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Another Kingdom is Come

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posted on Aug, 24 2018 @ 12:54 AM
WOE said the King, cautioning the Dreds. You hunger you thirst but know this! Your
Flesh is weak but your will is strong. Many a Man has Sinned a great many sins but the Pharaohs knew more than they. The Trial
has ended and Freedom will ensue those who have been condemned by their dastardly drawn out Dreams of peace in the Kingdom. Revenge is for the weak of mind and of heart so don't tread there, you won't win the War. Killing will not make a Man stronger thus only serves to weaken his Master. As a Baby born for the first time from Cells within, let God guide you towards the Wisdom inside the Human soul.

Let not the Meme's of Jackals and Criminals entrance the eyes of the good, let the Bitch be Dog food
for their enjoyment in hell. Regret not what was done but savor the Now. Atonement has come to the house of the King inside of the shattered Middle Kingdom. Be the Best, Winners, remember you're the Gifted among the Gods.

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