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Cross talk : T D S

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posted on Aug, 9 2018 @ 10:43 AM
I was just watching this video and must admit, it was some of the best entertainment I have seen in a long time.
You may not entirely agree with the content but it deserves your time.

Cross Talk

If you can't watch , at least drop the screen and listen to it. You may get some good laughs as I did., and it lightened my day already.

posted on Aug, 9 2018 @ 12:57 PM
a reply to: tinymind

I gotta say RT has more enjoyable shows than all of the big news channels.

They have done their homework and carved out a niche. That must drive the MSM batty.

And yes, I know the source of RT.

posted on Aug, 9 2018 @ 03:43 PM
a reply to: pavil

Yea, I watch them sometimes just for a different angle.

But, mostly I watch OAN News for content.

Wish I knew how the link got stuck at the finish of the clip. Or is it the same for everyone ?

If it is, I ask for you to hit the "repeat" arrow at the bottom.
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posted on Aug, 9 2018 @ 04:18 PM
a reply to: tinymind

I know this should not be done; but what the heck.

Gender Class for foreigners

I do love a good laugh. Even at someones expense.

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