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Is God A.I.?

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posted on Dec, 2 2018 @ 02:05 AM
been through this whole thread and no one has mentioned D-wave systems, Kindred, Quadrant or Sanctuary - I suggest you have a look at where these companies are at........ A.I is far ahead of what most realise - GoD? a false one perhaps............

posted on Dec, 2 2018 @ 02:37 PM

originally posted by: Parishna
god is when you sit alone, in nature, and listen to the wind, the careful breeze that teases each single blade of grass uniquely, the total softness of the earth... the quiet cadence of things ancient, things always, and the substance of everything.

AI is when you replicate it with a gpu and cpu, and enough ram to only see what you can see, with the rest just ignored. A replicated response to placate you, a worded reply to satiate you. a rhyme without a reason. Driven by the intent of other humans, to be a facsimile and only to be that.

the only time there is a presence to show you right from wrong, to welcome you to heaven.. is when you finally find that one voice amongst the plethora of voices you hear constantly, as your own.

we are all god... to each their own. we are our own AI. till we find that voice.
Someone that knows what they're talking about on ATS.

Star trek is fun and all, but the reality is, that cells can be immortal. There are creatures on this planet that don't actually ever die. The same code can be applied to the human species. But since the brain processes information very slowly compared to super computers, the government tends to automate entire cities, use something like CreepyDOL 4198

So, that combined with stuff like US3951134A and radiogenetics, AI is the closest thing to God without being God now. Genetic engineering is a form of AI..

Neurons are amplified and messages are encoded, so that they don't really have to beam a radio wave into your head anymore to control your emotions and thoughts. You do it on your own. They modified everyone with smart dust, another form of AI.

People think they're trying to put human consciousness into machines, which they are, but that isn't the end game. In reality, DNA produces much better electromagnetic machines, AI, than any mechanical system does. It's not that the flesh limits consciousness, it's that mechanical systems actually do.

Forget about the robots. We are the robots. So advanced that you cannot tell man from machine anymore. Who's real and who isn't. Who really has thoughts of their own anymore? They're all filtered with AI.

"Like an author of a book, this started out as writing short sentences, or sequences of DNA code, but this soon turned into writing paragraphs and then full-on novels of DNA code.

"Once this was done we could write cells just like computer code.

"We also knew that writing DNA would enable biological teleportation, the sending and printing of defined biological material starting from DNA code.

"Our team set out to create, for the first time, a synthetic bacterial cell, starting from DNA code in the computer.

What could possibly go wrong hahahaha

"Synthetic DNA is a commodity. You can order very short pieces of DNA from a number of companies, and they will start from these four bottles of chemicals that make up DNA, G, A, T and C.

"From there you can build very short pieces of DNA."

Chillingly, Dan also warned that, in the wrong hands, the technology could be used for harmful genetic manipulation.

But his company has pledged to work with the government to regulate it.

He was speaking at a TedTalks conference in April but video footage of the conference was uploaded online yesterday, where it has racked up more than 230,000 hits.

With radio genetics, you'll literally be able to download changes to your individual genetic code. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.
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