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posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 01:54 PM
I hate the school system in this country. It is a government brainwashing facility. Forcing someone to wake up early in the morning, when the mind is impressionable, hasn't had time to turn on, immediately bombarding them with orders and propaganda. Making a person sit through hours and hours of propaganda they are forced to accept. Controlling someone's every action, making them ask for permission before every action. Making someone sit through lectures and propaganda for hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Dishing out information which the person cannot question, false or not. Subjecting people to all these hours of many times false, manipulated, opinionated, or incomplete information. Forcing people to do all this with threats, promised accomplishment of wildest dreams, reward & punishment, and other psychological tactics, well designed mind games. Subjecting people to all this without giving them any currency, without giving them a choice. Is brainwashing.

The goal of school is not to teach people how to get rich. The aim is creating robots. The target is teaching people how to deal with extreme boredom for vast amounts of time, over a course of several years. To teach obedience and to destroy free thought, or at least stunt it. School/government wants you to do as you are told, to think how it wants you to. It wants you to be greedy, it wants you to want/expect things which you cannot have. Likely the most important goal for them is making a society of people who will allow government to do whatever it wishes.

Government accomplishes exactly what it wants to accomplish. It creates robots. With school it creates slaves. Impulsive consumers, uneducated consumers. Perfect slaves because they are slaves who believe they are free. Government is the master, people the puppets, money the strings.
School, money, and jobs are not necessarily necessary but needed. I wont deny the need for their existence. However, people do not need to be programed. People do not need to be turned into robots. It is warped to do such a thing. Not a necessary thing to do.

All employed people working 40 hours a week or more should make at least enough to survive no matter what they are doing. Minimum pay should be at least enough for the average person to survive comfortably. After taxes. Minimum wage is currently not at all enough. In fact people making minimum wage really shouldn't have to pay taxes. The more you make the bigger the percentage of your earnings should be robed for taxes. For two reasons, what's taken means less to a person with more money, more money for government at less cost to the economy. Taxes are way to high for everyone. Government grossly overspends and puts no consideration into how much they spend. If government paid for in bulk prices whatever they can. If government made any attempt to purchase only reasonably priced quality reasonably required products, taxes robed could probably be cut in half. That is an ignorant estimate, but I think it's reasonable, I'm not going to figure out how much government is overspending on everything government spends on. Overspending is obviously a huge problem. I'd imagine they could be cut in half again if senseless government paid programs and pork barrel schemes were let to be paid for by donations. Or abolished.

Government apparently has no concern for educating people in a way best for them. Government isn't taking into consideration what's best for the individual. Just what's best for people who already have fat wallets and all to much control. There are already alternative educational programs, only used for people whom reject the regular system and only few of those who reject put into the programs. Alternative programs which are better suited for everyone, if the goal were simply to educate people with the shady information. Only facts should be represented as fact, factual information should be overflowing within school. If students are capable of disproving so called facts they should be allowed to. Opinions should be treated as such and various sides of the argument should be presented.

Children should be allowed to, encouraged to form thoughts and opinions of their own. Children should not be disadvantaged by other student's disadvantages. The teachers job should not be so much to preach their books, but to orally present the basic concepts and answer any questions which may arise. Giving the next assignment when the previous assignment is passed. Allowing everyone to be working on different assignments at different paces. Separate students according to how fast and efficiently they take in the knowledge. Sure, they should be expected to learn all that is needed within a set time frame, but if they can learn all that needs learned within a month what is preached for 3 it's wrong to continually beat them over the head with crap they already know throughout the 3 months. Only because the minority can only learn at that pace. Such is the case for the average student. Children are human, they are people, they should have rights. If they don't want to go to school, they shouldn't be forced. They shouldn't be lead to believe they WILL be doctors and actors and fly to the moon doing nothing more than attending school. The work involved should be known and they should be aware how many who try fail. What percentage actually succeed.

Real world skills should be looked for and enhanced when discovered. Reality based, likely professions should be more widely discussed. In fact, when a student shows interest in a profession they should be able to improve their GPA for discovering all that is involved in achieving the career and making a plan toward achieving what they want. More emphasis needs to be put on life skills. Math, science, and other subjects important to humanity should be taught, but the main goal to achieve should be teaching people life skills. Above all else, children should be educated in subjects they find interesting without sucking the interest out of it. The education system should have to try making students want to be student rather than counting on the law and manipulation forcing them to be.

