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Black shadow figure-green eyes,My (not so)personal story

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posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 03:39 AM
Ok this one is one of those stories thats hard to believe unless it happens to you.I ll try to be succinct and i also want to point out the weird ways our memory works.

Some years back,dont remember the exact date,me and my wife go to sleep.I hadnt eaten anything heavy and i wasnt on medication of any kind.I go to sleep and during night i see this dream? not sure what it was,anyway i see this black shadowy figure with green eyes in my room.Im standing up and i see him and i remember his mouth was with sharp like teeth,green eyes glowing(eyes like a reptiles,vertical pupil),and i "felt" he was mocking me or was amused at me for some reason in a condescending way.Me being kinda no nonsense guy i got furious because i really felt he was mocking me(no words exhanged,only feelings) and i tried to attack him and actually hit him hard.Thats where the dream?vision? whatever ends.

In the morning my wife is distressed and says she saw a nightmare,i ask her what it was and she explains to me she saw a black shadowy figure, the exact same i saw.I asked her, did he have glowing green eyes?She kinda froze and never ever talked about it again.

Me being me and knowing i m kinda forgetful i got a notepad i keep for notes and wrote everything down.

Fast forward to 3 days back.I saw the notepad and remembered the incident.I asked her about it and pressed her and she said "only you saw it,it didnt happen,you imagined it blah blah".Then i showed her my notepad and then she said again "yeah you probably influenced me and i saw the nightmare because you always reasearch those ufo things"

So thats my story,kinda hard to believe i know.My only question is if it was a dream how can two people see the same dream,if it was a paranormal entity why did it feel nice mocking me and seeing me as an inferior being?Also funny how memory works,my wife after all this time thought i was the only one that saw the dream

Thanks for reading

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posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 03:53 AM
That's some scary experience. You were very brave to actually confront whatever it was. I have had a similar incident many years ago but I didn't feel scared by it. It almost felt normal to me, if that makes sense.

The human mind is something we haven't and probably won't ever grasp the true concept of. I have always believed that the dream world or subconscious mind are what the world really is. When we are awake (If that's what it is) is simply a simulated universe.

I find that if I am in a relaxed mood, no worries, no alcohol, medication or fatty foods, I dream more vividly, peacefully.

If I and stressed and half drunk, the nightmares come and I see shapes and visions of people that I can almost touch.

I do think that researching UFO's, the paranormal and spirituality does do something to your mind.

As for sharing a dream. I think if you are deeply connected to someone, like your wife, or family member I believe it is entirely possible to share a dream. I touched on this when I wrote a fiction novel on the paranormal. A fascinating subject.
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posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 04:06 AM
a reply to: IMSAM

I'll side with your wife on this one. People see stuff when they're just falling asleep or waking up and black figures are fairly common. It's very rare for more than one person to see the same thing and she made a reasonable point about 'influence.' We're balls deep into selective memories, recollection, peer pressure, hypnopompic hallucinations and your belief systems. It's nigh on impossible to tease out a fact from a storm of subjectivity like this. You'll get a headache!

I'm not dismissing your ideas either. I've had those black figure moments dozens of times from early teens to mid-30s. One of those 'Old hags' came a-calling around 2015-6 too - very visceral and vivid. The experience is real, but I'm 85% reassured that they're tricks of the sleepy mind.

if it was a paranormal entity why did it feel nice mocking me and seeing me as an inferior being?

They're ALWAYS assholes, that's why! First one I remember happened when I was 14 or so. Black apparition with an attitude like yours. Over the years, they felt like they were there to take my life away. I used to go raging maniac to fight them and subsequently saw people acting out the same battles in videos of sleep lab patients with sleeping disorders. Last one (barring the old hag time) was a black cloaked guy with a white fixed smile. The black was deep like space and he had a background of little sconces with small candles in them. I woke myself up launching myself at it in murderous rage.

The way I look at it is they're mind tricks. If they aren't, what can you do about it? Might as well relax and forget about it. Another way of looking at it is they never, ever happen during a good night's sleep. That alone confirms for me that they aren't genuine entities. Otherwise, how can a good sleep thwart evil demons? I shall defeat thee wicked demon with my forty winks and a memory foam pillow!

a reply to: rhynouk

I find that if I am in a relaxed mood, no worries, no alcohol, medication or fatty foods, I dream more vividly, peacefully. If I and stressed and half drunk, the nightmares come and I see shapes and visions of people that I can almost touch.

True words of wisdom.

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posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 04:23 AM
Be careful with apple juice before bed..
I've had a couple of sleep paralysis episodes and dreams that make it seem like there is a world inside my head where I would prefer to reside.

I'm also very curious about shared sub-conscious experiences.
I've also had 2 obe's just before falling asleep but I returned to my body very quickly (way to scared to go with it).

I love my dreams and sub-conscious

Don't let a bad experience get you down, just another demon to tame (metaphorically speaking)

posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 05:37 AM
a reply to: IMSAM

Interesting that the wife seen it also.

There are more and more instances of this happening.
If you have a moment, read a thread I did a few years back about a shared sleep paralysis experience with my wife, in which we see the same thing while in bed.

posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 06:16 AM
a reply to: IMSAM

This sound's far more like black cat than a person even if it was in humanoid form, do you have any cat's and could you have seen this while you were half awake.

I am not putting you down since I have had waking experience of shadow people.

