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future of computing..

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posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 03:03 AM
The last drop in card that needs to be added in addition to the Physics processing unit it the Artificial Intelligence Unit. Most games use the same rewritten AI routines anyway, so rather than reinvent the wheel, they might as well be dumped onto a chipset to free up the processor further. That could free up game developers from writing their own slapstick AI routines and leave it to someone else. Do you know how many attack, flee, and pathfinding routines that are being recreated all the time, and then all the wasted development time trying to debug those routines? Its insane, they should stop the madness.

Anyway, the Qubit is more like having states from 0 to n, where n is more than 1 as in a binary system. That makes for a pretty versatile transistor as it were. A lot of those Quantum papers sound a little screwy anyway and involve a lot of disjointed logic. Basically it boils down to an Abacus on a chip, where every row of tiles is like a Qubit. If your Qubit has 10 states, it can count from 0-9 all by itself without saying:
0000 = 0
0001 = 1
0010 = 2
0011 = 3
0100 = 4
0101 = 5
0110 = 6
0111 = 7
1000 = 8
1001 = 9
So you use up 4 bits to describe just one number. Very clumsy when you ramp up the math.

In the mean time, these companies should focus on making half states and quarter states of their regular transistors, by controlling their power much like you would a light with a dimmer switch. Add a half state and you get 0, 1, and 2. Add a quarter and three quarter state to that, and you get 0, 1, 2, 3. When doing this, you could seriously reduce the number of transistors on the silicon while maintaining the same processing power. Also there is a speed gain because some numbers can be represented without flipping back and forth some bits. A Pentium 4 with this capability would be a monster of a processor, without all the theoretical Quantum crap. Plus they could add mileage to technology they already have and get to us faster. Just call it the Faux Quantum processor.

posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 01:25 PM

Originally posted by smallpeeps
The future of computers will be the same buggy software and corporate crap that we've had for years, plus a lot more Big Brother-type additions. They make so much money by selling antiquated junk that they have no reason to make any major changes. Those who say the market rules can take a look at how many PCs still have 1.4 floppy drives. We are supporting the tooled-up factories and they have a schedule for their next craptastic flavors of the same junk. notice how the trickle of CD burners took way too long to complete itself? Planned obsolesence at its best.

The Gov/Intel/Amd dont have super computing chips that weve never heard of. The most powerful supercomputer is still made up of Intel pentium 4's (Big Blue). Every cpu on the market is still based off of the x86 arch. Doesnt mean its to old to work anymore. We might be pushing the x86 to its limits now but weve got new chip archs on the way so w/e itll be replaced in due time.

And not to bash man but if your work in tech support you know that people dont just go out and buy new tech all the time. People stay with the tried and true. I have a floppy cause i dont need 750megs(cd) for a paper ive written or something. the real word is on the tip of my tongue but I cant remember it. All pc's are built to work with pre-existing tech even if it might be way way out of date aka (?)

Remember when the iMac first came out without a floppy? It sucked. I was still in school when it happend i remember comming to school needing to print a paper and oh look nothing has a floppy drive.

The chip makers are just trying to make money for there investors its how everything works. If selling old legacy cards makes them money then there going to sell it. None of us would do anything different in there situation.

Things trickle down all the time its usually due to manurfacturing problems (take all of the new cpus/gpus that come out it takes forever to get them in good supply to meet demands. Same thing probobly happend with cd burners. On a side note hollywood/Riaa is pushing to ban CD burners because of profit loss. I thought that was kinda funny since theres so many out on the market now a days.

You pay for what you get cause its all supply and demand. There not going to with hold the next best thing from the public cause youd have a hord of fan boys trying to climb into the intel/amd Fabs. And big brother has allways sounded far fetched to me anything thats so blatantly big brotherish would have everyone in arms.

posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 01:30 PM
how do we know what intel/amd/govt have?

whats more profitable? give every pentium 10's 256bit processors, or surpress it and make ppl upgrade every year?? and also M$ to release crappy 32bit os, then 64bit os, then 128bit os etc..

posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 07:42 PM
Have been looking into atomic computers on the internet, intresting thing is there are no apparent references after about 2002 on them?? well not that i could find in an hours surfing, whats happened tothem?

Apparently in 1998 a 3bit atomic computer was built and it functioned. Then in 2002 a 7 bit computer was made.

here are a few links to articles that i could find;

The intresting thing is that technology for processor and harddrive seem to exist but not being talked about.
Could the government already be using these super computers, monitering everything?? who knows but as this is a conspiracy webste it could be possible.
Im thinking to get faster speeds from computers we will have to look towars biolgical or atomic as the way forwards as silicon has too many disadvantages, ho hum

posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 09:25 PM
We know what they produce because of Audits. Also we know what tech there working on due to informants for all the tech sites ( , And as such we learn when its being released and what the product lineup is for the year. For instance heres amds 2005 cpu roadmap AMD

Theres only so many Fabs in the world to produce next gen CPU's and such all of which are owned allmost exclusivly by amd, intel, sony, ibm (im just geussing the corps but its probobly not a bad one on those 4).

Theres no reason at all to with hold tech like this from us so they wont. The gov has the resourses to build a computer better than yours or mine. so i dont see why it would care if we have the latest and greatest. I mean america is all about the latest and greatest thing and how much we have to have it.

I swear im not a geek
i just read alot.

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