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The Secret of 42 Part π

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posted on Jul, 27 2019 @ 04:32 PM
a reply to: zazzafrazz

Thank you Zazz! I been thinking about you too (and pizza LOL!).

You just brought a big smile to my face! Bless you!!

posted on Jul, 27 2019 @ 04:41 PM

originally posted by: zazzafrazz
a reply to: muzzleflash

The Universe is pure math and functions in alignment.

Truth! But don't forget to have alignment it can only come from infinite possibilities in the chaos

I told this one guy a few months ago "When you see a paradox, you are seeing reality".

Here's a good example of that:
Chaos vs Order
Chaos is ordered chaotically.

So after you reduce it, you always end up with Order.

It's like this - nothing vs something.
Nothing is nothing, it isn't even there.
But since I can focus on nothing and talk about it as the subject of interest, than it becomes something. So even nothing cannot stay as nothing for long, it immediately becomes a something.

Michio Kaku said it best I think, that "nothingness is unstable, and from it always bubbles up a something". His point was that a Universe will always emerge from nothingness due to the instability of nothingness. Because there never was a nothing to begin with, nothing is nothing but obviously it's a something now isn't it? It's nothing!

Sorry if I seem a lil nuts trying to explain that thought. Recently I decided that I have to embrace who I am and just accept that most people will think I'm nuts. Oh well right? My problem always was that I tried to defend myself relentlessly and I'm really really stubborn too so it's hard for me to 'give up' and just let things be as they are.

I am learning a lot lately about myself and accepting things as they are and just letting God handle all the stuff I cannot. Although I've been learning about this for years and years now, it always seems new and fresh every day and I have to learn it all over again. Life can be a struggle so I'm trying to just let it struggle with itself so I can relax and just not care what others think about me anymore. If they don't like me, oh well, I like me so that's going to have to be good enough. I can't help it, only God can.

posted on Jul, 27 2019 @ 04:51 PM
a reply to: zazzafrazz

At around 4minutes in he explains how the Universe came from nothingness because nothing is unstable and eventually will erupt into something.

Always love Michio, one of the coolest guys there is. Back in 2000 I even talked to him over the Internet on AOL, and would discuss all these crazy physics/philosophy topics and he'd keep encouraging me to stick with academia and do my best in school. He's one of my biggest inspirations and without his encouragement I wouldn't be here today. Thanks buddy!

posted on Jul, 27 2019 @ 05:00 PM

originally posted by: operation mindcrime
a reply to: muzzleflash

Yay...thread number two!!

Sorry for being late to the game but I have this thing with disappearing for a couple of months. I missed your second thread but I was still chewing on the first.

I still have to read it a couple more times as I just glanched over it but's a work of art.

Thank you for all the work and giving me another couple of months to contemplate and ponder stuff.


It's ok that you're 'late to the game' because I honestly consider this thread to be a sleeper and a dark horse. At least I'm hoping so. Maybe in the future more people will start to wake up to the information I'm presenting here, it's pretty high level stuff so I don't expect most people to "get it" until after they have learned vast amounts of random stuff. It takes a large database in the mind before all these things start to merge together into a seamless thought system and get streamlined into this big beautiful idea.

And yes, I absolutely do view it from an Artistic standpoint more than anything else. I created the thread as if it were a painting on a canvas or a song on a sound file or a sculpture from a clump of substance. My aim was aesthetic beauty because I was using words, letters, pictures, etc to express and reflect this great idea/concept I imagined in my mind and wanted to share with everyone.