The fact is, school is not right for everyone. Some people would live more fulfilled happier lives without it, if so much importance were not put into it. Jobs that don't really require schooling shouldn't require schooling. For some people, public education is completely useless. Such is the case for people with severe mental retardation.

Discovering optimal ways of educating doesn't seem to be a priority of government. Just optimal ways of reprograming, destroying and rebuilding minds. Different people require different ways of being educated properly. The typical forms of optimal education should be investigated. Optimal ways for educating typical people, and advanced people, for retards who are socially functional even. Of course, better pay and more teachers are required. Hell, that's a requirement for the current way of "educating".
All these shoulds, were is the why? Children's happiness and improving mankind's condition. I don't have much of a problem with higher education.

Media also tries controlling you. Beyond the obvious, buy this and that control attempts. Though commercials are powerful, when you subject yourself to them hours a day throughout your life. Basically being told to buy crap by your babysitter/alternative parent as a child. Because they are obvious, they aren't much of a threat. Behind every public program there is a hidden objective. Not all sharing the same objective. Government agenda is in all forms of entertainment. Designed to target different types of people but mostly at poor people. The government controls people via media and psychology. With media government makes you think things you would not ordinarily think, gets you to speak many things it causes you to think, repeat many things which it tells you. Disguised as entertainment, the real goal is not to entertain but to cause you to act/think in the way government desires.

Examples are teasing, desensitizing, and seemingly randomly placed messages. A multitude of programs are guilty of trying to make you strongly desire things which you likely cannot attain. Objects of the opposite sex, money. Not that you can't obtain members of the opposite sex, those specific objects of desire. Not only strongly desire these things but spend a large portion of time thinking about these things. What you would do with an ass load of money, how nice it would be to have that woman. Serving two purposes, preventing you from thinking, productive thought that is, and causing you to buy impulsively. Many are guilty of desensitizing us, causing us to observe disgusting things, causing us to think about them, and to make our own desensitizing thoughts created by our imagination. This serves the goal of making you desensitized, indifferent to horrible things government is doing, to morally degrade you. Also to keep you from thinking productively.

Messages are spat out on a multitude of programs. One example is the support the troops, support bush message. Support the war, support terrorism, support whatever the hell government want's to do. If you use your television a lot you get this message daily. The government wants you to allow it all the power it wants. The government does not want free thought, does not want productive thought. It learned a valuable lesson in the 60s.

What's so dangerous about this is you don't notice this for what it is. So you can't resist it. Even if you do manage to realize what is going on, you likely wont give a #. Government effectively has people craving to zone out on something. Wanting to shut off their brains. Wanting to be teased. It has people feeling like they can't function without it. Unable to amuse themselves without government. Video games are terrible for tuning you out, a # load try getting you to want to join the army.

I myself am domesticated. While, after realizing this I stopped tuning out for a couple months. I came back. I'm much more selective about what I subject myself to and limit my time spent tuned out. I try to continue thinking, after my zoned out periods. Being able to recognize much of the brainwashing, certainly not all, I can resist it much better. I was surprised to find the first week that I could in fact go without being bored without shutting off. I find it hilarious they call it public programing. Government successfully has an advanced programing box in nearly every home, that thought used to creep me out.

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 01:57 PM
I don't know which country you are talking about. But if it's the USA then I am sure it's not as bad as China.

What time to you wake up in the morning and what time do they let you out of school...let me know and then I'll tell you about China.

posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 02:42 AM
>> Subjecting people to all this without giving them any currency, without giving them a choice. Is brainwashing.

There always is a choice - don't go to school.

Yet I don't think that the government is doing that on purpose. Like "slave" parents, who make a "slave" out of their children by hammeing "life is hard" into them. They don't understand what they are doing.

And another thing is that most people feal just great when someone is telling them what should they think, do, want, etc.

posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 09:03 AM
the english media is brainwashing us all, i watch tv mostly at afternone so much news so much crap all bs. wishh i had a nuke ill sure press it

i hate gov , who da hell invented it , wanna kill him

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