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Sunrise over Sirius.

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posted on Sep, 6 2018 @ 09:30 PM
Three hundred years later after the Dark Galaxy became illuminated a new age began to dawn. The portals to the galaxies of Serf, Amastor and Disogen have closed. The new galaxy is now full of civilisation and life. Three great factions in the constellations of the Sun, Sirius and Voge are the main power players in this celesital pit. Those who live the rule of their laws are the haves, and those who do not are the have nots. Those who choose neither are the outlaws, mercanaires, protagonists and opportunists who live wild but short lives.

The planet of Decart a planet designated in a neutral system leads of the three factions meet every thirty years to discuss business. There amongst many things agreements of trade and territorial rights are discussed. The outcomes of the meetings have been successfull in reaching agreements for three hundred years. The cooperative approach of the empires has been focused to towards acclimating migrating races into the galaxies. The timers clock is ticking away in the Rubical hall where the power players meet. They must come to an agreement soon for if they do not the portals of Banshee, Daranu, Tian will close trapping them toegther on the planet Decart. If this was to happen there would be no need for the alliance to control incoming warmonger races. Their eyes will then turn to each-other cursed with envy and paranoia.

The table is triangular and seats only three people. Jvril, Athena, and Astoria.

"You must realise i was the one who gave you the gift of your empires of Sirus and Voge. You technical are still my first reports and work for me." exclaims Jvril.

"How to dare to make that claim before us!" retorts Athena.

"I gave you both the gift of your empires of Sirus and Vogue. Besides that also I was the one who created your bloodline. You both were created from my own blood; and so technically you belong to me. Therefore you will then do as i say." Jvril hisses back.

Athena stands and slams her hands on the table and rants. "As a Queen of my peoples have no choice but to be reasonable at this negoatiating table. There are thousands of worlds waiting for me to return with good news. News that postively assures them their lives will continue for another thirty years profitable and peaceful. In that regard what I give at this table, will consider the degree of leniency of mind required to ensure peace between our factions can be maintained".

The rant has been a risky venture against Jvril. Athena and Astoria are much aware that Jvril is horned witch of commendable power. Jvril smiles a show respect for her competition.

"Thank you Athena thats exactly the attitude i was expecting. However what about you Miss silent. You Astoria have said nothing to me since we entered this chamber. Does my presence not please you in the slightess ?"

Astoria doesnt say anything she just stares at Jvril. The eyes of Jvril are brightly radiant and the expression over Astorias faces becomes twisted in anguish. Astoria she lets out a cry and falls back off her chair onto the floor. She gets back on her feet and has her say.

"This bitch has tried to exert control over my mind but has failed." .

Athena stands up in support of Astoria. "We are no longer the weak push around last time we met. My mind its power has grown in that time and will not stand by meekly; allowing your to push around my blood sister."

Jvril operates the table controls to bring up a three dimension depiction of the galaxy. The constellations of Sun, Sirus and Apogee are coloured in Red, White and Blue.

" I keep this negotiation simple i want you each to hand over half your territories to me."

Athena and Astoria looks straight at Jvril with gazes mixed in anger,fear and dispair. Athena senses Jvrils bluff and brings the negotiation to the deciding moment.

"And if dont agree?"

"If you dont agree Athena there will be war."

"Then let is be war you bitch!"

Jvrils stands up and walks to portal entrance of the sun; delivers her parting words to her blood children Athena and Astoria.

"We have failed to sign an agreement limiting our options now to war. My parting words are therefore a warning! To be prepared for the omen that will begin the war. The sunrise over Sirius!!"

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posted on Sep, 6 2018 @ 11:25 PM
a reply to: AthlonSavage

Why Sirius? Just curious and not planet X or another planet?


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