posted on Jul, 28 2019 @ 10:19 AM
The secret of 42
1. 42 is the number of triangles surrounding the central triangle in the Sri Yantra;
2. 42 is the number of subplanes making up the six super-physical planes of conscious (42 = 6x7). This is related to (1) because the triangles symbolise realms of higher consciousness, according to followers of Tantra;
3. 42 = 21st even integer, where 21 is the gematria number value of EHYEH ("I am"), the Godname assigned to Kether, the highest of the 10 Sephiroth in the Tree of Life;
4. 21 is the number of symbolic images makes up a chasqui (angelic messenger) carved on the Gate of the Sun in Tiwanaku, Bolivia. 42 is the number of such images in pairs of chasquis carved on the two mirror-image halves of the frieze on the Gate of the Sun. (The total number of images = 504 = 7!/10).
5. 42 is the number of lines & broken lines in the six trigrams of the Taoist I Ching system of divination between the "Heaven" trigram and the "Earth" trigram.
6. 42 is the number of vertices of the Platonic solids, excluding the cube, which symbolises the element Earth (solid state of matter).
If you are curious enough to want to know how these contexts may be connected, visit:

posted on Jul, 28 2019 @ 11:20 AM
a reply to: micpsi

Well rock on micpsi!!!

Heck yeah your post rules!

posted on Jul, 28 2019 @ 11:22 AM
Those Vibes sure are Positive today!!!
I'm Feelin it 100%

posted on Jul, 28 2019 @ 12:17 PM
One sad thing about ATS is that over half the people that come here and read/participate are obsessed with mindless political gibberish and want to argue & express angst towards each other all day.

I used to argue a lot (about anything really) but I dunno, I don't really care much anymore what anyone else thinks. I post my stuff with links and participate in like-minded threads but in a lot of ways I'm magnetically repelled by 90% of the threads posted here these days (political wars).

I just get this feeling that the energy around those debates is full of stereotyping, prejudice, ignorance, anger, control-freakism, etc.

They think that if they don't argue and blast their political opponent that somehow the 'other side' will take over the landscape and mind-control everyone else into whatever the other side of the BS debate is. Like "I need to act now to save society from so-and-so's politics!".

You know what though? Most people really don't care what either side thinks and are frankly pretty sick of it. Just because you have a loud voice and an opinion doesn't mean you have a clue. I mean, how smart could you be if you allow negativity to control your feelings/experiences in this life?

Sure we all face negatives and battle it out daily to make it through, but purposely focusing on and allowing negative thoughts to inundate your consciousness is just absurd. They are ruining themselves and rotting their brains with that junk.

Hell, I'd put 'current politics' in with hard drug abuse in terms of what it does to the actual structure of the brain...

posted on Jul, 28 2019 @ 09:12 PM
No... I take that back. I do want to argue with at least someone. I'm feeling lonely and need interaction with human beings, lol.

Somebody at least contrive some dissent and dispute my general thesis between these 2 threads. Just make something up, it can be petty I don't mind.

I'm saying that by seriously investigating 42 and then following through with the Odyssey that it leads you on through math, physics, literature, history, philosophy, etc - that you will unravel one of the greatest mysteries and learn some of the most astonishing facts you've ever come across.

Tell me it ain't so.
I dare ya random ATSer! Triple dog dare!!
I bet ya ain't got it in ya!!!

Sigh...I don't wanna write another thread...
Argue in this one. Making a new thread takes too much work.
I don't feel like watching a movie or taking another nap or reading another book right now.

Somebody argue with me about 42, 137, Pi, Phi, the Pyramids, Zeus, or what-have-you.

If you don't have any debate (which of course you don't because my thesis is impenetrable) than start up some irreverent banter or link me something halfway related so we can talk about whatever. It's easy to connect something to this wide-open discussion topic.

Do it for poor Muzzleflash out of charity at least.
It makes me sad to see so few posts in here, I want this to turn into something that lasts.
I don't want this to be just another awesome thread that gets forgotten so quickly and turns into a dust covered tomb where some of the best ideas die a cold lonely death into the vaults of forgotten history.

That one guy posted the other thread the other day asking "Why is Phi being suppressed by the establishment"?
It's not being suppressed apparently, I'm afraid yall just don't care about this stuff that much. Maybe a few of you do, but even then it seems like a passing fleeting interest. Somehow things like this just aren't very compelling to most folks around here, and I'd have thought ATS would be above that. But I guess not.

