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Ocasio-Cortez Campaign Email Is Chock-Full Of Hate And Insanity

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posted on Nov, 3 2018 @ 10:36 PM
Speaking of INSANITY, look at what Democrats are planning, if they re-take leadership of the House of Representatives this coming Tuesday!

As my Politico colleague Darren Samuelsohn wrote this week, the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee have a list of 70 people, organizations and companies they say the Republican-led committee ignored during its investigation and a 98-page document on outstanding lines of inquiry.

“One of the issues that is of great concern to me is: Were the Russians laundering money through the Trump Organization,” said Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), a favorite to head the Intelligence Committee in a Democratic Congress. “That to me would be far more powerful kompromat than any video.”
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posted on Nov, 4 2018 @ 06:07 AM

originally posted by: Daedal
And the insanity continues. Keep feeding yourselves garbage and perpetuate the cycle. I'm out of here.

They can't help themselves can they!

These people need to be outraged by their opposing political side.

They want, scratch that, they NEED to believe the other side is full of insanity so they can continue their own insanity.

A Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and expecting different result.

posted on Nov, 5 2018 @ 11:21 AM
a reply to: infolurker

She's, like, eight years old.

Her mentality and language will mature eventually. Don't be mad at the little child.

posted on Nov, 5 2018 @ 11:25 AM
a reply to: CharlesT

She will crumble under any confrontation

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