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Air tight defense for Trump

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posted on Aug, 24 2018 @ 02:47 PM

originally posted by: GeechQuestInfo

originally posted by: Dragoon01
a reply to: GeechQuestInfo

My Best friend is a former Federal prosecutor.
I have had extensive discussion with him.
He worked on the John Gotti case.

You realize that if you were going to go after Trump in regards to campaign finance violations that they would charge him as a co-conspirator to Michael Cohen. Funny enough, Michael Cohen has already plead guilty to federal prosecutors regarding this issue.

So, ask your best friend, why would Cohen be guilty but not Trump?

Why didn’t Cohen use the EXACT SAME DEFENSE since we’re talking about the exact same offense?

Also, if it breaks the way you presented it, and you had this extensive discussion with your best friend the federal prosecutor about Trumps defense, why would the SDNY even bring these charges knowing full well they would be beaten in court?

What you said would make sense if it played out that way, but it didn’t so it doesn’t.

I would love to hear your best friend’s, the federal prosecutor, professional opinion on the matter?

You just answered your own questions.
The reason they have not gone after Trump on the finance charges is exactly because its a weak case that will be easily defeated.
Cohen had other charges he had to plea down (which were legit charges). Everything I said about the payments to these women is accurate as far as what we know happened. It appears that today there was some announcement that the SDNY may try to bring charges against an officer of Trumps organization based off how they classified the payments to Cohen. Payments which prove that Trump did in fact reimburse Cohen for the payments to these women. Again that's not illegal. I have not had a chance to talk to my friend about that statement as it just happened so I cant really comment to much on it but I think you would basically have prosecutors trying to argue that a payment classified as "Legal fees" from the Trump group to Cohen (his lawyer) to pay for the payments to these women (which was part of an NDA a legal service) was NOT somehow actually a legal fee. At best I think that's also a weak charge. Apparently they were talking about it as a false business record.
They basically got Cohen to plead to the fake charges on Campaign finance, by holding the real charges (his taxi cab medallion BS) over him. His lawyer didn't have much room to debate those charges so he had him take the deal. Its funny however since his lawyer is long time Clinton buddy Lanny Davis. Almost like Clinton set up the original fake Russia BS in order to give the FBI the probably cause to go digging into Trumps business and legal affairs just so they could find an administrative bogus charge like this to try and get him on.

You ask how could Cohen be guilty and not Trump, well thats easy. Trump tells Cohen "pay them, make it go away". Its normal for CEO's to do that. He makes the assumption that Cohen is the lawyer so he know how to legally do the payments (he even tells him to use a check). Cohen makes the payments, and again nothing about that is illegal even though the prosecutors are saying its a violation. The former head of the FEC says its not. Trump says "I told him to make the payments, I assumed he would do that in a proper fashion since I am not a lawyer. I had no idea he would use his personal funds and that would somehow be construed as a campaign donation. We assumed that we would be paying out of our funds". Therefore Trump is not guilty of knowingly conspiring to violate campaign finance rules.

You want to know my buddy's opinion on it go here and ask him.

He goes by Concerned American.

posted on Aug, 26 2018 @ 04:59 PM

originally posted by: Maroboduus
a reply to: Grambler

You people are ridiculous. This used to be a fun website. Now it may have one of the highest concentrations of dumb people and uninformed MAGA-humpers on the entire internet.
Sometimes I cant decide if people on here are just being disingenuous and willfully twisting the truth, or if they're really this dumb....

Are you wearing a black outfit by any chance comarade

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