I wanna see some damned arguments. At least make a joke or link a song or something!!!

Was that good? I almost forgot how to express arrogant sanctimonious angst.
Do I still have it? Is my ego threatening enough to try and put me in my place?
Cmon now....

posted on Jul, 28 2019 @ 10:07 PM
I have dozens of other awesome groundbreaking threads to write - and have been saving them up for around 5 years now and have barely written any of them. Endless content of high quality that is exceptionally informative and insightful. Startling Revelations one after the other. Over 50 awesome thread concepts are in my memory banks right now, buried in there...

But why should I bother?? Really now?
It takes a lot of work to articulate and construct one of these things.
This 42 part π alone took over 100 hours of work over an entire month!
There was nothing easy about it.

People always complain that ATS is dead, there's no content, bla bla.
Yeah right!!

Hardly anyone cares, that's the reality. Like 5 of you showed real interest beyond 1 hour of your life in what I busted my rear to produce for your entertainment and edification. Maybe it was 6 of you, I don't remember.

Yeah maybe I am selfish, but who isn't? Didn't I earn it? Is a man selfish to desire the wages of his labors??
I get paid zero dollars for this work, and my life's been a complete disaster. I'm caught up in all sorts of tragedies and am overwhelmed with financial emotional legal physical etc distresses.

And all I really want to do is have the time and place to sit down and just write threads like this for everyone here, for everyone everywhere to gain from. I just want to contribute to the progress of the human race! I care about the future of my children and their children and your children's children. I want to push the envelope and open minds and hearts to something greater, to inspire others to do the same thing and push the boundaries and explore the unknown bravely and successfully.

And what is my reward? Fighting depression and feeling lonely and forgotten? Feeling like my efforts go to complete waste in the end? Like I would have been better off washing dishes at some grimy restaurant or cleaning toilets?? Seriously???!!!

Is this how the human race treats those who desire nothing more than to contribute to their progress?? I gave selflessly while I was struggling just to find a meal each day and slept on concrete outside.

I guess I just don't even deserve a home or even the most basic rudimentary comforts. I don't deserve friends or family. I wasted all my time trying to do something important that matters for the future of mankind. I felt this way for years over that Bee's Honey thing, felt completely overlooked and forgotten and I resented it on an almost daily basis and tried so damned hard to not take it negatively - yet it always was a blatant reminder that my hard work essentially amounts to nothing in the end. I revealed and proved that Honey cures nearly every disease known to man by posting all these links to accredited university research papers, I showed that it aids in allergies diabetes it regenerates all the organs kills damn near all the bacteria viruses and fungus and kept trying to remind people that it's legit and well documented - and pretty much no one cares. No one posted in that thread in years!! Yet it's still ultra-important and valid, I mean for Christ's sake it's a cure all and it works! Good Lord I can't possibly write anything more groundbreaking than that it'd save countless people from suffering if they only knew!!

Yeah I'm a bit resentful OK?? I have been for a long time.
I just don't understand why I am forgotten and alone without any real friends or moral support beyond a few posts a month. I'm high maintenance I'm sorry.

My life is a complete disaster because I focused on the RIGHT THINGS and sacrificed for the good of everyone else. I know that I'm valuable and worth something and that my contributions are way above average! My life should matter too!! But you know what?? Every night I laid out on those benches or concrete slabs, getting rained on or waking up with ants all over me, finding myself in all these dangerous horrible situations, I just KNEW how much I mattered to everyone else. I come back and see NO U2Us at all. None. I disappear for months and how many people checked in? Zilch. No one even seemed to notice I could have been dead.

Yes OK, I realize I've got some serious problems here. I'm indignant irritated and fighting this acrimonious sanctimonious BS in my head on a near daily basis. Yes it is a existential crisis. Yes it is an incredible internal battle. There's hardly anyone here to distract me from my own madness and sadness. How can I find something better to do with my time? Where else can I share my gifts and talents like this? How else can I do what I do to contribute to mankind?? Am I wrong to think I deserved some sort of reciprocity?

