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Two "New" Russian Aircraft Projects

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posted on Aug, 21 2018 @ 06:48 PM
I'm going to bundle this up into one thread, because the Russians are out doing their thing again. They are claiming they have multiple aircraft under development while slowing down or cutting the SU-57 and pushing forward other, older aircraft.


The Russians have been claiming since around January 2016 they are working on a replacement for the MiG-31. There have been all sorts of wild things said about it: it will be hypersonic and stealthy. Be optionally manned. It will have lasers. etc. The project also goes by the name PAK-DP: Prospective Aviation Complex of Long-Range Interception (but in Russian). hadn't heard much about it until just recently. Tass has stated the UAC will be presenting a prototype soon and the project is anything but "mythological."

Russian VSTOL

Apparently, the commander in chief of Russia (which I presume means Putin) ordered the creation of a new VSTOL aircraft. It will apparently NOT be a continuation of the YAK-141/YAK-41. The primary purpose is for carrier aircraft: that would imply the Russians are not building a CATOBAR carrier any time soon. Beyond that, very little is known since the project just started. No word whether or not this will be a 5th gen or whatever.

There are others, but these are ones that would interest this group. Sorry, no word of a Russian fast mover. Though given the modest response from those interested in fastmovers on the Chinese thread, it might have been pointless to have posted a new Russian bird anyways.

posted on Aug, 22 2018 @ 03:46 AM
Harrieriski or F35ski?Maybe with the Mig41 they have finally nailed the 57 into a coffin..

posted on Aug, 22 2018 @ 10:36 AM
The timeframe for this seems a little ambitious given the issues with Russia’s economy. For the MIG-41 the experimental design work is due to start in the near future and delivery in the mid 2020s.

That would be a hell of a turnaround if it was either stealth, hypersonic or a laser platform - let alone all 3. It’s not even like they have existing tech to base on.

Still nice to see some new ideas to look out for

posted on Aug, 22 2018 @ 06:35 PM
a reply to: DrBobH

Pure vaporware incoming. It'll look pretty in video games and propaganda animations, but it'll never get anywhere close to IOC

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