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Rendlesham Forest 1980 Pt II - Will There Be An Answer?

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posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 05:34 AM
a reply to: The GUT

The RFI issue was portrayed in the 1984 movie version of The Philadelphia Experiment rather well.
Corresponded almost exactly to the excited rambling explanations my grandfather used to give me about Haley's comet and the end of the world after Tunguska. Unfortunately my grandfather was disappeared before I reached the age of 12 so much of the prerequisite calculus was replaced with euphemism. A child could come to some kind of closure for black triangles by studying the Vitruvian man and applying some simple geometry and math for example.

But this is off topic and a good example of the NOT information that is designed to lead the searcher astray.

posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 06:08 AM
a reply to: Baablacksheep

They are talking about a D9 note pitched micro-tonally higher than a usual pitching of 9397.273 Hz in response to your comment where you said:

Am listening??

Which is incorrect as the chord of Am (A minor) does not contain the note of D9. So you were not listening to Am. That is if that was actually your question.

But that's not even relevant as they then actually decided that then it meant an internal line drawn between two points on the circumference of a circle and how LDV used to mess around with it. Medieval people hey? Had a lot of time on their hands. Big watches in them days.

Now if someone was to remote view the drawing. Then maybe they were in Philly in 1984.

Which points to a certain institution.

I don't really know how anyone could come to any conclusion other than the above.

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posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 07:18 AM
a reply to: mirageman

Am sorry, but am totally lost in music now.

All I see is the above with the Anderson logo. I guess that crops up once again meaning Anderson.


posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 07:26 AM

originally posted by: mirageman
a reply to: KilgoreTrout

The significance of the co-ordinates and the sites they point to is something Penniston's co-author has been working on for 8 years. He thinks that by mathematical manipulation they point to some deep ancient hidden knowledge and there is a correlation between the locations of these sites (they are listed on page one. Basically piggybacking his own interests onto a UFO case. So it's win, win to make him a best selling author (or "just getting the truth out") as they say in his business.

What I will do is compile a timeline of the 'binary code' story and how it fits into the Rendle Sham story. I need to check a few notes to get everything into context. But will post it up later in the weekend.

Thanks for the link back, I did read it initially, I wasn't being lazy, I just didn't retain the specifics or follow the links. Now remedied.

Presumably one has to buy the book to find out what this "deep ancient hidden knowledge" is? Does it make a nice pattern when you join the places on a map? And I am kind of wondering about the co-ordinates of a mythical island, a land of the dead it would seem no less, that is only visible on certain occasions, do we have to keep watch at the spot until it appears?

posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 07:35 AM
a reply to: KilgoreTrout

posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 07:51 AM

originally posted by: KellyPrettyBear
a reply to: KilgoreTrout

Most people don't realize it, but regular constitutional rights do not
apply to members of the US armed forces.

They are covered by the uniform code of military justice, which
among other things means, that the military can do almost
*anything* to them.


It is similiar here except we currently, though not for much longer, have the European Convention on Human Rights with which military personnel are able to seek legal recourse for abuses of responsibility etc. Post-Brexit, maybe not. We don't have the best record on child recruitment either, by no means the worst, but as a country that should supposedly know better, we shouldn't be doing it at all.

posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 08:20 AM

originally posted by: ConfusedBrit
... OR DOES IT? Palmer's activities may indicate otherwise.

LaPlume's story for me is the trippiest of the lot. When he tells it he's still the wet behind the ears kid who experienced it, no reflection, no retrospective awareness, just the outcome of knowing he needed to get out of the situation he was in and so he did. I think MM posted an excerpt from a post where he states that it makes him nervous just talking about it but he doesn't seem able to elaborate upon it, like he knows there is something there but he either doesn't want to know what that is, or can't extract what it is. For someone with a photographic memory that seems kind of strange, like it is something that he didn't see, rather than something he did see, that has caused that trauma, but his suspicion about Palmer seems a solid for him.

