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what is outside space??

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posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 02:41 AM

Originally posted by Mr Lukas
Hello everyone, thanks for clicking on this subject, this might be a stupid question but it deserves answers! right, the universe is constantly expanding right? that means that there is a point of end where it has not yet expanded.....correct? ........ so... what exists beyond this point?? it cannot be 'nothing' because 'nothing' dosent exist if you know what i mean.... so what is there?? is it just a mess of protons/neutrons and electrons that dont have a purpose??? im quite sure no one really can answer the question, but id like some light to be shed upon it, btw im not a physicist or astronmer so i might not understand the jargon some might unleash, but please feel free to help quench my thirst for knowledge.

thanks again.
i have my own theory:

  1. there are two types of space in the universe(s): "a-space" and "b-space".
  2. a-space is where we live; it contains matter (atoms, dust, planets, stars, etc) and the area between the matter.
  3. the area between matter is dark matter.
  4. b-space is the area outside of or beyond a-space; it contains no matter, only dark matter.
  5. dark matter is in both types of space.
  6. a-space makeup (innacurate example):
    • matter: 30%
    • dark matter: 70%

  7. b-space makeup:
    • matter: 0%
    • dark matter: 100%

  8. there are no definable or material boundries between the two, only the end of the possiblity of the existance of matter.

posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 09:41 AM
I cant remember the dounut theory in the bible code, but i havent read the books in a long time, but the dounut theory really hurts my head, i guess something like this subject isnt going to be a 'one sentance answer'
i had an idea that the universe is like a rubber band that is constantly being s t r e t c h e d but its hard to comprihend 'nothing'
'nothing' cannot exist.... so what does exist!!! *pulls out hair* i need some fresh air.

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