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Dungeons and Dragons: Lords of Waterdeep

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posted on Oct, 19 2018 @ 08:03 PM

The board game may be a thing of the past but im sure there are many who still enjoy them...

And for those that still love them, this game might be for you...

There is a decent learning curve... This game actually sat in my phone for a year and a half before i actually learned how to play it... After which i was very happy that i decided to try it out. It was a spontanious purchase... it had D&D in the title, and i believe most games that come from "Wizards of the Coast" are good... Needless to say, they held to that standard completely with this game!

Designed for up to six players... Though IF one buys the board game you would needs some friends who know how to play or are at least willing to learn... once the basics are understood this game is a lot of fun!!

Unfortunately i don't have friends that would play this game with me, though IF i did i would most definitely buy the actual board game and the expansions... We have a wonderful place in my city where the geeks... ahem... (some very nice people that smell kinda funny) hang out. They play tournaments with Magic the Gathering, and a hundred other games i've never heard of with nifty little figurines all intricately painted. Im sure they have it... Hell they have everything!

Sadly i don't really want to join their little gatherings... but lucky for me, this game also comes on Android and IOS...

And again, once you learn how to play this game is a fantastic strategy game... no two games are ever the same!

I always have a couple games on the go, and its not like you have to sit there for hours waiting on your opponents... the games can be set for up to 30 days... so you can casually check back on the progress of your games, and have multipule games on the go at the same time.

For about $12 on IOS... (Or about $50 IF you can obtain the actual board game)

This game is well worth the price for hours of fun and stratigic gaming

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posted on Oct, 19 2018 @ 08:20 PM
a reply to: Akragon

You can play almost any of the DnD board games solo if you're so inclined. If it's a set that doesn't already have a solo campaign module in the accompanying literature (and I don't recall Waterdeep having that, though it well could and my memory may be wrong here) is a great resource which usually has one or more solo variant write-ups to use with any of the mainstream WOTC offerings. Even the boards that have solo modules from the developer sometimes have better solo rules and idea on that website.

As a total aside, if you're actually interested in getting into board games but don't want to deal with the need for additional players, buy the game "Friday." [url=]Amazon[/u rl]
it's designed for solo play and is a great little game.

I still play that, Mage Knight, Ravenloft, and recently I picked up Gloomhaven which I haven't even opened yet. My wife and kids just within the past month asked me to setup a D&D (5th edition) weekly tabletop session for the family. Kids are 12 and 10, so we'd been patiently waiting for them to reach the appropriate age. We'll probably play for a few months that way then maybe introduce one of the board games into the rotation, though I don't see it being anything quite as involved as the ones I've listed. We'll probably start with Dragon or maybe even Munchkin.

posted on Oct, 19 2018 @ 08:29 PM
a reply to: burdman30ott6

Unfortunately there isn't a campaign in this game... at least not the IOS version

Though of course you can play solo against the cpu's... or online...

I only have one buddy that plays with me, and trying to get a bunch of players at the same time to play is damn near impossible... but IF you set the game for a few days generally its easy to get people to play

Like I said, its nice and casual so you can just check back on the game and make your moves

generally im not a huge fan of board games... I used to play pnp D&D but neverwinter nights solved that easily

posted on Oct, 19 2018 @ 09:50 PM
Meh....the only d&d i play is AD&D version 1 with the custom rules scrawled across random binders and scraps of paper, and written in notes on the side of the manuals passed down fron my dad and his friends from the 70's and 80's when the used to get drunk and stoned and play chaotic evil games where they mostly just end up destroying the world.

I also enjoy the black and white artwork and generally darker tone and connection to the many great sword and sworcery books from that time.

It's been probably almost 10 years now since iblast played.
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posted on Oct, 19 2018 @ 10:29 PM
Good for sharing, make others aware of an alternative option for those more into rpg games. That is for social game nights geared towards board games and family nights that sometimes still have much of the same.

posted on Oct, 20 2018 @ 02:28 AM

originally posted by: dreamingawake
Good for sharing, make others aware of an alternative option for those more into rpg games. That is for social game nights geared towards board games and family nights that sometimes still have much of the same.

I was trying to hint at another topic, or a change in the forum heading...

Not all games are Video

Waterdeep is a wicked strategy game though...

I would love to play the actual board game!!

posted on Oct, 20 2018 @ 02:40 AM
a reply to: Akragon

yaay! neverwinter nights. i ll update

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