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Accidental Tater Tots

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posted on Aug, 11 2018 @ 11:01 PM
Give me a week, and they'll follow me like a cult. I'm charismatic like that.

I'll be able to command then against all my enemies, mooing and stomping my enemies to death.

posted on Aug, 11 2018 @ 11:04 PM
Always a pleasure reading your posts

Just finished cooking some rib eye for a Sunday brunch

Bought this yesterday at Aldi for Au $20 kg.

Seared for 3 minutes a side, and finished with a herb butter made from fresh Oregano from own garden and a bit of thyme and garlic.

Melt in the mouth steak. Impressed with Aldi quality.

Looks like a nice recipe Flyingclaydisk - off to the shops again later today for some more ingredients

You inspire us!!!

posted on Aug, 11 2018 @ 11:06 PM
Wonderful story. At least you had a happy ending and didn't end up like this:

posted on Aug, 11 2018 @ 11:18 PM
OH! The humanity!
*bites fisted knuckles dramatically*
Those poor tragic tater tots!

posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 03:43 AM

originally posted by: TheConstruKctionofLight
Impressed with Aldi quality.

For decades people said: Aldi is for the poor people, i don´t buy there. And if you went to an Aldi(as in reality everybody did and does), you could see the parked Mercedes or BMW of your dent on the Aldi parking lot and your dent while buying Aldi stuff, inside the store. I bet some people in Germany only got rich because they bought food their whole life from Aldi. xD

Now Aldi and Lidl have stuff that is from better quality and price than goods from those hip bio-supermarkets, where you pay some Euros more, only because of the Bio label. Bio might be better for the animals we eat(allegedly), for their short and sad life. But every test i read said that bio food is not better, doesn´t contain more viatmins or less "Monsanto" and other chemical dirt. Now i can even buy tuna steaks and ostrich burgers in a Lidl, very good wine and lots of other very good stuff at Aldi.

You often can see tests on TV and we have the Stiftung Warentest, we germans like to test everything. Last test i remember was about a piece of meat for 20 Euro from Aldi and the same part of meat(same weight) from a butcher, for 40 Euros. The testing cooks and peoples chose the Aldi meat after testing blindly, without knowing before which one was from Aldi and which one was the expensive meat from the butcher.

And there was something with an Aldi wine, that won an international price, before all the other expensive wines from expensive wine stores and wine dealers.

posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 05:28 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

We don't have any of them around here. They have them back east though (I think). I've heard of them though.

posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 05:31 AM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

Looks like a fine hunk of beef! You'll enjoy, I'm sure!

Did you make a 'duxelle' to go with it by chance? Oh man, is that stuff GOOOOOOOOOOOD!! (especially with beef!)

posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 07:34 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk
Pour sourdough batter over the top after mix has baked a while and bake some more till it is brown on top.

posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 07:39 AM
a reply to: butcherguy

And I'll bet that would be pretty darn good too!!

The thought of somehow working sourdough into this had crossed my mind (see above).

posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 07:53 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Thanks for the advice

posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 07:56 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk


never heard of it. now that I googled inspire me. That will be my next venture....I can just taste the flavours

posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 08:00 AM
a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

The stuff is wicked good!!

And if you really want to go all out, smear that stuff over a beef loin and wrap it in pastry dough brushed with butter!

Beef Wellington!

OH MAN!! A fella could actually hurt himself eatin' that!

posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 07:07 PM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

Beef Wellington! OH MAN!! A fella could actually hurt himself eatin' that!


I cant wait till next weekend to spend the time experimenting again

posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 07:37 PM

originally posted by: Flyingclaydisk
It was a comedy of errors; who could have ever imagined?

I was going to cook some perfectly good tater tots in a hot pan with some oil. I was excited. They were gonna be delicious!

But i stumbled and fell, and as I fell I knocked some spicy breakfast sausage into the pan along with an onion instead. Okay, I'll make the best of it, so I cut the onion up. As I turned around the dog tripped me and I lost my grip on a whole plate of cheddar cheese and pepper jack cheese. I thought...okay, this might be alright so I went to the fridge and grabbed a few eggs, thinking I'd make some scrambled eggs too. But I slid on the slippery floor and the eggs broke in the baking dish with the sausage, onion, cheese and tater tots. it was a disaster!

There was only one thing left on the counter and this was a red bell pepper, so I cautiously cut that up and dumped it into my disaster plate

I was bruised and disoriented (at least ego wise anyway). Screw it, I just shoved the whole thing in the oven to see what wold come out.

Wow...tater tots, eggs, cheese, sausage, onions and bell peppers actually come out pretty good in the oven...even if it IS a tragedy!

Reminds me of the first time I made a pizza, it looked like Mt. Fuji.

posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 07:48 PM
Only thing I would have accidentally added would be slices of bacon, some type of chile like jalapeno, and of course a couple garlic cloves.

posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 09:15 PM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

Stick with heating up tater tots in the oven. That's the way they are supposed to be eaten according to various chefs I know. The only (restaurant) that (heats them up in oil) I know that does that, is Braum's and its the only thing that I don't like on their menu.

More than once I have been asked by their employees at their various stores if I didn't like them. I told them I do, just not the way they heat them up in oil --response has typically been yeah, we hear that a lot.

p.s. to Braum's there is something called a microwave oven that can solve your heating up problem--lol

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