On one occasion it was like a Mob of them - they move very fast, I saw them coming from a good way's off along an old road way near to were I used to live, it was night time, these were not hallucinations and I was on no form of medication in fact I was shocked at the sight of these being's, they had no discernible detail's and were merely a group of people - a mob of them if you like that appeared to be all sizes and both sexes.

Later a few month's later these shadow stalking figures appeared again but this time I believe they had formed a Gestalt since this time there were only five of them, once again late at night and away from crowded area's not that anyone else was around to see them, this time they were far darker, less human in shape having taken on a more anthropomorphic form with thick squat torso's and thick short limbs as well as huge over-sized head's that gave them the appearance of a mockery of small children.

They seemed to not so much be a shadow as to absorb the light around them like a hole in a human shape and they had tiny very distant seeming deep red glowing eye's like really small pupil's which also seemed to absorb rather than emit any light, the tallest was about 5'6" and the shortest not much over 3 or under 4 feet tall, they walked all five with the tallest leading the way and in an S pattern as if like a winding serpent as they approached me and then as they retreated.

They came to within about ten feet of me and I stood my ground holding an old white Anglican pocket prayer book my mother had given me, then from behind me from the direction of an old age nursing home a swarm of mist like beings which looked far less human like except for there upper torso's which rose out of the mist with there arm's reaching forward came as if to protect me, they hit these shadow - hole - being's and seemed to swirl around them, it was like a battle between two distinct group's of spirit's, grey mist like vs shadow being's, the shadow's were driven back toward an old mine working which is sealed off at least in the physical world were we life.

The next day as I walked past that place in broad daylight I felt a series of horrible pricking stabbing sensation in my upper chest half way between my physical heart and the bottom of my throat and my emotion's literally died, it was like being emotionally numb and a horrible way to live for the next several years.

So I am not mocking you as you can see since I can tell you a real doozy of an experience with shadow like being's and I was fully awake at the time - also no drug's or alcohol of any kind, your's is more likely to be believed and a psychologists may suggest it is down to some form of worry's perhaps very deep seated one's, it does sound more like a half awake image of a cat sitting by you though.

Hey my horror story which for me was extremely traumatic and happened at time when I was even experiencing poltergeist activity in the then haunted house were we lived happened about 24 to years ago now.

posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 06:58 AM
No cats or dogs of any kind since wife has allergy to cat hair.

If i was the only one seeing it i would say it was a dream,although it felt nothing like a dream,felt more like i was awake,and the rage i felt when i sensed that mocking was seething and intense.

This thing was a humanoid made of swirling shadow,with green glowing reptile like eyes.

The fact that my wife saw the same thing is what baffles me.I havent seen that thing since then or before then.

I have no idea what that thing was or wanted.But my guess is they are not benevolent,thats my feel.

posted on Oct, 13 2018 @ 08:16 AM
a reply to: IMSAM

Sorry just had to cook the dinner so I am back, no cat's or dog's then that rules that out, if it was a particularly vivid dream it may also have been a warning of something especially if something was worrying you at the time, another possible explanation is that many believe that the dream world is a state of being in which the living can overlap into the spirit world allowing communication with other realm's and sometime's we see thing's within those realm's which are not part of our normal universe but alien to it.
Shaman for example often interpret dream's and even induce states of altered consciousness in themselves using meditation, herbal compound's usually containing a proactive psychotropic and even music such as rhythmic drum beat's.
Another method was and is the native american and also native northern European and Mongolian tribal Sami sweat lodges.

It is an interesting dream vision, perhaps someone more knowledgeable on the site will have an interpretation for it.

Just a quick search of the net reveal's this story of a ghost shadow person with phosphorous green eye's that may be of interest to you.

And might I ask you have you ever experiences UFO type phenomena, I did when a child and at least once in later life within just a few years of my experience I did also see one in the cloud's while walking home from work, nothing to write home about just a reflective circular or spherical object not illuminated but reflecting the ground light and moving against the direction of the wind which was gale force at a very high speed, I felt it like when you feel someone staring at you and turned my head up looking directly at the thing and got the impression that I startled IT as it moved away so fast.

Here are some more from that search.

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posted on Oct, 14 2018 @ 01:05 AM
Thank you for the links LAb, really interesting that there are so many shadow figure types.

I havent see ufos but at that time i remember 2 things one was a green ball of light,which i attributed to a laser pen,although now that i think of it i m not sure.As my bedroom is on the second floor so the laser pen should "hit" me from either the opposite side which dosent have kids or from the scholl which is diagonally from the bedroom.I really didnt give any thought to it at the time but im kinda sure it must have been a laser pen.

The other thing is i really had a strong wanting at that time to see if anything was out there.So i might have invited something unwillingly

Then again im ok if i conditioned myself to see something but i didnt condition my wife who really has no interest in the paranormal.

As to the part you say about the orb of light,personally i believe these ufos are not bolts and nuts,my research has led me that these orbs of light are actual beings.Got bashed for this in the ufo forum but thats where the information led me.

posted on Oct, 14 2018 @ 02:37 AM
I used to be a little sensitive, as well as having visits. I started working with the goetia. Then i fell ill and all tge pills im on has made me out of touch with everything.

Thats a very interesting experiance, and one i wouldnt feel threatned by, i hope this doesnt scare your wife any longer. If not you could always work with a daemom

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