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Ozark Fae Folk / Little People Encounters & Sightings

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posted on Aug, 8 2018 @ 07:52 PM
Hello everyone. I am looking for people that have personally had encounters or sightings of Fae Folk / Little People specifically in the Ozarks. Have you had an encounter? If so please tell me about it. Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and surrounding states. You can message me on here or respond to this thread. We may feature your story in an upcoming documentary. If you would rather talk in private about this tell me and I will give you my email address. We are also looking for advisers in this, we are looking to learn all we can about interacting with this phenomenon and are looking for help learning how to protect ourselves and interact with that world in a safe way without interfering with it.

I'm just looking for ways to connect with those people.

We wouldn't use someones story without full written consent and we wouldn't ever try to push someone to participate if they do not want to or try to contact someone outside the forum without consent from that person. Every story helps in our journy to seeking this out!

I look forward in participating in this forum as I have had a love for the "paranormal" going back to my early childhood!


posted on Aug, 8 2018 @ 08:51 PM
Yeah. I dropped some window pane acid one time. I was told I also had a conversation with the Dali Lama going while I was tripping.

posted on Aug, 8 2018 @ 09:31 PM
I grew up in Kansas- southwestern Kansas. Never once did I hear anything about this phenomenon there. Are there reports of that sort in Kansas?

posted on Aug, 8 2018 @ 10:04 PM
a reply to: KansasGirl

I don't think there's a region on Earth that doesn't have legends/myths of the Little People. Though some areas have more than others, of course.

a reply to: Snowblinded

I don't know anyone personally. But most the Native American tribal cultural organizations would have someone you could talk to. From there, it'd probably be fairly easy to hook up with other folks knowledgeable in what you want to learn.

Amazon has a plethora of books on the subject, many of which you can get on Kindle, if that's something you'd be up for. Of course, there's your local libraries, too. Most colleges will have entire section devoted to such things.

Good luck with your hunt!

posted on Aug, 8 2018 @ 10:34 PM
i wish you luck.
it would be purely an accident to see them, the wee folk dont like to be seen.

posted on Aug, 8 2018 @ 10:56 PM
a reply to: KansasGirl

Sorry, I meant to link this before.

Try this, this might give you a place to start...

Kansa legends.

posted on Aug, 8 2018 @ 11:01 PM
a reply to: Snowblinded

The Ozark range is a go to place of mine. I try to not take in legends about a place I frequent. I have been on the Oklahoma and Arkansas side. I will say that one time my “Dakota fire” was put out by some being while I was sleeping but that is it.

Good luck on your findings!

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posted on Aug, 8 2018 @ 11:15 PM
a reply to: Snowblinded

Welcome to the site!

Can't say I'm familiar with these. Do you know when the original incidences of these Fae Folk/Little People came about?

Nice thread about the tunnels:
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posted on Aug, 8 2018 @ 11:17 PM
a reply to: Allaroundyou

There's a thread around here where you could, should you be so inclined, relate that tale...

**hint, hint**

posted on Aug, 8 2018 @ 11:21 PM
"Fae" is a bit vague..

But, I have had an experience in Colorado, if interested.

It could have been a hypnogogic experience, but I like to think I've had enough intentional and unintentional experience there to make a determination. They can be tricky though.

posted on Aug, 9 2018 @ 01:46 AM
I was at a friend of a friends house here in the Ozarks (Arkansas) and everyone was sitting on the front porch one night when the homeowners (a lovely sweet couple) decided to play guitar and serenade the wilderness.

I could have sworn I saw several small animals and magical creatures scurrying underneath their porch swing attracted by the music. It was unusual, because one moment they looked like the aforementioned furry creatures and the next, just leaves blowing in the wind.

Their music and song was so beautifully enchanting it would not surprise me one iota if they attracted kindred spirits.

I know it's not much, but that's what I got.

posted on Aug, 9 2018 @ 07:54 AM
My ex wife used to swear she saw a little green man when she was around 12 years old (I think) in Missouri, but not the ozarks.
My uncle lives in the ozarks, and he swears that there are German speaking monkeys in the trees at his farm that cause all sorts of problems. He only swears about it when he has drank around 12 Milwaukees Best Beer's.

posted on Aug, 9 2018 @ 10:35 AM
So you wanna look into other dimensions...

These things are usually seen out of the corner of our eye.

posted on Aug, 9 2018 @ 03:06 PM
This is an interesting subject. I'm sorry that I don't have anything to add to your research. I grew up in the area and spent a lot of time in the Ozarks (Missouri and Arkansas) but never saw any little folk. As a child, I did think it was odd how many statues of Gnomes there were in the Branson area though. They always freaked me out a little.

Good luck and let us know the name of your documentary, I'd love to watch it!

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