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Southern Rebels

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posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 02:06 AM
I hope everyone here enjoys this short story enough to add to it. This could be alot of fun. Who knows we may end up not far from the truth.

Southern Rebels.

In a small rural town in the south the rebels were planning an event that would make history. This would come to be known as "How The South Kept Us Free" in history books.
I had to be about seven years old when my buddy and I overheard a group of men talking about how they plan to keep our country free, and live by the constitution.

We were normal kids out on a treasure hunt on a lazy sunday afternoon. At the edge of town we found an old coal mine and decided to see what kind of treasure may be found inside. What we found was tunnels and secrete rooms at many levels underground. Alot like what was above ground. A secrete town. There were people in rooms and lights could be seen comming from under the doorways.

We knew at this point we were not supposed to be there. But like a kitten, curiosity kicked in and we took lighter steps to insure we would gather all the gossip. We had walked for what seemed like miles when we come across a room far away from all the others at the end of one of the tunnels.

We were as quiet as we could be and finally made it to the door and gently pressed our ears to the door and starined to hear all that we could. Two men were talking about the new world order and the takeover that had been planned for hundreds of years by many differnet groups that had been known as secrete societies.

They talked about these groups and planned to get them before they could get us. From what they were saying many of the other rooms were filled with men and women helping to make bombs, reading maps and working on a stategy for the sake of the free world as we knew it.

There were spies in other countries and even on capitol hill, hidden deep within the government, fbi, cia, press, and media. The rebels now had thousands and thousands helping.

Exposing these key figures were top priority. Making the global nwo work twice as hard to try and cover up, all the while the rebs were two steps ahead of them. Causing terror within the terror ring was the rebels second priority. They had gotten so good that the inside guy would defuse the bomb meant to cause huge loss of life before any were taken by the new world order.

Many of the rebels were working class people that by day lead a normal lifestyle of work and time with family. Some were very political, and a few were religous folks. All shared the desire need for America to be returned to the people. Their goal was to insure the future of generations to come.

When our knees began to buckle, we began our journey out of the tunnels. Until we reached the surface we had no idea of how important what we had just witnessed was. There at the entrance were two men holding guns, waiting for any intruders to try and enter this secrete meeting place of the rebels. Lifted off the ground by the back of our shirts we were questioned in mid air. Needless to say we walked home wearing wet pants.

This was top secrete info that our tiny brains could not conceive. Still everyday after school and on weekends we could be found back at that old mine listening in on conversations. But only after we found an alternet entrance back into the mine.

After we thought about the voices we heard we realized that we under the local drug store when we were at that last door far away from the others. the days end we had hidden in the restroom of the drug store and when the owner locked up we started the search to find an entrance back to the tunnels.

A short ten minute search and we found under a rug at the backdoor an entrance to what looked at first like a wine cellar. We walked down stairs to the next level, then more stairs. We found a brick wall that was'nt really brick, a lead to a hallway that had several doors. We were back in the tunnel, just a different side. The side beyond the door we had listened at a few days before.

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