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A Legitimate Science of Consciousness

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posted on Aug, 7 2018 @ 10:08 PM
6 And God said: 'Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.'

As Above, So Below; Higher Waters and Lower Waters

With the work of the quirky and innovative biophysicist Gerald Pollack on cell function ("Cells, Gels, and the Engines of Life") and on structured water ("The Fourth Phase of Water"), the biblical notion of there being 'two waters' demarcating the heavens from the earth, and its obvious metaphorical interpretation as 'mind and body', takes on a meaning far beyond metaphor.

There is a mind, and there is a body, but they are an inside/outside sort of deal: the outside is made of little tiny objects, as Democritus intuited, which under certain auspicious conditions, organize themselves into remarkably complex geometrodynamical 'sets'.

So lets take the 'lower waters' to mean the way water organizes and mediates an immediate matrix connectivity - and thus, a communication system between all the cells which make up the organism. Water is easily the most plentiful molecule in the cell - 10,000 times more of them exist relative to other molecules. Nevertheless, the cell is so packed full of molecules that water is no more than 10 molecules away from any macromolecule, such as proteins. Proteins in turn are a very special class of macromolecule which possess a negative charge, and thus, attract water to donate an electron to the protein. This process leads to a phase transition in the entire gel matrix - because the cell is certainly not someting that falls apart if its demembranated: it holds right in place and continues its processes. Indeed, up to between 50 and 70 % of a cells membranes molecules are proteins, not phospholipids, which means that the cell is more properly understood as a 'matrix' organized by proteins (which are in turn genetically encoded by DNA) which 'orders' water according to the local and global conditions that affect those parameters which effect the entire process of self-regeneration. This organization separates charges, bringing in potassium and excluding sodium - a process exactly akin to the way the land excludes sodium - and hence the salty oceans.

The lower waters are homeostatic, yet the entirety of human biology - from muscle biology to neuroscience - is covered by this term "lower waters".

The science of consciousness will no doubt entail a very profound analysis of how 'the lower waters' i.e. the evolution of the body, has progressed. The beginnings of course are purely 'physico-chemical', and so we analyze its various dynamics to see what they show. But bit by bit, we will eventually and gradually enter a more clearly 'semiotic' terrain, 'the higher waters', which constitute not merely the ideas we have, but also the action-patterns organized by a functional dynamic. The internal impression of this dynamic is our feeling states, which, when you think about all the potential states we could have, reminds me of the ocean currents that 'pull' any animals that seek to hitch a quicker ride to wherever they want to go.

Feeling dynamics 'host' awareness, and so the higher waters interface with the lower waters through the feeling dynamics which simultaneously unite and divide the one from the other. In any case, keeping in mind that feelings 'nucleate' perceptions and cognitions, we can see something occurring in our minds that is not very much different - dynamically speaking - from how proteins nucleate water.

So we can conceptualize the 'higher waters' as our emergent mind which is structured by the bottom-up influence of the 'lower waters' - or the homeostasis dynamics - molecular cycles - and the way those cycles are 'linked' with feeling dynamics - here, very much like the bibical idea of the 'raqia', or a 'firmament':

וַיֹּאמֶר אֱלֹהִים, יְהִי רָקִיעַ בְּתוֹךְ הַמָּיִם, וִיהִי מַבְדִּיל, בֵּין מַיִם לָמָיִם.

Isn't that sort of true? Don't our feelings states encompass the logical possibilities of our awareness and thinking? Can I think nice thoughts when I'm feeling angry? It is a 'world', a container, a limit - a range, on thinking. Coherent thought is all about controlling the flow of feeling, which may be conceptualized as the 'higher waters', paradoxically enough, coming to learn the way and manner that its feelings are constructed.

Since feelings 'link' both waters, health and wellbeing ultimately derives from a coherent understanding - a biosemiotic 'representatum' of self-functioning - in the higher waters, that confer whatever coherency possibilities to the lower waters.

Group Theory

Group theory is, when you really think about, an abstract mathematical representation of any potential system - the universe as whole, or an organism.

If we can find the one parameter that underlies the organization of the self, then we have found the highest level symmetry of the human semiotic system, and therefore, we have a mathematical representation of what could be called "God".

