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A Belgian Welcome for George W. Bush

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posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 06:35 AM
A Belgian novelty shows what the good people of Brussels really think about George W. Bush. This novelty has been quite the rave of Belgian clubs, pubs, schools, and youth clubs. Simply look to any urinal or toilet, to see what the big deal is about this new fad in Belgium.
Piss Off

by Paul Belien
02/22/2005 8:40:00 AM

WHEN JOHAN VANDE LANOTTE, Belgium's Vice Prime Minister, goes to the toilets today, he finds the urinals in the offices of his ministry decorated with stickers. They show an American flag and the head of George W. Bush. "Go ahead. Piss on me," the caption says. Vande Lanotte is one of Bush's hosts in Brussels. Is peeing on your guest's head appropriate? In Belgium it is. After all, Brussels' best known statue is that of "Manneken Pis," a peeing boy.

The piss stickers, specially made to be used in urinals, can be seen these days in the public toilets of Belgian schools, youth clubs, and pubs. They were designed by Laurent Winnock, president of the Young Socialists, the youth branch of Vande Lanotte's Socialist party. Winnock did his creative work during his office hours, which would not be worth mentioning if Winnock did not work in the offices of Vice Prime Minister Vande Lanotte, as one of his press spokesmen.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

An interesting creation, brought to you by the Belgian Socailist party. Take a look at the PTB web site. They have quite a lot of things to say about Bush, Americans, Capitalism, and the free market in general. Also some interesting pics of their protests. Quite a bunch of warm and loving people i might say.

I do not know whether the president is aware of the real feelings of his Belgian hosts. Has the American Embassy in Brussels informed him? This question crossed my mind, as he was delivering his speech to a crowd of politicians, journalists, and businessmen in the prestigious halls of Brussels' Concert Noble on Monday afternoon.

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