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Tourism and disclosure

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posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 01:15 AM
I posted this as a thought in another thread regarding the Peter Jennings documentary that is coming up. When I thought about it I decided it might be its own thread.

Okay this thread assumes two things:

  1. That you believe that their is a secret out there to be found and probably more than one.
  2. People are actively trying to cover it up.
So I'm not interested in anybody telling me that these things do not exist as that is not the point of the thread.

The basic premise is about disclosure. I suggested that with space tourism becoming a reality it would follow that disclosure is innevitable. If there is a secret(s) in space that is being hidden from the public's general knowledge, will they be able to continue to hide it with "civilian" craft floating around out there?

As soon as one firm is successful in achieving this (tourism in space), then others will follow. I have listed two seperate sites in this post, but a Google search on "Space Tourism" brought back 136000 pages and that number is only likely to grow.

Then once we have regular tourist trips to the edge of space, they will keep pushing it out further and further (Adventure tourism is all about providing "something more", another level to go to.). Soon they will out longer and longer too. A two-day vacation in space in the "Space Hilton" (no I not talking about between Paris's ears!), eventually the Moon Hilton, followed by the Mars Hilton, etc, etc....

Assuming for a minute little green men are buzzing around close to the planet, checking out all our NASA launches, warning tresspassers off the moon, etc, then having tourists floating about each with their own camera - lets face it, there is no way you wouldn't take a camera even if you can't take pics of the stars up there- and each looking for that million dollar pic of "something"

From the website:
Virgin Galactic
"The first flights by Virgin Galactic are planned to begin in 2.5 to 3 years time. We plan to begin taking deposits early next year and will contact prospective astronauts who register online.

A description of what they are planning:
What Might Your Out of This World Experience Be Like?

Another different site regarding Space Tourism

So could this remain hidden once it occurs? I suggest that at that point it would be likely that there would be some disclosure if it is to be had. Maybe not all, in fact I think it unlikely it would be total disclosure, more likely just what is needed to cover the situation.

One way to control it, and this is always possible is through the regulation, of the industry. Who has the right to regulate space? What is the planet's territorial limit?

Congress revisits space tourism debate

I don't know which side of it I would fall on, I just thought it is an interesting thought.

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 07:24 AM
Once space tourism is a reality, only a few things are likely to happen....

1. Full disclosure.
2. If the aliens and government do have a deal, perhaps the aliens will then use more stealth in their activities.
3. Limited disclosure.

Personally, I think 2. is the more likely scenario to come into play....

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 07:30 AM
Well, we'll soon find out now wont we?

Although, if there truly is something going on up there and the governments of the world know about it it's not hard to believe that if an event took place in which civilians in space witnessed UFO's, the same kind (or a new kind) of intimidation would go on to supress the knowledge getting out to the masses as it has in the past on Earth.

I can almost garuntee when this space tourism starts, you'll eventually hear about eye witness accounts of UFO's. But any real evidence in the form of camera film or tape would probably be immediately confiscated or discredited by the government and the same old plausible deniability will continue.

I'm sure the one's in power will probably be keeping a close eye on what goes on up there if there is anything they wish to hide from the public.

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