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Problems that i find

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posted on Feb, 22 2005 @ 07:06 PM
I'm 13 and think so many of the people on here are very immature. Some many threads jkust turn into which nation is better. With people who have never been to other countries making fun of those countries. People saying stupid things that arent true. They have too muchg patriiotism for their country which is fine but dont take it to far and freak out. Or they hate another country, usually USA alot. Perticularly about that, people that dont even live in USA and never had saying things like Americans are the dumbest, most ignorant, self centered people in the world. Which isn't true because you're making a statement about 250 million people. Which accutually makes you the retarded, ignorant person. Even saying most americans are isn't true. I could easily say Russians for example are communist gulag running masscaring drunks. Three people that to me seem to be like this most are Disturbed Believer and Siberian Tiger.

Off the topic but on lots of the military threads, it gets very annoying when every day theres a new Indian or Chinese technology. Usually are just ideas or models. And there source is usually some over zealous Chinese or Indian site.

Another thing it seems every news station broadcast in the US other than BBC is propaganda news. I know this is suppose to be a conspiracy site.

Or the alien forum. Craziest most STUPID ideas in the world. Totaly crazy ideas, it seems people just post the first tjinmgs they think of. Example (exagerated) Aliens are really demons that dress up like humans, to prey on your cat food because its like crack on their planet. Obviously exagerated but you get the point. THis all come because some thing in the bible about the sky which immediately means aliens. And because they pissed more today then yesterday.

One of the worst has to be the religion forum. Not the topics but some of the relligious people on them. Speaking in weird lingo. Normal Sentence: I think that noahs ark is real because... Jesus Wannabe: My spiritual self connecting via holy straw to the gods therough my brain believes the the ark of great noah has to spiritually real for this prophecy that i foudn of the alien demon thread

well im done...for now.

A couple thraeds down: KKK wheres hoods to hide tat they're reptillians

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posted on Feb, 22 2005 @ 07:19 PM
Well, are you saying you dont like us?

It takes all kinds thats what makes the world go round. What if everyone thought the same? If everyone had the same opinions? What if everyone loved our current president? Wouldnt you think it was boring here?

Variety is the spice of life, and ATS is full of Spice.

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