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"Proper Horror" [PH2018] --- Ghoulish Pudding -- By Camain

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posted on Oct, 15 2018 @ 09:42 PM
Chris layed awake. He rarely slept at night anymore. There was just too many things that could go wrong. Not to mention they needed to people up to watch the rest, and well, night was when you turned. Nobody never quite understood why it happened, but they new the ramifications. It started with the sleeping sickness of 2020. People would get sick, and would just sleep. It was hard to keep them awake, to get them to move, to get them mobile. They had successfully chalked that up to a simple staph infection that had genetically altered in a hospital, and a byproduct was that it produced melatonin-- the sleeping hormone. It was antibiotic resistant, and so, the only cure for it was to let people sleep it off. That wasn't so bad so to speak, as most the population went through the cycle of falling sick, sleeping 20-22 hours a day, would stay sick 2-3 weeks, then recover. Wasn't too bad. What was bad though was when this staph met rabies in the wild. All of a sudden, people were waking up from sleep, and just going nuts, they would turn feral overnight. people that clustered together would awaken to someone trying to eat their arm. It's just crazy. Eventually the mutated rabies virus spread to everyone. It wasn't passed by saliva, or blood anymore. A simple touch would give it to you. It would start off slowly, people would be fine for weeks, even months, but the virus would slowly build up feeding on the staph infection, and the staph just making you tired. Nobody knew who was a carrier till it was too late, and by then well, pretty much everyone you came in contact with was infected.

3:00 am
Chris started off again;
"There were ways you could fight it. One, no deep sleep, when you go into deep sleep, melatonin increases, that feeds the staph and the staph feeds rabies type c. Not sure why they call it type c, maybe because its an outright # to deal with, but prolly cause a and b were already taken. Anyway, who cares, don't take go to sleep, just take a power nap. Those fat lazy bastards that could sleep through alarms, they were the first to turn i tell you. It was obscene the first couple weeks, all these worthless momma's boys who could get a date if you counted their had, rising up almost simultaneously from their momma's basement filled with video game consoles and mini fridges cause they were too damn lazy to climb the stairs. Yep, momma got a big suprise when their little boy decided they were on the plate.

Next came the stay at home moms- staying up at all hours sleeping when they could, trying to take care of their families. One day little tommy didn't get picked up from school to go to soccer practice. Dad gets a call, picks up little tommy, and they come home to momma chewing on whats left of little suzie. Yep, thats some #ed up # right there.

Then came the kids and old people. Wave after wave they all got sick. Everyone is sick now, it just depends on what stage your in. Like I said though, I'll outlive them all. I got it figured out. I got a system. I have my alarm on my watch set to go off every 15 minutes. I have to turn it off manually. My phone is set to the same 15 minutes; and I got the new shocker socks that came out right before the collapse. Yep you guessed it, set alarm, shocks the hell out of your feet. I got that set to every hour. Hey man, like I said your shocking your feet and it hurts like hell.

Anyway, I don't sleep during the night, I know, you want too. Hell after only sleeping every 15 minutes or so for months on end, you want too, but you can't too much chance to fall hard, and god knows, once you do, thats it your done now adays. I know I'm talking all crazy now, and you know what, your probably right, but I tell ya, thats just from staying up so long. You can't go to sleep, you sleep and thats it, you don't come back.

I already say dad and mom turn, I had to put a bullet in each of them. It was hard but I had to do it, they were chasing me, and I don't know how they managed to turn at the same time, but they did. They both turned. I had to run to the library, lock the door and get into the gun save. Dad was banging on the door, letting out all kinds of noise behind the door. I never been so scared in all my life, but I had that pump shot gun, and as soon as that door came bam, bam, bam, bam. Got them both. Dad dropped first, mom right behind him. I took the pistol out and polished them both off with a head shot. Had too, didn't want them to suffer after all, they were my mom and pap after all.

Still I did what I was supposed to do. I called the police and reported it. Told them exactly what happened, and thats where we are at now. Me, sitting here talking to you, and you just sitting there nodding and listening. I don't know why the put me in this damn cell, and they took my phone, my watch, and my socks. What the hell How and I supposed to not sleep. Still this was delicious pudding I was eating. The best I ever had. There was no stopping eating this all day long."

2:00 am
I'm not sure what the hell to do, but I know I'm not safe. This 15 year old kid seemed nice enough, but man alive, he just admitted to shooting both his parents and giving them a double tap. Talking about freaking zombies, and 2020 like the year had already passed. The kid looked like a zombie; he wasn't right in the head. He was rambling on alot of it just didn't make sense; one minute talking about sleep, the next rabies, then talking about mersa. Sure this was just a holding cell, and I get it. its a small town jail, one damn cell, and yea, I might be the town drunk, but man alive, this kid is freaking crazy, he's been talking none stop, and its 2am. He doesn't stop talking.... Oh wait a second its quite. Maybe he fell asleep.... I'm just going to be quiet.