I don't know if that confirms or disproves a physical craft. He could be an incredibly good liar, but that didn't really come across to me, just that the story he uses is highly constructed but very limited given the memory he claims to have.

posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 08:28 AM

originally posted by: ConfusedBrit

Which is sort of surreal given the circumstances of Williams' alleged involvement in LAEG.

I am assuming that doesn't refer to Lilly Aquatic Exposure Guideline's...please take pity on those of us who might not know all the ins and outs and acronyms.


posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 08:42 AM
a reply to: Cauliflower

I appreciate some of your posts but get lost in some of them, you so seem to discuss things in riddles sometimes.

What's has Leo's Vitruvian man got to do with Rendlesham? Strength, Functionality and beauty?

Apologies, not being rude, I'm just not following some of your points

posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 12:54 PM
a reply to: pigsy2400

The Vitruvian man has never been completely explained, some scholars feel it was about "divine" proportion, I've even heard the theory as a child that Da Vinci was trying to teach calculus in 1490.

Sir Isaac Newton suffered a nervous breakdown and became irrational during the period from 1692 to 1693, Did Newton use his calculus in the Principia 1694?

The Rendlesham Forest UFO trail is themed after the drawing that someone said came from the Penniston "house".

The Rendlesham forest UFO trail is there to be used as a teaching tool for children and I suspect in the Penniston "house" they tend to be cryptic and don't explain things directly. There is a missing triangle in the Vitruvian man painting by Da Vinci which may turn out to be important later (at least by the time Duchamp came along with his "large Glass").

posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 02:05 PM

originally posted by: KilgoreTrout

I am assuming that doesn't refer to Lilly Aquatic Exposure Guideline's...please take pity on those of us who might not know all the ins and outs and acronyms.

If only 'Left At East Gate' (1997) could be re-published as 'Larry's Aquatic Exposure Guidelines'.

Interesting points about LaPlume btw. I doubt he's lying about the first sighting of lights in the sky, since Palmer's call is acknowledged by Halt who got excited.

The second, more elaborate sighting of a craft the size of THREE football fields, I have problems with. LaPlume telling Palmer to not report it doesn't make sense irrespective of his bemusement at Halt, Gordon Williams and Co's disappointment at missing the earlier event. Surely it was his duty to report the second event.

We really need Palmer to speak up.

PS: Williams' apparent interest in witnessing LaPlume's lights at least shows he didn't completely dismiss Halt's previous experience three weeks earlier. As for Mrs Williams' whining (having brought her camera along for nothing), it does indicate quite a bit of chatter occurred in her household following the RFI, enough to encourage their teenage son to join them.

And Larry becoming Gordon's bodyguard is just the cherry on a very confusing and often amusing cake. I seem to recall that Williams suffered a complete memory loss of that era due to a subsequent serious illness, but the old thread must have covered that before.

posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 02:44 PM
a reply to: ConfusedBrit

And Larry becoming Gordon's bodyguard is just the cherry on a very confusing and often amusing cake. I seem to recall that Williams suffered a complete memory loss of that era due to a subsequent serious illness, but the old thread must have covered that before.

I think Warren claimed he was part of a security detail for Gordon Williams swearing in ceremony as Wing Commander (I might be wrong on the details of the event). So he was part of the security team. A bit like the policemen who stand outside No.10 Downing Street at any particular time. It doesn't exactly make you the P.M's bodyguard. However I don't feel like getting the book out of the loft to prove or disprove the above. I don't recall the word "bodyguard" ever being used. But I am prepared to stand corrected.

Williams rarely talks about the incident. Although in the video clip above he seems to be inferring he didn't agree with Halt's memo and hadn't actually seen it before it was fired off (despite being his superior officer at the time). Notably Ted Conrad the Base Commander also left Halt to send the memo. It suggests that the command structure was somewhat dysfunctional. Conrad and Williams even left the covering note to RAF liaison officer Don Moreland to accompany Halt's memo to the MoD. I would say that this subtly conveyed their lack of support for Halt.

posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 04:17 PM
a reply to: mirageman

Thanks for the info.