Now, since things seem to be deeply related, why not go up a step higher? The Human is imagined to be the Earthly, or finite, representation of the universe-as-a-whole. The universe has a size, and most probably, a higher level structure. Should we expect any dynamical continuity between it and us? Or should we start at a smaller place, like the Earth?

It's long been thought that humans can control the weather. Shamans apparently can do this - whether native american, Indonesian, Siberian aborigine, or an ancient Thracian, its a pretty common assumption humans take towards nature: they are able to control it.

A potential explanation may bave to do with the higher waters/lower waters relationship, with the cloud systems being akin to feelings, and indeed, just like proteins nucleate water, Pollack believes that floating pollen nucleates the formation of clouds - behavior that is essentially the same, in its dynamical elements, as what goes on in a cell.

Thus, a mind identified with the universe as a whole would in someway come to embody the 'intelligence' of the Earth system, 'driving' its emotions (clouds) through the directed manipulation of its higher waters on its lower waters - its own body. Thus, even here, mind-body remain an inner-outer continuum, with synchrony linking thinks at the electromagnetic level in that level of reality our machines can measure, and the mind - the higher waters - driving the process by understanding the 'RaQiA" - its emotions, its feelings, its world.

posted on Aug, 7 2018 @ 10:22 PM
Fascinating babe!

But that negates creation completely.......gotta think spirit
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posted on Aug, 7 2018 @ 10:39 PM
a reply to: Astrocyte

That's science?

posted on Aug, 8 2018 @ 12:05 AM
Dividing water from water is an atomic chain reaction of nuclear proportions... of course what "water" could have meant? Who knows as codices are horrible for telling the direct or pointed truth. Veiled or hidden truth is lies as it is not known to everyone.

Meaning that concept of God was limited in knowledge like someone giving a child a weapon and saying now go outside and play. Dear! Oh honey don't worry they'll figure it out...

Knowledge comes from direct and indirect experience; truth cannot come from anywhere you are not; unless the concept of trust is involved.

It is said demons etc do not have clear seeing or basically the ignorance of not knowing; so when picking something up and saying what is this? If already known a trust exercise if not then blind faith in the one that will tell you without deception.

Never handle anyones gun(s) and or knives; if not cleaned all they have to do is glove up and boom then plant it around your area next thing you know swarmed and hey your prints are on it and they said you where at their house a few days before it went missing.

Take heed of that since so many wanted have have bought a bunch of stupid weapons scared of their own shadow of past that comes due when it comes due.

Of course that sort of plot leads straight into a hell not for you though; for the plotter so why stress why worry why allow their make believe create your reality?

Think of all the conceived or thought of universes people have made or designed or agreed upon and well they say birth happens at conception... so as far as that goes it exists; does that mean they take care of it once they made it or agree to it existing or run around scared of the monster they created hiding under their bed or in their closets life after life even from child all the way through adult hood?

When they say fantasy or make believe cannot hurt you? Then why is it always used as an excuse or an escape... those eating it up mean money and jobs and those that don't care about them eating it up are the ones capitalizing on it meaning they have no need nor want for money nor a job and do what they like.

This is of course the two extremes of consumption and capitalizing on what is consumed.

Desire of the eye oh look how pretty! Um who are you saying that too? You have already judged it as such but are looking for an excuse in reality someone to agree yes indeed pretty so you have a partner in that crime of judgment.

People have that so called inner voice or have made friends with the devil as it were but not thinking or knowing thats is who it is... weighing things out in cause and effect means you're both and trade places the old yin and yang or round and round angel on one shoulder devil on the other you know that sort of thing.

Of course these are previous concepts already known to compliment what you are saying by bringing the idea that there is some creator... out of nothing does come something; how long that nothing lasts however? Depends on the ol thought train; thought train ends... they keep going... journey and destination all colliding simultaneously as a chain reaction.

Eye cannot know pretty without a previous prompt to what that is to a once grasped self that thinks it knew; then projected on that whatever as that instead of what they knew it as. Each time that occurs pretty ceases to be special as then pretty is all over the place... back at home everything arguing while you are away I'm pretty no I am and on and on and like risky business those material children have all their # together and feigning static or a firmament in your presence.

