal immigration enforcement."


Will this case set precedent for sanctuary cities?

Judge Shelley Joseph: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Boston Globe obtained a copy of part of their conversation. The audio begins with Jurgens saying, ‘I don’t think it’s him.” Jellinek’s response is muffled except for the beginning, in which he says, “ICE is convinced that this guy…” He goes on to mention certain social media posts and that “my client denies that it’s him.”

Jellinek can then be heard saying, “ICE will pick him up if he walks out the front door. But I think the best thing for us to do is clear the fugitive issue and release him on personal…” The next part was not audible. The prosecutor responds by saying “I don’t think arguing with ICE is really my…” The last part of that sentence was not picked up on the recording. Next, Judge Joseph brings up the idea of continuing the case until the next day. Jurgens responds by saying, “There is a detainer attached to my paperwork. But I felt like that’s separate and apart from what my role is.”

The City Council in Newton, Massachusetts voted in February 2017 to designate the community as a sanctuary city. The vote passed 16 to 1. Under the ruling, city officials were stating that local police would not help federal officials detain undocumented immigrants.


Shame shame on you Judge Joseph!

posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 03:11 AM
a reply to: wanderingconfusion

After reading through that scribd doc you posted I'll never view emojis the same again. Damn, I can't unsee that. Oh well, better to be educated then ignorrant.
Yes, he did say secured but the way he worded it gave me the impression of something like targets acquired, all in position, awaiting weapons free command. Not necessarily fire at will but they make their move all simultaneously in all states listed. Start here
He stopped in on 272 then a few pages after.

Yea, me too. Everytime I think I've bottomed out on one subject I find a new rabbit hole to explore.

They more than likely have perpetual slush funds that nobody could count in a life time. Remember way back before the internet/cell phones and the big telecom carriers like AT&T were always adding new tariffs. For the avg person it was just a few cents extra on your phone bill and nobody really noticed till they increased the amount and made all kinds of bs reasons to justify it. All that money went into a special fund that was originally intended for something specific for the people. I can't remember what, may of been upcoming broadband infrastructure but needless to say none of that money went to the intended purpose. It sat there, in a hidden acct, for years...tens of billions and that was back in the late 80s-90s.

I'm betting several books will be written on Q and probably a H-wood movie, followed by a TV series; Q of Interest or something.

My cop friend has long since retired.

I used to be on ATS alot back in 02-03 then got busy with life, lost my original acct, lurked off and on for years, then years later Q sent me and here I be.

Yea, if this turns out to be another hoax bs scam, joke on the peasants psyop illuminati wet dream fantasy I for one will be heavily arming myself with 2nd amendment and a boatload of lead.

posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 03:12 AM

Needs an wide open news cycle. While everyone is home for the holidays maybe?
a reply to: tiredoflooking

yep, chances are someone at the table is going to bring up the Q question!

No better time for "mass marketing"

posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 03:13 AM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

Oops, asleep at the wheel. Checking now

posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 03:19 AM

originally posted by: crankyoldman

DOJ [policy] does not discuss ongoing investigations.
Majority of leaks [by them] serve to their benefit.
Some do not.
Some are designed to provide the public w/ a 'glimpse' into the shadows.
Glimpse > Leverage.
Leverage > Panic.
Panic > RATS.
Dark to Light.

I posted a very long winded version (as is my want) on this very topic last week.

This is so very important and should stop folks from "defending" the whole "Q fails to predict" thing - did Q ever say "I predict?" It will never stop folks from saying "Q fails again" but it should stop those from defending it.

Hatch Act: "The U.S. Office of the Special Counsel (OSC) on Friday found that six members of the Trump administration violated the Hatch Act. The OSC cited six staffers with violating the federal law in response to a complaint filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) in August." Link

DJT, Sessions, Kelly et al all established a no leak policy. They are dancing on a hot razor blade avoid violations of Leaking and Hatch (prior to elections) among many many other things. Q gives us glimpses, we use our intuition to both seek out greater understanding and support the process - both are needed here. ThankQ.

We need to know, give our informed consent but we also must find it for ourselves and not through poisoned MSM baby food. The dance is so complicated, so large, so amazing and remarkable.

Good truncated version of my Post Q

this NEEDS to be repeated!

listen up folks, The Plan =/= is not about telling All about it to the people duh!, esp via the MSM lol . . . so chill, the way it's looking the Plan has succeeded so let's start the WWG1WGA in the Real World and be awesome to each other! Like those French riot police removing their helmets in solidarity with the 'ahem' "yellow coat/Q" protesters! Vive le Good people everywhere!

If you've been following Q from the begininning as I have, you'll KNOW in the first month maybe, he posted re: "how 'correct' is his, Q's information and part of his reply was that, "disinformation is necessary and those who "look beyond" the obvious will find much

As Q loves to say "You have more than you know!"
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posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 03:22 AM

originally posted by: CanadianMason
a reply to: queenofswords

RIP Tony Scott. Great work!

