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5G Total Mind Control For All ~ Operation Crimson Mist

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posted on Oct, 23 2018 @ 01:07 PM
a reply to: Phage

Hey capitalists do what they want, people need to start believing the worst of them as it will be close ti the truth. They keep the knowledge to themselves, and should be killed for just being selfish. If they had taught me the method of loci at school i wouldn't have had to endure 12 years of factory work..... Get it!!

posted on Oct, 23 2018 @ 01:07 PM
I hear 5G really messes with your head.

posted on Oct, 23 2018 @ 10:06 PM

originally posted by: CIAGypsy
a reply to: LABTECH767

You didn't put me on the defensive? I have been around ATS for a long time and have posted many times about this subject. Not that I expect you to know that or reference any of those posts... However, it gets irritating when the same misinformation or beliefs get constantly brought up to "defend" a pseudo-scientific belief that simply is not sound. This is not anything against you personally.

Without being able to publicly identify myself (an abhorrent idea because of the problems it would create), I can only back up my knowledge and experience with the arguments I make on here which is no way to put an end to a debate. Thus part of my frustration. I can tell you that I have an educational background in multiple degree programs including electrical and computer engineering and physics. However, I have played an intimate part with several universities and other international "research groups" which have focused on subjects such as brain-computer interfacing, brain mapping, extensive research on memory, and even subjects of a 'paranormal' or 'fringe science' nature. These programs are not my day-to-day life (I work in banking, security, and with government), but projects I have sponsored and followed closely. I have enough education to qualify for a medical degree and even a specialization in neurology, but have chosen not to certify it for other, personal reasons. There's simply no need.

Let me be clear that I am not saying that you can't influence or affect the brain with electromagnetics. This happens all the time even in our daily life. You don't have to stretch your brain to come up weapons borne from electromagnetic technology. But what I *am* saying is that you cannot create a Manchurian Candidate who has no knowledge or recollection of his actions through any current or known science. It is one thing to disperse a crowd. It is another to create a mindless killer who didn't already have that predisposition.

Sorry for the late reply between my beta blockers and other medication if I am not feeling half asleep I am otherwise less than reliable.

I agree you can not 'Yet' create a fully controlled human puppet using simply electromagnetic inductive influence upon a subject's nervous system but - and while I do believe that would be possible to do so it would require such intrusive and high energy system's as well as an intimate attuning and tailoring of said energy system's to that individual's personal physiology that it would simply be completely impractical to do so - at least without some kind of neural implant technology which would necessitate implanting the subject's brain's with some form of transceiver device without there knowledge in most cases.

Were 'Branches' or 'Rogue' operators within the CIA, perhaps the NSA and other cover organizations as well as the KGB and also as I am inclined to believe also the MI services and other organization's around the world with Japan surprisingly being rather high on that list and China now coming up to speed have been able to create programmed individual's they have used completely different techniques based as you know around what we can broadly call brainwashing or subject programming techniques and certainly in Russia and the West these techniques have been known about for a long time, at least since the Nazi's and Soviet's indulged in there early research in this field.

But of course it is even older than that with Hypnosis and the so called Zombie drug's allowing individual's to be robbed of there will and controlled since ancient time's.

EM weapon's however, well I do believe they are a very real danger - and also potentially a very real defense.

What the video suggested was based on a claim that the technology did NOT control an individual but that there was the ability much as I have suggested to influence the mood of a broad swath of people within a targeted locality were there nervous system's could then be saturated and inductively affected and even if only slightly this gave them the ability to instigate through this method an already riotous mob into a murderous mob.

I do not know if the story itself is in any way true but if it is then it classified as a very genuine crime against humanity but what I do know is that it is perhaps based very heavily upon capability's which I suspect extremely strongly that we in the west and most likely you in the US already do have, I also suspect that the Chinese will also have obtained this technology and with there less than humane regime are likely using all of those internment camp's (I can understand there general concern but not there method) they have set up for all manner of project's as well as to a definite degree the claimed human organ harvesting which they have been accused of several time's in the past.

I am personally inclined to take it with a pinch of salt but only a pinch since there are indeed people in every nation whom would create such technology if it is at all possible and I for one believe it is.

But no not remote controlled human - at least not without other form's of manipulation already having been used upon the subject but mood affecting field's I most definitely believe are a genuine possibility - of course most research into that potential avenue of weaponization has been in regards to ELF research since ELF can affect the human nervous system and some have claimed even the heart rate of targeted individual's.

However there are also a great many claim's to the reality of this subject.

Control over human subject's has long been the dream of the tyrant, a veritable thought police were they themselves would be the only one's immune to there own control system.

posted on Oct, 24 2018 @ 10:52 AM
Here are some interesting video's about the potential deleterious affects of exposure to electromagnetic field's and more specifically those operating within the extreme low frequency ranges.

While not directly related to the idea of targeted EM weaponry or control/influence mechanism's they are still noteworthy though they are in no way about use of EM devices to control or influence people's in any way rather they are about our lack of understanding leading to lax international standards and regulation's which in turn is leading to devices emitting potentially harmful EM field's that many of us use every day of our lives.

if is worth going to the original you tube page and reading the statement beneath the video

This one is very interesting

Now if you are asking what has this got to do with EM weaponry or other military anti personnel experiment's into this field of development then it is a simple extrapolation, if there is (a) known or mounting evidence to prove that EM fields are harmful then how long does it take to realize that someone, somewhere would want to weaponize them and of course such weaponization experiment's may go right back to the second world war and almost definitely to the NAZI regime.

Here is a fantastic book in PDF format I read over two decades ago, it is NOT directly about the subject but does include eye witness testimony's to the effects of field's of energy created during NAZI experiment's upon living organism's and even prisoners of war.
The book I am referencing is by a former Janes Aviation journalist by the name of Nick Cook and is called THE HUNT FOR ZERO POINT.

edit on 24-10-2018 by LABTECH767 because: forgive my poor grammatical syntax and spelling error's

This is slightly off topic but may suggest that some human being's can actually harness there own body's electrical field's.

This last one may be slight of hand or it could be genuine, I am actually inclined to believe genuine and remember watching it back in the early 1980's or late 70's on TV, it was a series in which these young explorers were travelling around the island's and nations of the ring of fire region which was at that time not quite as saturated with tourist destinations as it is today, one of the two lad's had a very bad sty and it was not healing but getting much worse possibly due to an infection so with no ordinary doctor's within reach they found a local healer whom this video call's Electric Eel man, he had learned his trade from his master whom had also practiced this technique and while it could be used to do harm he used it to heal, the Lads eye healed completely shortly after the treatment.

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posted on Oct, 24 2018 @ 07:04 PM
eh, no why are the military using expensive ammo, when they can just use this magical sound device?

posted on Oct, 24 2018 @ 08:47 PM
a reply to: humanoidlord

Hey as to sound weapon's they have been around for a long time, the NAZI's even created a sonic cannon which it has been claimed by some could liquefy the internal organ's of a person BUT they could not control it's direction sufficiently and of course did not have noise cancellation technology to protect there own soldiers, also it was extremely fragile and impractical.
During the cold war the Soviets experimented with low frequency sound weapon's upon the US embassy in Moscow and of course there are recent claim's of other forms of energy based weapon's having been used more recently such as in Havana against the US Embassy there, of course the US has also developed it's own probably much more advanced sonic weapon's and I would strongly suggest energy based weapon's.

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