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NWO On Track With U.S. Hopeful on Hemisphere - Wide Trade Zone

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posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 06:10 PM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Bush administration indicated Thursday that some progress had been made in narrowing differences that had stalled talks aimed at creating a Western Hemisphere free trade zone.

The effort to create a Free Trade Area of the Americas, which would involve every country in the Western Hemisphere except Cuba, has been stalled for months with Brazil and the United States remaining far apart on a number of issues including U.S. protections for American farmers and Brazil's laws covering the protection of intellectual property rights.

Under this approach, which was devoloped at a ministerial meeting in Miami in November 2003, all countries would sign on to basic trade liberalization while those who want to go further and achieve full abolition of trade barriers envisioned by a free trade agreement would have the ability to do so.


I must have been living in China for the past three years. I didn't know that the FTAA was experiencing difficulties. It looks like things are going to be wrapped up before 2007.

What about an Eastern Hemisphere-Wide Trade Zone? Would that have to be the marrying of APEC and the EU together? And what about Africa?

Does anyone know anything about why Brazil is the last bastion of resistance to the FTAA. It's also interesting to note that all countries except Cuba will be included.

posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 03:27 AM
The United States has gone further then that they have free trade with the following countries which is more NWO on a global scale

US and all but 2 western hemispher countries

Canada GO
Mexico GO
Cuba pending
Brazil Pending in feb 05 great progress made next meeting April 05
Columbia go
Bolivia GO
Argentine No details found but at last looked as if GO
Uruguay Go
Chile GO
Ecuador Go
Venezuella Uknown but assumed go as nothing found to contrary yet
GreenLand Go

The EU covering following countries all go for free trade

The Netherlands
Cyprus joined may 04
CZECH Republic joined may 04
Estonia joined may 04
Hungary joined may 04
Lativa joined may 04
Lithuania joined may 04
Malta joined may 04
Poland joined may 04
Slovakia joined may 04
Slovenia joined may 04

EU Non Members but Candidates we have trade relations with
are not clear in status but are thought to have trade on commercial scales more than free open trade those countries will change in status more than likely when they become full members of the EU and WTO


China / US
relations teadious but as of July 2004 only a couple of concerns remained but the impending North Korea issue has placed a stumbeling block in the path and discussions are moving forward but slowely according to US/WTO comments I last heard

Austrailia / US
At last look going good Feb 23 2005 99% of trade made duty free

Middle eastern countries in free trade with US

Jordan go
Morrocco go
Israel 1980's signed by Regan relations good but may have some restrictions in agriculture areas
Egypt talks start 2005
Iraq No news but ongoing occupation hurting relations in the area

Asian Countries in free Trade with us

Singapore go
Japan has relations but are working on finer detail of total free trade
Korea under study but progress
China open negotiations but new issues in the area stall completion

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