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Oliver the Human-Chimp Hybrid / Humanzee

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posted on Sep, 18 2018 @ 10:22 AM

originally posted by: peacefulpete

originally posted by: peter vlar

originally posted by: peacefulpete

originally posted by: grey580
a reply to: peacefulpete

I don't have proof of what? Factually his y-DNA was never tested, i.e. his paternal DNA was never tested. It's all factual.

That this chimp was a hybrid.

There is no evidence.

The evidence is his morphological anomalies.

To your untrained eye. To a primatologist or Anthropologist, what you view as an anomaly is within the the standard range of variation. You’re commenting out of your depth. It really is that simple.

Out of my depth? Then who is allowed to comment on such topics? Only geneticists? Are you going to tell me now that YOU are a geneticist?

A geneticist? No, Paleoanthropologidt with a qualified level of knowledge on ancient Pleistocene genetics in european Homijids, specifically Neanderthal. So while not a geneticist, I’m certainly qualified to determine when someone else is running with a pet hypothesis and who knows the material they are debating.

Oliver's anomalies are obviously NOT in the standard range of variation. He is the ONLY chimp known to walk upright habitually, for example, with a skeleton that was apparently "built" for walking upright.

Again, you’re completely wrong. Not a surprise at this point though. Oliver’s morphology is precisely within the standard deviations for Pan Troglodytes. Please present a citation to support your claims.

Being the only ONE known example of that, is certainly NOT in the standard range of variation lol.

You keep repeating yourself and running a circular Gish Gallop that goes nowhere outside of your own head. Good luck with... whatever.

Tell you what, since you feel so qualified to discuss genetics, you post your CV and I’ll post mine and we can see what’s what. You are an expert right?

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