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400 Million Year Old Hammer? Found in Texas

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posted on Aug, 19 2018 @ 09:16 PM
a reply to: dragonridr

Yup I knew that but stylized bird or not it actually flies when thrown, a replica was made and shown to work as a perfect glider.
Does not mean they flew but it does once again pose the question, why when many of these ancients were patently far more intelligence than yourself or myself if not gifted with our self righteous belief's in our own current knowledge and indeed in some cases far intelligent did they then not learn to fly, invent electric light and steam engines in the past.

OR despite the intransigence of the established archaeological community could the Dendera hieroglyph actually indeed depict a light bulb.

Given what heron of Alexandria achieved and the discovery of the Antikythera mechanism, the Bagdad battery and the possibility that a lot of ancient object's were actually electroplated - almost certain in the case of the chromium plated blades of the terracotta warrior's though they may also have used a chemical technique -

- is it so inconceivable to yourself that just maybe you are totally wrong and those ancient but very modern people were indeed not just a bunch of backward moron's as mainstream history seem's to try to depict them most of the time.

Of course there has always been a long history of people whom want to rewrite the past to fit there own agenda.

Remember Heron, did he really invent all of those contraptions or was he inspired by something he read or was told about by scholars - even after the loss of the library a great many scholars had saved a great amount of the ancient knowledge but it was of course then hidden for fear it would be lost as well as the fact that even century's after it's loss a great amount of it's knowledge would have still been present among the scholars that still called the city there home even right up to the time of Heron.

Of course it was not alone.

Similarly when the Muslim's swept through Asia they destroyed entire university's and turned cultured places such as the Hindu kush into tribal ruinous hinterland's taking what they wanted but destroying the rest, these invading conquerors even tried to stamp out the Hindus and there knowledge at first as well with the loss of a great many library's whose provenance and knowledge we shall now never know.

Of course sometime's this worked to spark a new beginning, the conquest of Constantinople for example actually released a great many works which had been locked away by scholars and monk's within the city and the knowledge then filtered eventually back to Europe were it played a great role in the renaissance, many great work's currently attributed to Islamic scholars are also suspected of actually having been at least inspired by this release of knowledge in the form of looted text's.

The fact is you whom claim to KNOW history actually do not, you were not there and neither was I, the fact is that you are working with what you have been TOLD is correct by people whom mostly were themselves TOLD that it was correct but based solely on what was interpreted from fragment's of the past put together by modern scholars like a badly fitting jigsaw of often disparate pieces that seldom fit together perfectly.

Were there is written history it is often not so hard but often that history is written even century's after the fact by ancient scholars.

But as long as there is debate there is life in the old concept of reason.
I mean look how people just like you were burning men for saying the world was round, barring people from practicing medicine because they dared to argue the ancient Greek's were often completely wrong.
And they WERE people just like YOU, well educated, in tune with the established beliefs of there day which they took to be unshakable fact.

So I urge you to QUESTION for yourself, those ancient people were in no way less intelligent than you, they were your own ancestors and mine.

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posted on Aug, 19 2018 @ 09:57 PM
It reminds me of a spike maul; a hammer used to spike railroad tracks to ties.

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