Sigh... damn.
I need to just remind myself that I'm Thankful for all that I have and that I shouldn't want more. I shall not want. God knows my struggle and He will lift me out of this mess. I need to stay Faithful and Thankful. I need to clear my mind of this negativity and focus on the positive things. I can and will do better. I can make it. I will be Happy with what is and accept what I cannot change. Only God can fix this, I need to remind myself every day 100 times.

I admit it, I go a little insane sometimes with this character flaw I struggle with.
I need to calm down and go look at the stars and feel the cool breeze on my cheeks and breathe in the fresh air.
I'll make it through this, I hope, without completely losing it.
I am a complete mess though, hahaha. Sigh....
God help me...

posted on Jul, 28 2019 @ 11:00 PM
a reply to: muzzleflash

God help me...

I think God has really helped you and in turn, you help us all.
To understand how special and intricately related everything is in our universe, is to be truly enlightened.
I hope it keeps spreading, as presently we are in need of a whole lot more of it!
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posted on Jul, 28 2019 @ 11:13 PM
I guess I'll just reveal a little bit of it right now, and then I'm going to go chill out (or try to) for the night.

I was living in Colorado, had a great job at Comcast, moved in with this wonderful beautiful blonde woman into a huge house, was starting to pay my meager debts to the few people that did help me and fix my bank accounts, thought I had a new life.

Well, this woman I've known for almost 30 years from Jr high and High school, she was has been ranting about how horrible I am (though I've been nicer to her than anyone in my life, and I'm a really nice soft-spoken gentle person that always puts others first) and she was saying I need to be "eliminated once and for all" though I hadn't even spoke to this woman in 4 years. She rants about me daily apparently and it's bad, she's on TV talking about me, giving speeches at these huge events saying I'm the devil, etc.

Anyways she put a completely bogus felony charge on me and lied so they put me as a fugitive from justice although I never even been to where she lives - and a few months later the cops come to my house and arrest me and then after a month extradite me from Colorado halfway across the country to face this stupid charge.

Nevermind that I was never a fugitive, nevermind that I never actually broke the law or met any of the elements of the crime, I still lost 3 months of my life to this in jail!! And this huge redneck guy with the mentality of a 12 year old got super pissed that I told him "Tommy I have a RIGHT to disagree with you!" and he pummeled me and stomped on my back breaking my spine. He weighs like 350 lbs of pure muscle and I'm like under 150.

This all over a Facebook post!!! All I did was post to her on Facebook saying "Please stop threatening me and having your friends make threatening phone calls! I forgave you for everything in the past, I forgave you for my wife leaving me, so please forgive me for your husband leaving you. I got a new job, a new home, a new gf, a new life and I moved on! Please try to move on and find happiness in your life. I'll be your friend if you need one but you need to stop being a drama queen and lying about everything defaming my character!"

I didn't even threaten anyone or anything, I was begging her to leave ME alone and stop all this madness, and she was so pissed I was living with this amazing woman and had turned my life around so she filed this totally bogus charge for 'harassing her on the internet' and they somehow got this warrant trumped up to a felony AND somehow labeled me as a fugitive from justice although Federal law states I'm not a fugitive cuz I never was anywhere in their jurisdiction (18 USC § 3182 states extradition isn't allowed unless you're a 'fugitive' and a fugitive is someone who commits a crime in a certain jurisdiction and then flees from prosecution, and it specifically says that I had to be Physically present there and that 'constructive presence isn't allowed' (like letters, phone calls, or internet posts aren't suffice to be considered present there)).

Anyways, she didn't even respond to me she just filed this insane charge and I paid the price by losing my whole life and getting this unbelievable injury that will last my whole life and the Dr says I might be paralyzed one day because it's degenerative. I swear to God I didn't threaten her or anything. I was being NICE and KIND and trying to calm her down and get her to think positively and to work through her divorce with forgiveness and compassion.

