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The Inner circle of Eucharist

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posted on Sep, 5 2018 @ 08:09 AM
Jvril receives message from her master to meet them at secret coordinate location in nearby space.
Her ships approaches a large perfectly spherical space station with saturn type ring around. The ships scanners identify the diameter of the station is one hundred erons across. As her ship nears a communication is received to turn her ships drive system off. No sooner that she complies the ship shudders the tell tale sign of being caught in a tractor beam.
The ship glides over the rings. There a composes of streams of energy with ripples of currents flowing through them. Their surface reminds her of a glimmering ocean to the horizon, where the sky instead is the stations dull technological surface complextion.
A creepy voices crackles over the comms.
"Welcome to the Death Blade world."
Her ship enters an a slanted aperture into a shaft and descends. The numbered levels pass by one, two, three, eventually to pass one hundred. She falls into day dream wondering why she has been led to this place by her master. There is a the feel of a bump as the ship touches down. Opening the airlock door she hits the control to extend the ramp to the floor. There an honour guard is lined up with her master Kilorah waits. A strange one he is there is always an errie green fog that shrouds his presence.
Kilorah ushers her down a long progressively widering corridor which ending is halted by a gargantuan
triangular door. There is limed onto its centre the the all seeing eye. Kilorah places his hand up releasing a flux of electricity that excites the eye to glow. A piercing sound and door crunches opens flaring sparks as three pie sections retract. The obstruction gone they stand at the precipice of a long and wide red carpeted floor.
"You will go from here alone. My masters wait for you!" exclaims Kilorah in a most ominious tone. He glides away upon the illusion of his cloud.
Jrvril follows the red carpet. The walls are simply an array of structural members where between glowing eyes peer from a darkness. At the end of the path she finds a pryamid where opon are threes figures. She in unable to see the details of their faces due to the long draping robes which smother their faces and bodies.
There is a smell of sulphur in the air and the mood is dark and ominious. The only light comes from liturgical torches burning on the walls.
The voice from the mystery figures speaks. A creepily voices that sifts through the air like the hissing of a space snake. The inflections in the voices has a strange cadence as if they are rythmically passing the speach from one to another.
"welcome to the great Hall of enlightenment Jvril. You are in the presence of the Superions!"
A tremble runs through her body frame. She cannot see their face but senses the Superions are the personification of evil. The harrowing voices of the Superions continues.
"ssss...The pawn in our game has led you here Jvril,...sssss it tells us you are ready for receiving illumination. Do you deny this?"
"I do not deny this! On the contrary the galaxy is now ready for me in the role of yours humble servant." replie Jvril.
"Then good!.sssss kneel before the Superions!"
Jvril feels her knees turn to jelly kneels before the great ones and kneels.
"sssss Receiving the lights of illumination.ssss"
Jrvril sees a red mist spills down the stairs of the pyramid and envelops her.
"sssss...The mist will imbue you with the power of our right arm. You will go forth where you master Kilorah directs you to who enforce the new system of rules. ssss.....The five races who give their alligence to the inner circle of Eucharist must be exocised. They are are a poisoned oligarchy. Do you understand?"
Jrivl speaks "Yes I do, Oh great ones the five races are in peace with eachother. There has never been a war or even a skirmish on their bordering frontieers for eons."
'ssss.. Yes and we with your help are going to change that sinister scenario....sssss"
"What do your eminences wish me to do, I will do anything!" "
"sssss...The stability and balance of power amongs which holds together the five races union is made possible by the oracle of power. Infiltrate the council of eucharist and find where they guard this oracle. The find it and destroy it!"
"I will do this but what you ask; and where should I start when i arrive on Eucharist?" asks Jvirl in a sheepish manner.
"ssss. go to the great hall of wisdom an agent will be waiting for you there!"

posted on Sep, 5 2018 @ 10:25 AM
a reply to: AthlonSavage

Paragraphs guy, paragraphs!

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