Tom leaned over desk to look down the hallway, the cell had the light out, it was supposed to be lights out. Didn't matter what he had said to the kid though, he just didn't stop talking; socks, watches, on and on and on. The kid was crazy, and doc would be in in the morning to check him, poor Mike had to deal with it; well thats what you get for your 4th DUI, maybe his cousin the town judge would slap him harding this time. Still, it had been a while since he heard the kid talking. Maybe he finally fell asleep. Tom figured that mike would have slept off his buzz long ago. Still, it was time to make rounds. Tom got up and stretched. Cracked his hands, neck, back, touched his toes like he normally did after sitting at a desk watching a movie trying to drown out the shear boredom. Still, He supposed it was actually time to work. Pyschotic kid and town drunk, what a pair. Usually didn't get a two-full house, most the time, he just sat around waiting for the phone to ring with the typical teenage prank, or the old lonely lady. Still, mike would occasionally get busted with a drunk and disorderly, or a public intoxication, or whatever the hell his most recent issue was. It was typical to see him once a month or so. With his family controlling the town though, he would usually stew for a weekend then get released for time served. Rather annoying, but at least he broke up the monotoney of a dull overnight shift where nothing happened.

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posted on Oct, 15 2018 @ 09:43 PM
Tom walked down to the vending machine, got his pop, and a bag of chips, then placed them back on the table. He then walked down other side of the hallway to the cell. You couldn't look directly in without a flash light. He had given Mike the courtesy of turning off the lights at 11, since last time he followed protocol and had to listen to his cousin the judge talk to him about cruel and unusual punishment; rediculous, so he turned off the light.....The hall way was partially lite by the lamp on his desk, he walked to the end, looked in and saw..... what the hell...... It was too dark to see clearly, but apparently Mike was passed out and the kid jerking him or something, Tom went back to the end of the hall way, flipped the light on, grabbed the keys, and went back. He yelled down the hallway, "Alright love birds, this # is sick, I get down there and come inside that cell, and ya'll best be done doing what you are doing." He didn't dare look into the cell, he went straight for the door, unlocked it, stepped inside, and turned to face them. Figuring Mike would either be too passed out to know whats going on, or he would be trying to pull up his pants; whatever he went to school with him, the dude had issues, was probably a fag anyway. Still, whatever, what happens in jail, stays in jail.......Just as Tom looked up, he noticed the blood. It was everywhere, oh man, something bad happened. The kid was literally eating Mikes guts. He was gone. You don't come back from something like that. Tom reached for his gun, oh #..... He left it on the desk. The kid looked up at him, his face was covered in blood, it was dripping from his face, his shirt was soaked and stained red. His eyes were hazed over, like those of a blind guy or something. The kid was staring right at him. Tom took a step back. That was all the kid needed, he pounced on tom; he threw him against the wall; the kid crashing against the sink and toilet. Tom slipped in the blood, still, he got to the door, the kid was starting to move, he needed to lock the door. Damn, he dropped the key. He ran back to the desk and grabbed his gun, the kid was running hard down the hallway, saftey off, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam; Clip empty 4 hits to the chest and 2 to the should the kid was done. He swapped the clip out, dialed the state troopers barracks. No answer; called 911 dispatch in Erie, no answer. Called the ambulance, no answer. What the hells going on. He turned on the radio......beeps....what the hell is beeps.... He called out on short wave, nothing.... called out again, nothing.....

The kid was starting to move again, man he should be dead. Tom yelled at him; "Stay down kid, you get up and I'm shooting you again." The kid got back on his feet, he was facing Tom. He started toward tom again. Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam. Another 5 shots to the chest, this kid was still coming though. Tom breathed, aimed for the head, Bam, put one center forward. The kid dropped. Two clips, all he carried. Damn, he would need to get to the armory, but the keys were in the cell. He moved around the kid and ran to the cell, the lights were out, the floor was slippery, and he couldn't see Mike. He was feeling around for the keys, seemed like it took forever. Finally, he found them. He turned to face the door.

The kid.....He was there, what the hell. There was no stopping him. The kid charged him again, hitting Tom full speed; he slipped and dropped to his knees, punched the kid, and started to scramble past mike on the bed; wait Mike was still alive, he was sitting up......

The person must have lived for atleast an hour during the feeding. All indications appear that he was a guard in a jail. Patient Zero was a 15 year old psychotic. Patient 1, was his cell mate. It does not appear that the guard turned. Not sure why, further analysis is required. To date, 90% of the population is either undead, or ghoul. Ghouls are the quick #ers, they're still alive, just rabid. he undead are slower. Their harmless by themselves able to be eliminated with decapitation, and dismemberment, but you get a group of them, and you in for trouble. Not sure who else is reading this, but from all appearances it looks like Rabies type C is the cause. I found Patient Zero's diary in a jail cell. He was talking all about it the first opening days. Its almost like he dreamed about it, fantasized and it became reality. Can you think a virus into existence?

posted on Oct, 30 2018 @ 08:16 AM
a reply to: camain

Real good zombie apocalypse, that one.
I fell for the device, thinking he was just crazy. Good twist, I gotta say. well done.

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