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yowie and math rock part 2

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posted on Sep, 18 2018 @ 12:12 PM
part one was ruined by me.

I sort of know these guys. I interviewed them once and drank with them a couple of times. Years have passed. You like off musical sigs? well wait no more:

Interviewsa and so ons:

Aw then, I have to check tha wayback. Oh well. If there is interest I will.

posted on Sep, 18 2018 @ 02:41 PM
I have never heard them. Definitely pretty Mathy.

I love videos of Math rock bands there is always someone headbanging in a “normal” time sig and they are always off and looking confused but still trying to head bang. Iv been Guilty of it myself.

I started jamming with a math rock band about a year ago... have been turned in to quite a few kickass groups since then.
Some of it can get pretty intense sometimes but it sure is fun to play they are definitely thinking out of the box.

Lately Iv been digging...
Deer toe
Kawhris Whisper
Suffer like g did
Save us from the Archons

I recently found a website “” and they have a lot of good recommendations as well.

a reply to: Fools

posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 08:33 AM
a reply to: SteamyJeans

Thanks for the recommendations. Math sounds have for me an interest when I am in certain moods. To me, that off kilter stuff seems to actually help me to think straight at times. Other times it doesn't at all. Very enigmatic in that sense.

Also, I notice some of the bands I like instantly, others I can't listen to at all.

Had a guy claim that Rush was one of the first. I can see maybe a song or two. My bets on the father of mathrock is Steve Albini, but I think I don't know enough about the genre to really say.

posted on Sep, 19 2018 @ 09:05 AM
a reply to: SteamyJeans

Found a review I wrote of their first published work:

1. Trina : Bombastic and abrupt. In your face only to make associations with not a primitive man but a future man realizing he is primitive. Wants to smash skull, microchip embedded says NO!
2. Tamara : Sliding and drunk man walks into a bar, no wait a second he isn’t drunk, he is schizophrenic, he is telling you about Jesus. Jesus doesn’t know what he knows. Now somehow you are in his head trying to get out. This isn’t fair! This is not fair! Let yourself OUT! Let yourself OUT! Let yourself OUT! Let yourself OUT! Ok, you got out.
3. Tareka : The car is going really fast and it’s not cool because you are tripping your brains out. HOLY #! This is wrong isn’t it? Let’s stop at a gas station and get a soda. Look at these freaks faces! I think they KNOW! I think they KNOW! I think they KNOW! Get back in the car, got to get back in the car and drive away. Got to get in the car and drive somewhere again. Driving again, can’t see the road, but I can feel it and its moving really fast, not the car damnit, it’s the road that’s moving, not the car, not the car. Ok, we got to a party - this party is crazy but not because the party is but because I am. THEY KNOW! I try talking to this one girl and under normal circumstances she’d be pretty but for now she looks like a monster. A horrible monster. She can’t even talk about reality. Or is it me? I guess its me. I am not moving the party is, the monsters are. And they are all ugly. They make me laugh. Wait, did I start in the third person?
4. Tenesha : Swing set as a child, sharing the set with a cartoon. His limbs don’t work like normal limbs, they are rubber and move all over the place. When I grow up I want to be a hobo. A hobo Krishna. A pregnant hobo. A hobo with a belly full of Tyrannosaurus Rex babies. They will be born live not in eggs, eggs are for suckers.
5. Toni : This God DAMN car has broken down again. I’ve had it. Dents are happening because of me. I slash my own tires. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. # THIS CAR. So then I wake up the next day, Ok - I’m lying, I never went to sleep. I must explain my actions. I must explain. You understand that I had to do it right?
6. Towanda: Have you ever fallen down a really big hill and all there are to tumble over are sticker bushes? Yeah, but these sticker bushes when they stick you they shoot laughing gas in the air. So it hurts but it makes you giggle. Ladies?
7. Talula : So you’ve been married 60 years to a 500-pound abusive and alcoholic woman. Yeah so you hate that. And then you walk outside one day and see her covered by thousands of bees and she’s dead. You have to celebrate but you can’t let anyone see that because that would make people think bad things. Very bad things. But you must celebrate. When or where? So later, everyone is gone and the body has been removed from your yard. You begin to dance, as you are ecstatic, you go into a trance. You are a bee; you are stinging and STINGING and STINGING, YES! YES! YES! YES! You go to sleep like a baby.

Hopefully it self censors...

edit on 19-9-2018 by Fools because: link no work

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