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From Psst to 00ps: Secret Taper of Bush Says History Can Wait

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posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 05:59 PM
Here it is. The question: Which is more important Loyalty or truth

Doug Wead taped the president before he was president and now has felt he has made a mistake. He has taken something from the Bush family and their loyalists - their private affairs.

Doug Wead has decided instead of defend his case, that he truly thought Bush as a historical man, now accused of trying to seek profit or cause damage has chosen to not do TV interviews. This would distract the president during this historic time as he sees it.

As another man put it. Those who have close relationships with higher-up leaders always get into this problem. Which is better, the personal relationship with the leader or history.

Doug Wead has chosen the personal relationship is better than proving himself for history sake.

Which would you choose. To Fight for your Reputation and the Truth or to be Loyal to your Superior???


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