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Danish version of Rita Crundwell unmasked, elopes, leaving behind house and belongings

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posted on Oct, 10 2018 @ 07:43 AM
So this is the most curious case. It's pretty much the exact same situation as the states had with Rita Crundwell.

The Danish judge refused to shut the doors or issue a prohibition of mentioning the womans name, so I will be mentioning her by name.

Yesterday, the Danish department for socialsecurity came forth and announced that they had unmasked 17 years worth of embezzlement.
Anna Britta Troelsgaard Nielsen, mother of international and winning showjumper Samina Hayat, had for all of those years been scimming the treassury through her position as head of the department for social welfare. In total, so far, the authorities have found her to have transfered money to herself in the amount of atleast 17.000.000 dollars.

Money that had been set aside by government to amongst others to be used on kids with few means, or a lack of better words, who are poor by economic definition.

Amounts ranging from 50.000 dollars to over a million dollars during a single year.

Media is now also reporting that the eloped swindler spent lots of time in the environment of expensive horses and showjumping, not only raising horses herself just west of Copenhagen, but also buying expensive horses at auctions. Question is now wether those horses were then bought with stolen money.

Her daugher Samina Hayat, rode several of her mothers horses. Some of them to 1st place at shows. It remains uncertain what part, if any, Samina took in her mothers scheming, but eyebrows are raised at the very least.

Shortly before being found out, Anna Britta took off leaving Denmark and thereby leaving behind her home, which has now bene ceased by authorities, as well as a secluded farm in Sweden and other possessions of value, most likely horses.

Anna Britta has been in touch with her attorney Nima Nabipour, who refused to disclose to the press how Anna Britta was positioning herself in regards to the charges made against her.

Latest news is that the state will now conduct a thorough investigation into her employment at the state department ranging back to 1977.
40 years of employment which in 2016 enabled her to be suggested to receive a knights cross from Queen Margrethe, which she eventually was awarded.

The following week will probably unveil a whole lot of skeletons.

I wonder..... could Rita Crundwell and Anna Britta, both being into the world of expensive horses, know each other and could one have inspired the other?

To add on top of this... and this is quite tragicomical.

The bank at which the fraudulent money was placed, was in a bank account in Danske Bank, which itself is in dire straits after it was made public that the Danish bank had been the stage for money laundering of billions of Danish Crowns (DKK) through an Estonian branch.
Anna Britta being able to deposit millions of crowns into her own bank account without the bank at any point what so ever notifying authorities, is a giant violation against the law against money laundering, demanding that banks keep a close eye of large money transfers.

Link to google translated articles:

Judge refuses name ban

Lawyer been in contact with fraudster woman

Millions were transfered to Danske Bank
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