My attorneys think that it'll be an easy charge to beat purely on the jurisdiction argument and federal law but omg these things take months just to get a hearing on the subject because the grand jury hasn't even decided if there's enough evidence to indict me yet (and from what I understand they'll indict anyone even without any real evidence just cuz). But we'll see.

I should be thankful because my twin brother who's never given me a dime in his whole life, and probably doesn't like me at all, finally bailed me out for 5000 last week and I got a bus ride to my grandma's house in Texas and she's letting me stay here a little bit. I have to appear in court on Sept 6th so have to go back to Tennessee.

This woman is really rich, a millionaire and is a co-founder of a huge organization and knows the Governor, various representatives, all these judges and prosecutors personally because she's a socialite, her X husband's dad is some huge real estate mogul in Houston, and he was a stock broker. So she's got all this clout and money and is using and abusing it to "punish me" for basically telling her to grow up and get a life and that I was with this other woman.

One really positive thing is that I'm talking to my Xwife again and am going to get to see my kids soon, and they are doing great, my kids are top students in school making 100s, my daughter is a delegate at her church to the national convention and she's a piano player and sings for the ministry and gets all these cheers and whistles cuz she's actually good, she's the class president and head of the student council and is 15 now and dates the preacher's son who is a really quiet, intelligent, good kid. So I'm THANKFUL for this absolutely!

But this charge this woman put on me is trumped up completely, I'm facing 6 to 15 years in prison over a FACEBOOK POST that I didn't even say anything mean or threatening in!!!!!

Ahhhh my back....
This is just the beginning of the BS I'm facing.
I have all these other battles I'm facing legally (none of them are criminal in nature) but still. I need like 9 lawyers to fight all these things and I'm just overwhelmed and getting my rear kicked mentally, emotionally, physically, and Spiritually. I just can't seem to recover and a whole new ordeal develops. I can't escape.

I keep trying my best to just stay strong and fight these heinous lies because I know in my Heart I did right and I'm a good person and I believe I'll eventually win but this will take years and I simply cannot afford this, I have a few dollars omfg. I'm going to apply for disability on Monday and see if I can get other assistance but that could take months, I'm trying to find an injury lawyer to seek compensation for this spinal injury because I'm out of action now I can't even lift 5 pounds or roll over in bed without excruciating pain.

When the Truth finally comes out I know I'll be vindicated but omg will I even survive until then? I can't even see what tomorrow holds for me all I know is that I can't give up and no matter how hard it is I need to Love myself enough to just do my best and pray that God will lift me out of this despair.

I can't believe this was all over a Facebook post omfg!!!! There's nothing legitimate about it at all. And this woman's been active in the legislature for years with some wacky organization trying to get it made into a felony to 'make unwanted posts on someone's facebook' - and the lawmakers actually keep shooting her down - yet because she knows the detective and the magistrate personally (they are good friends and in pics together) they were able to contrive that I was a fugitive - now I have to show all my bank records, phone gps data, work hour stubs, rent checks, and get witnesses etc to prove I was in Colorado the entire time - which is easy but it just takes months to get these records and file them with the court! So I was trapped in a box for 3 months waiting, facing 15 freaking years over NOTHING!!!!

posted on Jul, 28 2019 @ 11:24 PM
a reply to: charlyv

Thank you Charlyv, I didn't even suspect you'd be lurking...

I'm sorry I'm just freaking out tonight. I need to calm down and relax.
Things will be OK, I know God hears me and that He's got this.
I just know it'll be OK.

I'll get to see my kids again soon. My Xwife wants me to be in their life because they need me and I couldn't be more thankful because that is the MOST important thing to me by far in life. I'd sacrifice everything for that. I love my kids!!

I am very thankful and so lucky, I'm just all tore up from all these trials and tribulations that seem totally unfair and unreasonable. And I admit I don't know what to do about most of it other than just give it to God and try to stay Faithful.