I reckon his bodyguard status was as you say: a one-off, just sexed-up later by Lazza, the cheeky scamp.

At least Moreland's covering note upgrades Halt's "Unidentified lights" to good 'ole "UFO"s.

I'm guessing LaPlume's sighting occurred just afterwards, or perhaps they were only concerned with explaining the December trek into 'foreign territory' (and the arrival of Suffolk police).

posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 04:20 PM

The History of Penniston's Binary Refinery Plan

I posted about the binary codes here on page one and they have been mentioned a number of times in the old thread. However I do understand that people who aren't too familiar with this part of the story (and even those that are) would probably appreciate the full story so it can be placed in context.

A bullet point timeline would be:

◼ 2nd(possibly) January 1981 – Penniston claims to have written up a 4 page statement for Colonel Halt but an unsigned, undated, sanitized version was later put out publicly confirming he never got closer than 50m to whatever it was in the forest.

◼ 7th October 1983 – (Using the alias of James Archer) Penniston tells Brenda Butler that the events happened on the night of 27th Dec 1980 and Burroughs went up to the craft. link

◼ Summer 1993 – Penniston is filmed in the ITV (UK) production of ‘Strange But True’ but makes no mention of touching a craft. He only reports seeing symbols on the side as it lifts off the ground.

◼ 10th Sept 1994 – Penniston undergoes hypnosis and this is when the first mention of binary code on his story. It also seems to be when his story expands from its humble origins.

◼ 1997 – Penniston gives an interview to Sally Rayl for an online website (part 2)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

It took 17 years. But he has now moved into touching distance of the craft. Burroughs is no longer up ahead of him.

◼ 1998 – The witness statements from the first night are uncovered by James Easton. At the same time Linda Moulton Howe publishes a transcript of Penniston’s hypnosis from 1994. She seems to feature too much in all of this.

◼ 2003 – The infamous loose leaf Penniston notebook makes a TV debut in YFy’s “UFO Invasion at Rendlesham” Penniston talks of walking around a craft, touching it, finding symbols. But no binary code yet. No Burroughs here either.

◼ 2005- Penniston, Burroughs and Halt (along with Warren) all appear in the History Channel “Britain’s Roswell”. Still no binary codes.

◼ Dec 28th 2010 – Rendlesham 30th Anniversary Conference. Jim reveals the binary code story but not what the decoded message actually revealed (see later video).

◼ Dec 29th 2010 – History Channel air Ancient Aliens including the binary code story and the message a day after the conference ends. *US only. At this point only 6 pages of the code were released. Penniston was never clear how many there were despite playing hokey cokey with them pages for years and his notebook. He also seemed to accept the the Hy-Brasil co-ordinates despite the probability that they were supposed to point to the centre of Woodbridge but someone forgot that the town is East of the Greenwich Meridian.....

◼ 2011 – Jim appears on the Angelia Joiner show claiming he didn’t know what binary code was. But also somehow knew what the code meant before he had it decoded????? There's an excuse that it was taken out of context and he was ill during the show. Despite not pointing any of this out to his host, or indeed for 8 years.

continues below>>>>

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posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 04:20 PM
Prior to 1993 Penniston had never officially gone on the record about the case except under the alias of James Archer when he seemed to give a contrary story as to who approached the craft.

" He insisted that only he and John Burroughs were involved [Cabansag was involved too, but was left near the vehicle]...... He said it was about 2 A.M when things began to happen. ....Archer and out in a jeep... 'It was a triangular thing. Yes, triangular - and it stood on three legs.'
' Burroughs went up to it and looked as if he were planning to touch it, he continued. But the craft responded. At closest approach they got within a few feet of it...The colour was an off-white and it looked dirty. ...Archer and Burroughs followed the craft...It then let out a sudden, intense burst of white light and rose to a height of about 200 feet, before shooting away from view at tremendous speed."