So mote it be?

posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 03:23 AM
a reply to: PurpleFox

wow... you people are stupid

posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 03:24 AM
a reply to: JohnnyJetson

.... the yellow jackets didn't start out as "q" people... you want to live in a "q" fantasy land, go ahead, but that is a blatant lie

posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 03:28 AM
a reply to: wanderingconfusion

It's up to James Comey to release some/most/all/none of his testimony.

Check out the Q symbol on the floor, surrounding Bush's casket:

posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 03:33 AM
a reply to: JohnnyJetson

Remember, Q has stated several times over the past month that, "Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing!"

Since that is the case, why hide anything at all? Tell all the deep-state criminals exactly what you're going to do to them, and when.. Just like Babe Ruth and Mohammed Ali used to do in their respective sports.

posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 03:43 AM

Any thoughts as to why Q has been on full-auto rapid fire lately?? Difficult to analyze, connect the dots. The Plan is moving, evolving at ever increasing pace.?
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

of course bro, the 'squall' has passed and the winds (of the DOJ) are now fair and blowing the cutter of justice full ahead with all sheets (sails to you landlubbers) to the wind! Yahooo! Here we Goooo!

posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 03:47 AM
a reply to: queenofswords

SCOTS CONNECTION The fascinating story of Donald Trump’s Scottish mum Mary MacLeod from Lewis

Time Traveling Trump's Peculiar Pleasure Paradise Remark and other Trump Anomalies

Very interesting take re Tony Scott, QOS - I didn't know about the Déja Vu movie and that Snow White bit is fascinating! Here is a post I wrote some months back re Tony Scott's death:

I have a hunch that Ridley Scott was about to spill the beans via the Prometheus/Alien franchise. His brother Tony Scott committed suicide sometime between the cinematic release and the dvd release of Prometheus. Tony was involved in the franchise as a producer (Scott Free Productions). 

Between the Prometheus release (April 2012) and Tony's death (August 2012) Ridley Scott hinted at some very interesting ideas for the Prometheus sequel that subsequently seem to have been dropped in favour of a more conventional Alien movie (Covenant). Maybe some of those ideas were supposed to be included as bonus materials on the dvd? The DVD was released in October 2012. 

Prometheus already was full of interesting breadcrumbs. Life on earth seeded by a race of tall aliens (giants/fallen angels) with matching DNA to ours. But who created the aliens ( if created they were)? And they decided to destroy humankind about 2,000 years ago but got interrupted by their own bio weapons (sort of). 2000 years ago - maybe they didn't like Jesus or maybe they didn't like what humans did to Jesus? And plenty of other little details... 

Some of it too close to the truth for somebody's comfort?

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posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 03:51 AM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

EMN, I'll have updated s/sheet in half hour that auto-calculates the Intra-Delta which can then both be used to give an alternate magic square size AND flag up a further Qclock message when intra-deltas match between posts!

posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 04:08 AM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

Ok, my eyes are shot anyhow. Here's additional update info.


posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 04:43 AM

Having an investor's stake in owning NYC taxi medallions is probably more lucrative than having 200 taxi cabs on the road for 24/7 365, or was at the time Cohen had money invested in them. Let's be conservative and imagine Cohen had 200 taxi medallions and all of them were affixed to the bumper of an operational taxi cab in NYC, 24/7, 365. Let's estimate the average income of an average f12 hour shift brings in $400.00. That's $400 x 365 (for one 12 hr shift per taxi cab x 200 cabs) $400 x 2 = $800/24 hrs x 365 = $292,000 x 200 cabs = $58, 400, 000 Okay, I've never been good at math, so please tell me I'm wrong, that's crazy money, if accurate.
a reply to: CanadianMason

Indeed, it is and you're not too far off. Firstly, the /'owner' (Cohen in this case) usually has a company 'manage' the cars

They take maybe 10%

The driver gets 50% of what's on the meter ... about $200 a shift is fair/low

The 'owner' pays for gas, insurance, repairs, etc etc so in all their take is more like 30-40%

AFAIK from a mate of a mate who was a taxi driver

posted on Dec, 4 2018 @ 05:12 AM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

Spreadsheet Update - Intra Deltas
Q V12.9 20181204 to 2547 incl. DECODE and Qclock tools

To get an Intra Delta on a post or tweet's timestamp, e.g. 21:12:29, you:

Subtract smaller of Hours and Minutes from the other = 21-12 = 09,
Subtract smaller of Minutes and Seconds from the other = 29-12 = 17,
giving an Intra Delta of 09:17.

You can then search the maps for Q posts or POTUS tweets with the Intra Delta in, such as 15:09:17.
Effectively it is another method, like Qclock mirrors, to link posts/tweets of interest and unlock another layer of meaning.

1) Added automated calculation on "Magic Square DECODE" tab,
2) Parameter for square size that drives it off:
a) HH:MM from timestamp,
b) MM:SS from timestamp,
c) Intra delta
3) Added automated calculation on "Qclock SEARCH" tab for both source post and mirror post,
4) Added HIT message when Intra Deltas of both posts match,
5) Added HIT message when Intra Delta = HH:MM or MM:SS of the other post/tweet,
6) Added HIT message when either Intra Delta includes 17, 23 or 5:5.

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