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The inside story of Trump’s shambolic transition team

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posted on Sep, 27 2018 @ 03:01 PM
Chris Christie, New Jersey governor, presidential candidate
Trump's transition manger ... and incidently, the guy who put Jared's Pa behind bars...
spills the beans

For background and context:
Apparently, there's a legal requirement to prepare a transition team
Trump was refusing to do so as it would cost money
he only grudgingly agreed if Christie could find the bucks
("Not too much !", dixit Trump)

Eventually, Christie manged to raise around about 7 million to pay staffers wages,
these are the people who vet and interview potential canidates
By August 2016 there were 130 people per day traipsing in and out for interviews


... snip ...

The first time Trump paid attention to any of this was when he read about it in the newspaper.

The story revealed that Trump’s very own transition team had raised several million dollars to pay the staff.

The moment he saw it, Trump called Steve Bannon, the chief executive of his campaign, from his office on the 26th floor of Trump Tower, and told him to come immediately to his residence, many floors above. Bannon stepped off the elevator to find Christie seated on a sofa, being hollered at.

Trump was apoplectic, yelling: You’re stealing my money! You’re stealing my fùcking money! What the fùck is this ?
Seeing Bannon, Trump turned on him and screamed: Why are you letting him steal my fùcking money ?

Bannon and Christie together set out to explain to Trump federal law.

Months before the election, the law said, the nominees of the two major parties were expected to prepare to take control of the government.

The government supplied them with office space in downtown DC, along with computers and rubbish bins and so on, but the campaigns paid their people.

To which Trump replied: Fùck the law. I don’t give a fùck about the law. I want my fùcking money.

Bannon and Christie tried to explain that Trump couldn’t have both his money
and a transition.

Shut it down, said Trump. Shut down the transition.

On the morning after the election, once a delegation was finally rounded up,
they had no idea why they were there or what they were meant to do !

Trump sent, among others, a long-haul truck driver, a telephone company clerk, a gas company meter reader, a country club cabana attendant, a Republican National Committee intern
and the owner of a scented candle company.

One of the CVs listed the new appointee’s only skill as “a pleasant demeanor”.

The scene was already set then,
for the the monumental catastrophy that we see today
200 odd, key posts left unfilled, disjointed Policy making
un-informed, make-weights and Trump lackeys
being given the leadership reins of departments

I know that history books talk about the 'Great American Experiment"
This sure is one hell of a Governing Experiment !
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posted on Sep, 27 2018 @ 03:50 PM
You must be tired of WINNING. TDS is real, treatment is available in 2024.

posted on Sep, 27 2018 @ 04:06 PM

originally posted by: DJMSN
You must be tired of WINNING. TDS is real, treatment is available in 2024.

one of many deflections to come

posted on Sep, 27 2018 @ 04:25 PM
They're all on Kavanaugh TV


posted on Sep, 28 2018 @ 11:30 AM
a reply to: Cassi3l

Thank you for that link I have already shared it with a dozen others. What a joke

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