Before December 2010, for thirty years, the only mention of binary codes was in Penniston's hypnosis conducted on Sept 10th 1994. and this was printed in Linda Moulten Howe's book ' Glimpses of Other Realities'.

Jim Penniston: They are asking me if I see binary code? I see the binary code. They are time travelers....They are us.

Hypnotherapist: HOW FAR IN THE FUTURE?

Jim Penniston: A long time. Very long time.

Not sure, but it has to do with chromosomes? Or something like that.

They take it.

From the other people's bodies....They (the time travelers) were interrupted (in Rendlesham Forest). They are having problems...The odds are against them.

I activated a binary code. The two (NSA Agents) men want to know why....They ask me if I ever had any other encounters with them (lights and time travelers)?...I haven't

No. Like Band-Aids.

If it is tasked, they do. There are different ships for tasking. The government agents know about this....That's why they want to contain the situation.

(Yes), they see me and John Burroughs and they're worried about Col, Halt. They know all about us.

Oh yes...This time they (time travelers) were having problems, but they got their machine off. They have to be in space to travel. They need speed to travel.

To go backwards. They can't go forward

They go to their past. It's impossible to go to the future. It takes too much energy.

These ships can go forty or fifty thousand years. They can't go back much further. They might not get back.

So it doesn't affect the time line. The farther it is, the better, the least affect it has on changing the future....They can't control it. It's too cumbersome.

They tell me when I was the East Gate with John, they have five different stories to tell. It's important to scramble dates (which confuses and undermines consistency of eyewitness testimonies so no credibility with public and media)

......They're going to give me warning....They tell me that I will hurt the world. It will breach national security and can destroy the system, cause wars, chaos in the streets. That's why it's important to keep it quiet. (But) doesn't make any difference if I talk about the story...It's too unbelievable.

Source :

So despite mentioning binary code in his hypnosis and Linda Moulton Howe publishing it 4 years later Penniston never saw a link between these supposed codes he'd written down the morning after his binary download. In fact he didn't know what binary code was and never looked it up.

Penniston then appeared at the Rendlesham 30th anniversary conference on 28th December 2010. John Burroughs first confirms that he didn’t know about the binary codes (later on confirms he didn’t know until October) before Penniston appears and take the mike in response to a question why it took 30 years to come out.

He claimed that binary codes “Didn’t mean nothing [sic] to him”.

Which is odd because he also had a bunch of symbols in that notebook that didn’t mean anything either. But he was brave enough to mention them in 1993 and then have them in his notebook a decade later.

Snapshot from I Know What I Saw (2009)

Those codes sure weren’t in that notebook back then. There are hardly any pages there at all. So why were they in the notebook during a meeting with Prometheus Productions in October of 2010 when Linda Moulton Howe was present and jumping all over them. What is her interest in this?

She was also at the 30th Anniversary Conference in 2010.

Linda Mutton Howe takes a picture of the back of Penniston to measure how his nose is growing in real time.

After that it was some time before the full pages of code were released. Penniston and Burroughs went on to participate in writing a book with Nick Pope “Encounter in Rendlesham Forest” but their relationship soured shortly after.

Penniston teamed up with Gary Osborn, an obscure esoteric writer, who is now convinced there is some cosmic significance to the bunch of co-ordinates revealed in Jimbo’s binary code.

It should be pointed out that the binary code was ‘cleaned up’ to produce a meaningful message.

Page 3 even has scribbling out

The message also has spelling errors.

Not only that the decimal points for the co-ordinates are not present in the original code. So were chosen seemingly at random.

Oh and the co-ordinates match the signature of Google Earth in the latter half of the 2000s.
All these co-ordinates were also present on and the proof is on page 1 of the thread.