The nothing is one of the all pervasive spaces that surround the all; however it is binding and unbinding at various rates all in atomic decay and destruction into and out of those places or spaces of empty of various sizes... like your books are full of wormholes and so is space... that nice book smell is worm poop yum. But you cannot see those worm holes... oh no but when you are describing a book to a friend it surely opens up as the worm is like thanks for feeding me a book.

So yeah over time of just sitting; one becomes what one becomes one in ignorance or blindness typically does not know; however they think it is a self and in all of that shifting around and changing places and molecules? Why not... that is actually just the way it is.

Trying to build a world conceptual bubble like we have over and over again is a conspiracy in and of itself.

The thing in itself or it is what it is; is Pandora's or Jack's box... opening the latch or turning the crank hinges on you.

When unknown becomes known but cannot be explained? It is relative... when it becomes known where it was unknown and then explained is when truth is stranger than fiction stranger meaning not a known relative; ignoring that spooky action at a distance means focus or else one gets crowded in lost no difference between self and other; like five blind puppies in womb absorbing innate puppy knowledge as if they were the parent. Not knowing they are not the parent how long does those months and then few weeks of weak and groping around Plato's cave blind where that water bowl went seem to pass to puppies? Incalculable, but that sweet smell of milk is way more enticing than whatever they were drinking not knowing they were not "momma".

Take care

posted on Aug, 8 2018 @ 03:27 AM
6 And God said: 'Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.'

As Above, So Below; Higher Waters and Lower Waters

Is a wave separate from the water? The wave may appear to be separate and the wave may be fearful of it's demise because it has witnessed another waves disappearance. However, when the wave actually ceases to be.......... it finds that it was always water.
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posted on Aug, 8 2018 @ 05:52 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte

There is no legitimate science of conciousness ... except for maybe psychology.. which is a questionable science without much that lends doesn’t lend itself to repeatable experimentation...

Science doesn’t recognize counciousness or freewill as a specific thing that is measurable...

Those are philosophy terms, not scientific ones.

posted on Aug, 8 2018 @ 12:26 PM
a reply to: JoshuaCox

The term Dhamma a lot of times gets called "law" when it is better translated as "phenomena" that is continually rising and passing... attached or not attached?

It is still "a continuum". Whatever that "it" is that seems to elude someones grasp is simply "it" How to win at such a game of tag? Say tag you are "it" to someone then just sit there the "it" game will come back to you. Same as giving someone a smile first thing in the morning it is said to travel back around the entire world by days end and land back on your face.

Makes it a sort of guage of how large or small your world is; if the person tries to tag you back? That was Mara, the Devil or Death right there beside you... waiting for a moment to strike, to take your place as a doppleganger... thinking they have learned and studied or know enough to be you. Since they were seen or become known? The jig was up... how are they going to build that house of game on you of delusion again without you knowing?

Anyways there is another game to reveal such called the lustral water ceremony... Buddhists basically throwing holy water on people to start a water fight that is supposed to be fun; typically that ends with the trope of a woman or man throwing a drink spontaneously in contempt for the "devil", "mara" or deaths face... basically the one that has been plotting against them and that energy or spirit is exercised and forced to take rebirth. Meaning the world is free of yet another demon...

Mind you they may start out with the intention of being fun; however what or when that revelation happens or ends or resurfaces? Who knows who knows.

Not really asking as it is like children playing; does it get annoying? YES. Can you maintain strength to not fall or will you like an Atlas also shrug? And run back in your hole called the void...

Sort of like humanity constantly saying how big and special that one electron spark in the sky is oh youre the sun youre so special... we even smile at you when looking or else get blinded by you forcing us a smile.

Sort of like picture face; is the scene filling your mouth to be worth a thousand words? Maybe maybe not; but close your damned mouth when using a camera, it looks silly hanging all open like back up face when reversing a car.

When the entire all of everything known and unknown is playing a game of have at you? Hey why not wait for the one being actually named "it" to show up and introduce themselves.

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