I guess I should post a thread explaining what this new ordeal is all about and then reveal who I am so people can investigate my case in real life to see that I'm telling the truth.

I don't even know where to begin or how to compose it comprehensively though, and I am reluctant to reveal my identity because I worry about the safety of my family because the internet is full of horrible people.

Like this woman posted "let's troll Jason" and all these people came after me yet they don't know me or anything about me at all! I'm the sweetest guy there is and definitely not a criminal in any way shape or form. I'm lawful Good every day and always have been.

Sigh... anyways. So much for Facebook! 15 years man. Over a post that anyone of us could have made just trying to defuse a psycho's overblown obsession with BS blaming me for her mental problems and her divorce. Yeah I know my threads are challenging but it's not my fault.

I'm going to go watch the Da Vinci Code. I've never seen it and I just read the books last month in jail so I wanna see what the film is like. I was crying when I read the part about Langdon teaching the wonders of Phi in his symbology class. You guys have no idea how closely I identify with this character and how amazing it was to see a hero like me doing the stuff I do. I can't believe I never knew about this book until just weeks ago. I loved it dearly, it gave me solace and confidence while I was going through a living hell. I read Angels and Demons and Inferno too. Gonna find The Lost Symbol and Origin soon, want to read them.

I also finally read The Hunt for Red October and Op Center by Tom Clancy which were simply awesome. I got Red October and will watch it too, haven't seen it yet. Top notch stuff, Red October the book was just 5star writing and I couldn't put it down.

posted on Jul, 28 2019 @ 11:39 PM
Yeah it's for real man - 15 years for a facebook post.
Only Muzzleflash could achieve that... lmao.

When I scold someone, it's a huge deal.

Yet it's all true.

You know I could probably get famous for this if people knew what was actually going on here.

If people found out that I am facing all this and was extradited from Colorado halfway across the nation over a Facebook post they'd FLIP OUT! Because it can happen to any of them - especially considering I didn't make any threats or anything. I wasn't even trolling her. I honestly tried to help her get over this insanity.

I still forgive her and everyone because I can't live with angst or hate in my Heart. I can't live like that. I just want to be Happy and so I always forgive even when it's nearly unforgivable. I don't know anyone as kind considerate compassionate and forgiving as I am. Yet here I am, facing the big time for a freaking FB post. Omg....

I don't even want to be famous if this is the price.
I didn't want to be the hero and take up for that little guy cuz it got my spine broken.
Being the good guy hero SUCKS! Trust me it ain't worth it.

All this negativity makes my back hurt worse.
I'm gonna go watch that film now, I bet Tom Hanks is great in it.

Goodnight all. Sorry you have to hear about all this.
I'm sorry I screwed up.

posted on Jul, 29 2019 @ 02:46 AM
God works in mysterious ways right?

Well maybe all this is happening to me for a reason, maybe it's leading me to something much greater than I can imagine?

I've learned so much about Forgiveness, about who I am, about Happiness. About how I need to accept who I am and embrace it. Yeah I'm stubborn, so I should recognize it's a strength as much as it has been a weakness.

If I hadn't been in jail again, I wouldn't have recognized how truly bad our nation's drug problems are - I was literally the only person I met in all 3 jails that wasn't suffering from hard drug addictions. I've never touched those substances, and I'm glad I haven't because I saw how it destroyed all of these lives. I saw how the system is mistreating these people and failing to help them out of their addictions.

I saw how the system doesn't care about the written law, about how people with petty crimes yet no money get stuck in jail for years fighting for their innocence, while rich people that are admittedly guilty of much more severe crimes walk free within a few days because they had tons of $$$ to buy their civil rights.

I saw the corruption of the system first hand, how prosecutors mindlessly and maliciously try to put people behind bars over nothing just so they can say "I got another win!" and one day run for office or whatever.

I saw how children, 18, 19, 20 year old kids are destroying themselves with violence and hate. I saw ignorance and anger and despair and suffering... for what? Our nation is in shambles... our children. These are our children!!