The point about the co-ordinates is that each map maker chooses a random point as the town centre. The last four digits are like signatures for every individual map provider. The map maker will select a centre of the town for their maps and the last four digits will almost certainly be unique as they point to a fraction of a metre in size.

Google no longer use these co-ordinates.

So what a massive co-incidence that Penniston’s binary code co-ordinates match those of a map used by Google in the years running up to the conference but not after it and all the sites (except Hy-Brasil) seem to have those same co-ordinates present om the site/

Scooby Dooby Doo unravels the scam

None of this seems to matter to Gary Osborn who has spent 8 years now dismissing the possibility that Penniston might just be lying by finding excuse after excuse for him. He should be applauded for his loyalty no matter how misguided it seems.

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posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 04:30 PM
a reply to: pigsy2400

The phantom dogs are in lots of Suffolk ghost sightings, lots of those dog sightings in east Anglia.

posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 04:51 PM
a reply to: ConfusedBrit

You have committed the mortal sin of mentioning larry warren on this thread and you must not mention the devil incarnate

posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 05:35 PM

originally posted by: KilgoreTrout

I am assuming that doesn't refer to Lilly Aquatic Exposure Guideline's...please take pity on those of us who might not know all the ins and outs and acronyms.


Lilly’s Aquatic Exposure Guidelines in a nutshell:
1. Consume copious amounts of LCD
2. Climb in depravation tank
3. Communicate with dolphins
4. Go bat# crazy

Am I thinking of the right guidelines?

posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 05:42 PM
a reply to: ConfusedBrit

At least Moreland's covering note upgrades Halt's "Unidentified lights" to good 'ole "UFO"s.

I'm guessing LaPlume's sighting occurred just afterwards, or perhaps they were only concerned with explaining the December trek into 'foreign territory' (and the arrival of Suffolk police).

But why did the Base Commander and the Wing Commander let Halt compose and sign the memo to the MoD? They had nearly three weeks before the memo was actually sent to the MoD. To me it seems a subtle signal to Whitehall that Halt was isolated and not being supported by his superiors. Now that may mean they felt Halt's story was big on Walter Mitty adventure and nothing of substance really supported his exciting tale. Or it could be that they were hanging him out to dry.

As we've already discussed Georgina Bruni's book "You Can't Tell the People" places LaPlume's sighting as the night of the 16th/17th Jan 1981. Don Moreland's memo is dated the 15th Jan 1981. So assuming LaPlume's account in Bruni's book was accurate then the Halt memo was dispatched just before La Plume's sighting.

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posted on Sep, 30 2018 @ 05:55 PM
Excellent summary of Jimbo's codes, MM.

I only recently realised that Osborn had fought his corner in the first thread, getting quite flustered and seemingly uninterested in the codes' provenance, merely their locations and cosmic importance. Which seems quite naive.

originally posted by: wobbs62
a reply to: ConfusedBrit

You have committed the mortal sin of mentioning larry warren on this thread and you must not mention the devil incarnate

No idea what the thread politics are regarding Warren, lol, but as I said to MM, his contributions to the messy, undocumented final stages of the third night may yet yield something since nobody else wants to elaborate on Burrough's bizarre event. At least Warren claimed he saw JB after the 'landing', but he adds that JB jumped onto an object that carried him some distance before it was 'beamed up' - was this after Halt gave permission to go forward? If true, the lack of documentation is suspicious - hell, beyond the tape and brief memo, there are no statements at all for that night, despite verbal accounts of half a dozen trucks on the road when Halt arrived to investigate the report of strange lights above a yellow mist. ON FOREIGN SOIL, no less.

A handful of personnel claim Warren was there, but regarding his Big Landing and JB's later interraction with an 'object/light', only Bustinza has volunteered to confirm it, but even he was too aggressively LED by Larry Fawcett in 1984, and his 2015 interview was a nervous, garbled mess.

Burroughs seems more confused than anyone. A relatively simple soul with a good heart who perhaps has given up finding answers after 38 years. The rest of us may well follow his example.

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