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Health Alert: The Incredible Truth Behind Cancer Cures (from ATSNN)

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posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 11:48 PM
Basically, this article clarifies the close relationship between cancer and food consumption. It clearly states the specific sources of some major types of cancer such as colon cancer. This article helps expand our awareness of not only the causes of cancer but also provides links to other sites that emphasize cancer and disease prevention.

A new study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Mile Markers, and Prevention is presenting evidence of the link between the consumption of refined carbohydrates and cancer. This case-controlled study looked at the dietary habits of over 1,800 women in Mexico, and found that those who got 57% or more of their total energy intake from carbohydrates showed a 220% higher risk of breast cancer than women with more balanced diets.

This study shows that foods with high glycemic index values -- that is, foods that more quickly raise blood sugar levels in the human body -- actually accelerate the growth of cancer cells and tumors in the human body. Researchers involved with the study propose that the correlation between the consumption of refined carbohydrates and breast cancer could be related to elevated levels of insulin and the fact that many breast cancer tumors are encouraged and supported by high levels of insulin in the body.
To anyone who has read some of the books about sugar, refined carbohydrates, low carb dieting, or even my own book, called Low carb Diet Warning, none of this should be a surprise. We in the holistic nutrition (see related ebook on nutrition) world have long known that the consumption of processed carbohydrates actually causes cancer, and not just breast cancer, either. It actually promotes many forms of cancer, including colon cancer. Thankfully, new scientific evidence is now appearing that supports these notions.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I list the websites first because they are first and foremost. I am a guy who was extremely curious about cancer. When I was young, around 17 years of age (I'm 23 now), I had three of the greatest male influences in my life: my uncle, my grandfather and my cousin all men over the age of 50 died of cancer. I truly wanted to find out what caused cancer afterwards. I searched everywhere and at the time little was known about a cure. I searched libraries, I asked my mentors, I thought I had done everything I could. At that time cancer books would only tell me about the symptoms of cancer and certain treatments. Now I know that a lot of cancers are mostly food/environment related. I also do agree that cancer is a vitamin deficiency. That is probably the most accurate description of what cancer is. Having said that, there are suprisingly real cures for cancer. My research is finally done. I wanted to share what I have found with you. I knew that with the amount of people who were getting cancer in America, there was something wrong (Especially when you compare the current health practices, and health care in the U.S. with other countries). At first I thought, "Okay, people get cancer when they don't take care of themselves." Well, something like that. There is a deeper truth to it all. Of course everyone knows there are all sorts of cancers people are getting nowadays. Most are now believed to be food related or rather based on whatever people intake into their bodies whether it be food, weed, air, whatever; a combination of food intake, family history and dozens of environmental factors. After enough of these carcinogens (cancer causing toxins) enter your body, it throws your body, your entire immune system out of balance. Your body only has a certain tolerance for these toxins measurable by your internal PH levels. For people who get cancer rather early in their lives, it is presumably because they're bodies were already vitamin deficient to begin with and cancer is exactly that--a vitamin deficiency. In other words, the optimum state of our immune system directly depends upon the amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals we provide for our body on a daily basis. If more carcinogens are placed into your body when your body is already unbalanced (An unbalanced immune state means a weaker than normal immune system as a result of the body lacking vital nutrients over a period of time) , your immune system could have a violent reaction and completely malfunction. So that means all of your body parts could collectively malfunction including those that regulate or filter the amount of toxins in your body such as (not suprisingly) your liver (liver cancer) or your skin (skin cancer). Think of the immune system like a shield that protects all of the organs of the body on a cellular level. Once it breaks down, your body becomes more susceptible to disease. Similar to the way your body becomes more susceptible to shock when it is wet because of a decrease in total body resistance. The trouble is, most people don't realize just how important it is to maintain a WELL BALANCED DIET. Remember learning about all of that in health class when you were in grade school? There is a reason why our parents and teachers told us to eat our fruits and vegetables. There are reasons why we shouldn't smoke. Our bodies can only tolerate so much but when we aren't providing it with the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients and on top of that an overexposure to harmful toxins we increase our chances of getting cancer. Grant it, I can tell you not many people are completely educated about health anyway not even some doctors and health physicians believe it or not. My point is, learn as much as you can about health. It could save your life.
Another note, If you notice, health care costs are rising. The number of treatments are rising as well but the number of health related diseases are rising, the number of individuals in hospitals for health reasons are rising, while at the same time, the quality of the foods we eat are lowering. Foods including fruits and vegetables are ridden with pesticides or some dangerous chemicals that are foreign to what our bodies should actually be intaking are not as safe to eat anymore so you have to do your research and find out what foods are good for you and what foods aren't. The websites listed above will lead you in the right direction. Enough said.

Please visit the websites listed above. These will not disappoint you. In particular, please read Mike Adam's "Chlorella and Spirulina" Super Foods For Optimum Health. You'll love what you read in that book.

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