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Conservative's should be supporting Colin Kaepernak

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posted on Sep, 10 2018 @ 06:58 PM

originally posted by: OccamsRazor04
a reply to: Krazysh0t

No. We are freely allowed to hate America and the Constitution. He is allowed to think America is racist and tell flag is a symbol of oppression.

I will never agree with that though.

But he is not free to do that during his job, which is to play football and not to make political statements. Not to mention, yet again, that his argument is simply false. People of color are not being oppressed in the U.S.

But then again, this could even be a ruse by Kaepernik. For all we know he could even try to run for President and if you don't vote for him, you are a racist. Like it was claimed about people who didn't vote for Obama and for those of us who criticized his policies. Or like Hillary tried by claiming "sexism caused her to lose..."

Anyway, no matter what Kaepernik has in mind, his claim is simply false. Kaepernik, alongside all NFL black and white players, is richer than most white people and people of other races in not only the U.S., but in the world...

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posted on Sep, 11 2018 @ 02:52 AM
a reply to: toysforadults

the objective of ATS and its theme is "DENY IGNORANCE"
while that is a state of grace that is seldom totally achieved in this case people supporting him are not only not trying to achieve it, but promoting IGNORANCE to its fullest.
let me try to strip away all emotional bs propaganda and break it down to basic facts.
also facts /issues separated into their components instead of throwing it all in a pot to muddy it.

1. the first amendment allows anyone to have an opinion (yes even racists) without being arrested by the FEDERAL (along with state and local) . It also allows PEACEFUL AND LEGAL (please not the emphasis on LEGAL AND PEACEFUL) protest (yes again even for racist BTW I DO NOT SUPPORT THEIR VIEWS BE BLACK WHITE OR GREEN) .

2. the first amendment DOES NOT ALLOW you to protest whenever or wherever you like. for example you cannot protest on private property (ex anti abortion people cannot protest on property of abortion clinic) , at a place of work, on company time and/or if it harms the employer IN ANY WAY.

3. the first amendment does not guarantee anyone has the right that they must be heard. Not being heard is not "censorship" but no one cares to give you a platform nor wants to hear you.

4. The supreme court as ruled that except for SPECIFIC CASES if you engage in any activity prohibited by your employer at work and/or by contract even off work hours you can BE JUSTIFIABLY FIRED.

5. Your right to your opinion and protest under the first amendment DOES NOT SHIELD YOU for other invoking that same right to OPPOSE your view. Be it counter protest, boycott , social media, ect.

6. a business (sports teams and leagues are businesses) FIRST CONCERN it profitability and protecting that. So it doesn't matter what the individual or group of EMPLOYEES (yes sports players are EMPLOYEES ) think or believe. Its what those who PAY THE BILLS think...if the majority of customers want a purple widget made on mars then what a protester or employee thinks is IRRELEVANT. As long as it is LEGAL of course . they also look at if the employee strengths AKA ABILITY TO MAKE MONEY FOR THEM is better than their negatives (again in what is legal of course) .

7. EVERYONE from president down to the homeless in the street CAN HAVE AN OPINION and EXPRESS THEREOF. Just because one is elected (for example) DOES NOT negate their first amendment rights nor shield them from others envokign that same right.

8. sports players sign CONTRACTS that dictate everything from salary, code of conduct, what happens (if applicable) if you choose to quit, go free agent, and many other factors. No where do I find that in any organization that they are guaranteed if they leave a team (be fired, voluntary, try free agent, whatever) THAT ANY OTHER TEAM HAS TO HIRE THEM. Hence why some sports free agent is a crap shoot.

Lastly and arguably the MOST IMPORTANT FACT that is outright IGNORED by supporters of those "taking a knee" is this specific NFL RULE that has been in place for a LONG TIME.

it states (paraphrasing) that any protest, display, ect MUST BE APPROVED BY THE NFL or the team or both.
this has been ENFORCED in the past. For example Tebo took a knee for "thanking his God".
he was NOT APPROVED, was warned and due to continuing this PUNISHED.
The dallas cowboys ASKED for permission to put on stickers to support fallen police officers...THEY WERE DENIED.
there are other examples but here is two .

now how does this apply to kapernick specifically .

He DIDNT GET PERMISSION to "take a knee" in protest.
the FANS as a majority big enough to make a difference financially OBJECTED .
he WAS NOT A GREAT PLAYER by any means.
it embarrassed the NFL and the press was not good for them.

So the team didn't continue his contract and no other team FELT HIS ABILITY WAS GOOD ENOUGH to counter the loss of revenue and/or team view in the public.


Now at this point I will say I find the NFL (while within CLEARLY their rights and rules) and the "take a knee" supporters EQUALLY HYPOCRITES.

I will use ONE CLEAR EXAMPLE. of this.

Tebo took a knee for "a religious entity" (btw expressing religious views is also FIRST AMENDMENT) and was punished (justified under the rules), has no where near the support of those claiming "first amendment" in taking a knee, and the main stream press was either against or mocked him

But because Kapernick (and others ) are doing it for reasons (note MULTIPLE, NO UNITED FRONT) other than religion and its supported by people saying "first amendment" and the main stream press.

The NFL needs to grow a pair and ENFORCE THE RULE they themselves set

So what in conclusion with everything stripped down to the basics.

You have a right to your opinion (be it popular, non popular, racist, ect) and to PEACEFULLY / LEGALLY express those opinions (with some SPECIFIC exceptions, its not absolute) with protection from being put in jail by the government (be federal, state, local) .

You DO NOT have the right to do it anywhere you want at anytime you want.
You DO NOT have the right to do it at work , if it violates a CONTRACT YOU WILLINGLY SIGNED, and/or if it harms your employer in some way. If you do you can be LEGALLY FIRED.

if people counter your opinion/protest within same peaceful and legal way (with same specific restrictions) you do not have a right to be shielded from them or the legal consequences

Lastly the CAUSE someone or some group claims DOES NOT OVERRIDE above facts. The cause IS IRRELEVANT.


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