I saw how defense lawyers don't even care about their clients and just aim to "make a deal" and coerce guilty pleas from people simply to avoid trials. These people are snakes... vipers feeding off the blood of other people without a single care or shred of guilt. They really don't care and in fact, seem to want to hurt people.

It isn't just the people that are lost, it's the administrators and guardians who are lost as well. I didn't see Honor among them, I saw deceit and treachery, tyranny.

I needed to see this. It inspires me to work harder towards my goals. I had Dreams that I believe God sent me, I prayed asking for them to guide me.

I'm going to start a charity organization to spread knowledge about Honey and how it cures diseases and regenerates the body. Like how it reverses cirrhosis of the liver, like that study from Taiwan showed it fixed like 80 something aspects of the failing dying liver. Quickly too. Or about how it defeats even HIV or antibiotic resistant bacteria. How it reverses neuropathy and other neurological degenerative disorders.

I will first make a website compiling all these research papers showing the facts, and I'll hire consultants and others to help me build my organization. I'll get people involved and then eventually, once we can afford it, start passing out free raw honey to people who cannot afford it (it can be very expensive).

Then I want to fund initiatives and convince local govts to help protect our bee hives by protecting the environment surrounding them. To fund research into developing stronger strains of honey by experimenting with ingenuitive pollen mixtures that aren't naturally available in various locations. Open new apiaries and corroborate with other environmentalist organizations to protect our forests and oceans and clean up the mess we humans have made over the last 200 years. I want to use this platform to educate others about social issues like drugs and how we need to heal our brothers and sisters rather than punish them. To bring people together in harmony and good will for a good cause....

I can't believe I never thought of making my own organization till I was trapped in a cell, disappeared in that hellhole. But I realized then, this is what I need to do and what I want to do. It's my Passion, my Purpose. From this I can educate others about all these things I write about and I can write about even more.

But I gotta beat this case first. Thankfully my Xwife and kids, the woman I was with in CO, another X here in Texas, and a lot of people I know well, like a female Christian author I lived with in Nashville, this French woman I was with last year, and all these other people will come to testify in my defense that I am a man of good character. I'll get my psychologists to show I passed all these exams and am not dangerous or crazy. Whatever it takes to show the jury I'm OK and in conjunction with the text record will prove this woman is lying in revenge for her husband divorcing her. I don't blame him honestly, I ran as far away from her as I could too! She's psychotic, heartless, and blood thirsty. She blames everyone for her failures except herself. And I feel bad for her and forgive her still. It's pitiful.

I learned about being Strong in the face of my greatest Fears. About relying on God to work Miracles for me when I was helpless and hurt. I learned about Loving those I consider my enemy, and finding understanding.

Maybe everything does happen for a reason? Maybe God's ways aren't so mysterious after all?

posted on Jul, 29 2019 @ 02:59 AM
Oh, and the Da Vinci Code film was OK. The book, which I read about 40 or 50 days ago was way way better. I highly recommend the book first over the film. They changed stuff and cut things out, and you missed the detailed backstories and all this stuff.

In the book there's a whole section about Phi and how Robert Langdon loved teaching his symbology class about it.

I cried my eyes out when I read that section because it hit so close to home for me. I too love teaching my class about Phi and all of these wonderful discoveries about the Universe around us. It's just I'm not a teacher at Harvard - I'm a teacher at ATS which I think is even better because I can go into way more detail and my lectures will be here and last forever so thousands of people can enjoy them FREELY from the comfort of their own homes or on their phone wherever they might be at.

So even though I saw Langdon as an inspirational hero, as a person so closely aligned with my own self-image, I think I'm luckier and in a better position than this character. I can teach far more than symbology, I can teach anything and everything and I do. I'm far more detailed and inspirational than Langdon is, and he's fictional! I am so Thankful that God has gifted me with talents and knowledge that far exceed Langdon's even in the field of symbology itself which I have mastered with flying colors (and then some).

