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Remote View and Astral travel the Universe. Share what you find.

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posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 06:55 AM
In this thread the objective is simple, use your third eye(s) and Astral bodies those of you who can (for you all have them but may just not be utilizing them consciously) to explore-evaluate the Universe(s) then produce data as best you can for others to visualize what you gathered here @ ATS.

posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 06:55 AM
I will start, the Universe(s) appear to primarily be made of a transparent like medium/material (unknown origin).
This would be undetected universe described as dark energy here.

Transparent in visual perception and in feeling as far as detecting it goes to most, but not to all CREATOR Creations-inhabitants within said Universe(s).

posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 06:56 AM
Strong-weak/dense-less dense points or holes within the medium may form along electromagnetic connection points or paths or in areas where the medium is less dense or highly charged electrically.

Some CREATOR Creations-inhabitants made from more of this primal medium material can remain undetected to most, but can also detect and move-navigate-travel better through the medium and its strong-weak points or holes.

These weak points within the medium would be black hole/white hole and the weaker/stronger electromagnetic connection paths or tunnels-conduits worm hole areas w/ potential points of access-exit...

posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 06:57 AM
Within this medium light & dark energy can be formed-injected (from outside)-contained...
This would be what is considered here visible/non visible universe.
The light & dark energy can gather in and sit in pools within the medium.

-To increase visualization, visualize a clear aerogel like cube/sphere/cloud with collections of colored matter & antimatter of various densities sprinkles embedded within it.
The sprinkles collect in various areas in various densities within the aerogel like material.
The clusters of sprinkles would be galaxies of light or dark energy clumps.

Some galaxy & dark energy clumps of similar densities collect together in clusters or groups.
Galaxy & dark energy clumps of extremely different densities and electromagnetic charges collect in and cluster in different regions within the medium.

posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 06:57 AM
Near the heavier more dense or less dense areas & center points of some of the galaxy & dark energy clusters/clumps weaker or highly electromagnetic charged points form, producing black hole/white hole/worm hole access areas.

-Visualize the electromagnetically charged transparent medium now with connection points formed between weak-strong electromagnetic current paths/points within the medium between galaxy & dark energy centers. These paths would be wormhole tunnels-conduits that can be used for travel.

Within the light clusters or galaxies CREATOR Creations-inhabitants grow and develop.
But also in the dark energy clumps & voids between galaxies CREATOR Creations-inhabitants grow.

posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 06:57 AM
All things within the Universe(s) medium carry a strong or weak electromagnetic charge/force as does the medium. This in some ways connects all things contained within said Univers(s) like strings...

This is 1, AboveTopSecret member
Ophiuchus 13 remote view and Astral data of the Universe(s), share what can you see w/ your third eyes & feel w/ your Astral bodies


posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 07:03 AM
Just read this thread, and am seriously confused 😕

posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 07:05 AM

originally posted by: FinallyAwake
Just read this thread, and am seriously confused 😕
It’s imagination land.

posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 07:28 AM
a reply to: FinallyAwake

Remote View/Astral travel then post your data.

Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, purportedly using extrasensory perception (ESP) or "sensing" with the mind.[1]

Astral projection (or astral travel) is a term used in esotericism to describe a willful out-of-body experience (OBE)[1][2] that assumes the existence of a soul or consciousness called an "astral body" that is separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it throughout the universe.[3][4][5]

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posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 07:35 AM
a reply to: Woodcarver

I thought that was political threads 😂

posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 07:45 AM
a reply to: Ophiuchus 13

You will see under my name "Astral Traveler" such, is due to 45+ years experiencing same beginning with Transcendental Meditation in 1968...

You've placed a lot of objective-subject info in your opening few posts...and I'd like to address just that without going into my lifetime of experiences...

How does one explain to a child the stove will burn you without placing the child's hand on a hot burner?

How does one know they can "fly" without having flown? How can one explain or detail exactly what is there on the other "sides"?

You really can't adequately...all who follow this practice and thread will read 1pg at a time...and turn the pages until they close the to speak...thinking "Huh! THAT was pretty interesting!" My point.