I can't help but cry when I read a great book, and I think it was Divine Intervention that God placed these 3 books in front of me out of nowhere (Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and Inferno). It really gave me tons of inspiration to keep being Me and doing what I do. It reassured me that I am not only on the right path, but I'm in the lead. And as a leader I need to work even harder to set a good example and make sure I teach ethics and morals along with all of the topics I cover. That I need to remind others of their creativity, of their potential, and that God is there to help them every day in very real ways. I'm here to create change and inspire others to create change too. To lift this world up, Hearts and Minds alike.

So yeah, Dan Brown's awesome lol. They were great books. Oh, I read 'Deception Point' too, but it's not connected to the Langdon series. It's a stand alone, and it was pretty good too. Gonna pick up The Lost Symbol soon, I bet it's awesome.

I saw so many real life Miracles through all of this... so I just need to stay strong and keep my Faith that more even bigger ones are on the way! God's got this, I just know it.

posted on Jul, 29 2019 @ 03:10 AM
Once yall see the Truth about how I got extradited from Colorado over a totally benign Facebook message you will FLIP your lids. In fact, to my knowledge, this is the first case of it's kind. I can't find anything quite like this in the law library and so I think it really has potential to blow up into something really big for me personally.

I admit I am scared though. I try to be brave but facing a mid level felony when I have no criminal record (not even a misdemeanor) is frightening. 15 years sounds like a death sentence to me - I'm not even made for a few months in a county jail, my God I have a broken spine already.

I need support and help from everyone, I feel like I'm fighting this crusade on my own. And I'm up against very powerful forces that I do not comprehend or understand. I keep getting railroaded for doing the right thing and being honest. Yall can't even see the tip of the tip of the iceberg on this yet, I haven't really gone into much detail. It's a book worth of crazy things I witnessed and experienced first hand. It's baffling how corrupt things are. I was punished for citing law and the judge said the law didn't even matter, and they even recorded this!

I'll tell everyone about all this stuff later. I'm going to bed, I gotta go to SS and apply for disability in 5 hours. Hopefully I get accepted soon, but I know it can take half a year or more.

Oh, my trial in this case won't be until like 2020 or 2021. It will be a long time, they don't even have an indictment yet. The Grand Jury convenes on August 18th and even then they may put it off cuz they really don't have a case against me and I'm not sure how they could build this indictment with no solid evidence or infractions.

Anyways, Goodnight. Bless all of you.

posted on Jul, 29 2019 @ 07:53 AM
a reply to: muzzleflash

42 is just 2 x 21 were this is the sum of one dice, it's a Hex, and the 6th Planet from the Sun.

So you immersed yourself in numerology based on two Die, Twelve Olympians versus the Twelve Tribes, Laws of Probability, Determination of Fate and averaged out at Seven, something of a gamble.

posted on Jul, 29 2019 @ 03:29 PM
a reply to: Madrusa

That song was awesome actually, thanks for turning me onto it!
Never heard it before actually lol.

Everything in life is a gamble, nothing's for sure, so...

posted on Jul, 31 2019 @ 03:09 PM
they say that charity is directly proportionate to guilt. i believe the same is true regarding spirituality and tragedy. synchronicity, universal love, religion and salvation, they are all coping mechanisms for dealing with the chaos we are confronted with and sometimes "punished" by. and now it becomes clear where you get the conviction that drives your faith. its your only hope in the madness you have posted about, and i dont have any interest in taking that from you. i just hope that the answers you cling to give you the strength to stand tall and remain noble in all things you say and do. dignity is not born, it is made. it is a choice, to be broken or to assemble your pieces and build a better self.

The truth behind 42 being the meaning of life, the universe and everything

In the ASCII Language (computer language), 42 is an * or "Wildcard"

The greatest computer ever built was asked what the meaning of life is and it literally told everyone in ITS language that "Life is what you make it"

and now I see, why you find such purpose in this number. it is a symbol of the only real power you have held during the course of your journey and how you have been transformed by it. i hope you will find the time to share more of your revelations.
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