Unless one can experience a meditative-isolative-"astral"'s hard to describe let alone allow people to know it once they find it. Agreed? It is just words on a page until that 1st revelationary experience.

I may not participate much further in this thread...because of this...but will from reply to reply...and will be watching...if not from this side....but perhaps the other.

You understand what I me privately anytime.


posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 07:50 AM
If OP tells us how to leave our bodies and explore the universe I will do it.

I have heard many explanations on how do to it.. but it takes years of practice and even then.. only few can do it.
Makes me wonder if its all just make believe.. dreams

There have been done tests to see if these people with magic powers could remote view stuff.. and there are no official tests that prove they can sadly
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posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 08:01 AM
I think by posting your own theory’s first you might get biased answers.

a reply to: Ophiuchus 13

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posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 08:08 AM
a reply to: Athetos


I would like to see input on the subject though from experienced Astral travelers and remote viewers to see what similarities & differences they detect.
No one should be afraid to share, I did knowing I would be ridiculed.
Please bypass the fear of skepticism and share. I purposely left out paranormal information related to the Universe(s).

posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 08:13 AM
This thread is not designed to attack ANY posted data. It is ok to ask questions but please no attacks.

To add.
I do not think technology is based or started w/ humans...

posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 08:51 AM
The physical universe on the subatomic level was remote-viewed over a century ago. The data gained from using it have been scientifically analysed and proved to be consistent with facts of nuclear and particle physics established several decades later, as well as with concepts of superstring theory. This amazing consistency has an implication that will cause a revolution in particle physics, once future, experimental observations made at sufficiently high energies begin to detect structure in quarks.
The evidence and its analysis can be downloaded for free here:
(chapters 1-4);
(chapters 5-6).
Read the historical background here.

posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 08:52 AM

originally posted by: Athetos
I think by posting your own theory’s first you might get biased answers.

a reply to: Ophiuchus 13


posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 10:53 AM
We are in a river most vast and wide. It moves through the universe on courses incomprehensible to the 3 dimensional eyes we are confined to in mortality. Lankiea I think is a great model, the eternal eye of flowing mater where on mind and comprehension finds its place and platform to look out and divine the infinite. Life moves through the sea of eternity in uncounted forms and manifestation. From chaos to order, from smaller to incomprehensible vastness, it plays it's part in holding time, space and matter together in the reality to which it resides. Like grapes in a cluster, like clusters on a vine, old and new universes cling together separated by thin membranes so vast they are next to each other and an eternity apart at the same time. The fulfillment of all possibilities play out and are in the vaults of time, space and matter and mind. Though ever changing, it is ever forming that each conclusion to a reality is reformed as if it was never lost.
Conclusion: Trust me, we need God, the great master and king of the universe. The mind which found love to be the foundation to power; and order and love the corner stone to everlasting joy and peace as an eternal family. Without such, the violent malevolent beings would be the forces which move the course of eternity and no peace or sanity would ever be found.
I have seen the borders of order and dipped my understandings into the rooms of madness which resides in other places of the universe, and I fear the hell where the wicked do and will dwell. Not as an act of cruelty but as a dividing of light from darkness. Any heart would tremble, not only at the sight but at the ripping madness that becomes their only reality.
I have seen the borders of heaven, and if anyone could just behold it at anytime there would be no other objective in life more important to them. To know heaven, to know the universe, to have the door open to the universe in this life and in the life to come. We need to strive to be like the King, and love one another. If you do not believe this then be a king yourself and love one another and care for our fellow man.

reply to: Ophiuchus 13

posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 11:41 AM
"They say" : The edge of our universe has a vast cloud of glowing hydrogen,
atomic number 1.

So... that leads me to think there is multiverses, banded by the hydrogen
barrier. Perhaps wormholes allow travel between these universes, sure to
be very different than ours. Also there is no limit to the number of
multiverses so infinite numbers of them exist.

Like the atom, once thought to be the smallest matter can get, it is
likely that the atom could be split an infinite number of times.

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posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 12:40 PM
Emptiness. Vastness. Cold heat. So much nothingness.

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