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In search of Hack-Gate Scandal Resolution 44 yrs after Richard NIxon Resignation

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posted on Aug, 6 2018 @ 08:39 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the LIght,
Dear Readers,

This week the Hack-Gate scandal investigation will reach and possibly overcome the total time Watergate lasted before to see emerging the Historic decision of the resignation of the President of the United States to try to put end the crisis triggered with it.

This August 8th at evening we all what witnessed the facts of 44 years ago are going to remember the so tense situation for the country on that time and all the considerations that were carefully weighted by President Richard Nixon when he took such a transcendental decision of to resign the office he was elected on 1972 saving to the nation the bad consequences of a very negative impeachment process.

No doubt Nixon fine talent for the negotiation allowed him to conceive a really smart political move to prevent a catastrophic end of his long political life by carefully choosing conditions to step down that at the same time satisfied his contradictors and preserved the most that it was possible his important legacy to the future.

Please check:
Richard Nixon Resignation speech adressing the Nation.

Under a certain Impeachment and removal from office this man knew what was his only possible way to depart with dignity and also maintain an aura of respect even among his enemies, after all He was in different aspects a genius that was able to establish crucial steps to create a new era of stability to the Nation and the world, succeeding in areas where others before him dramatically failed:

- Stabilizing the Nation internally across an era of huge social turmoil created by the combat against organized crime, reactions of the civil rights and antiwar Agendas, preventing to reach the point of civil war or institutional collapse.

- Maintaining the leadership of America in the Space Race but also offering cooperation with rivals opened the path toward a global communications and cyber-information business era and the international exploration of the cosmos that today exist.

- Enhancing the federal support to States, local governments and Investigation agencies to combat the organized crime in all forms.

- The creation of the National Environmental Protection Agency, an effort to balance economic growing and need to preserve natural resources.

- His support to Clean Air act is responsible that today we have work spaces free of smocking dangerous pollution.

- Equating the public funding for promoting participation of women in sports competitions.

- Education Reform creating a National Institute for Education to lead the improvement of the public education system in order to break the monopoly of the private education establishment.

- His negotiation with red China and the USSR on the conditions Vietnam War could be ended without altering balance of power in far east.

- The opening of China to the western world giving to the USA a privileged position to develop an economic partnership with them,

- His involvement in the negotiations between Egyptians and Israel looking for peace in middle east,

- The need to find a path toward a new deal based on mutual respect with the Soviets that can create a long last international peace.

- HIs influence on to promote moderation toward interaction with market economy also over USSR.

- Reduction of the Giant public expense on defense by the negotiation of new agreements of reduction of Nuclear Arsenals with the Warsaw Pact countries.

- Change on the international policy from direct costly intervention on regional conflicts toward support to other nations efforts to resolve their own internal issues.

Please check:
Richard Nixon Impact and Legacy

1970 Education Reform promoted by Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon Program to combat Organized Crime in America

Nixon Administration effort to open Space exploration cooperation era.

5 Crucial contributions in Richard Nixon Legacy

A Note on Richard Nixon legacy

Today we are facing a situation in America that in many aspects resemble Watergate, dealing with the uncertainty of how the current administration may progress in the middle of a political crisis that look to have no end, at least in near future.

There are so many parallelisms with what happened in 1970s, including accusations of a supposedly collusion between who was in power and external influences to win the election of 1968. Richard Nixon was in several occasions accused to have boycotted all possible attempts of the Lyndon Johnson administration to negotiate a cease of fire with North Vietnam and advance in talks to try to explore a peaceful resolution of such a conflict.

PLease check:
Notes indicate Nixon interferred with Peace talks on Vietnam in 1968

A supposed Nixon Treachery on Vietnam War Crisis 1968

Nixon as a candidate apparently conspired with external power to win 1968 election

If Richard Nixon would be still alive it is not difficult to guess what could be his advising to the two parts that are confronted right now in this huge predicament of the Hack-Gate Scandal:

By sure he would suggest to both to negotiate the terms of a mutually beneficial end of the crisis before its momentum may damage all what has been done by both sides along many years to construct the future for all, since he was leader able to balance the difficulty to take painful but necessary decisions looking for the best interest of the nation and the world.

His great lesson to his opponents and successors was precisely to make them learn that by ceding intelligently immediate assets it is possible to gain much more in the long run.

The Nation still keep in its collective the memory of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter crying bitterly their defeat in their failed corresponding tries for reelection but we don't have any remembrance of to have seen a Nixon in the same so embarrassing situation, although he faced by far a much worst ending of office. The true is that He had enough grounded mind, serenity, calm and intelligence to take the initiative to decide the terms on which it was going to be modeled his post Presidency era.

The Thread is open to the discussion of how important is right now to try to preserve channels of effective communication in between the parts in the resolution of the so complex issue created by the irregularities occurred in the 2016 election maintaining a sense of dignity and respect for all and saving the reputation of the political institutions.


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Aug, 19 2018 @ 12:24 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,
Dear Readers,

Today we are seeing, and this does not come from any of the so called fake news, according with the standards of credibility created by this administration, but from the very tweeter of the President, that he is attacking in a terrible way the investigation that supposedly might clear him about a so complicate issue on the 2016 election.

Please check:
Trump attacking the media as well as Mueller comparing him with Senator J. McCarthy during the Communists witches hunting.

With all respect, I think He is assuming a really wrong attitude, First at all he must be more cautious of the use of the twitter to emit statements he may later repent so much, second, he is also burning his only chance to be able either to move on from this so difficult scandal or to negotiate in relatively soft terms the ending of his office.

By attacking in this terrible way the special prosecutor Mueller he is closing at all any opportunity of sensate dialog with the accusing part, this is not going to help him at all to overcome successfully the investigation against him or his campaign, instead of that it projects the image of obstruction that he disparately need to vanish from the map.

I am not sure if his use of the twitter is really approved by the principal of his legal staff, Mr Rudolph Giuliani, it seems that is not the case since by messing the relationship with Mueller he is adding fuel to the already hot fire in all this business.

The only thing Mr Trump can do now that may save his neck is to remain respectful of the legal instances and to try to don't interfere with the investigation at all, his statements are clearly trying to insert politics in something that is really a legal investigation operation supported in The constitutional framework of the country.

I think it is so unfortunate his comparison between Senator McCarthy and Mr. Mueller, since even the first one was a famous figure of the Republican party and the last that the President needs now is to start to lose also support in his own party, Honestly that does Not look to be a really smart strategy at all.

As I was previewing by the time this thread was opened it is clear right now that this August of 2018 we are seeing a situation that is extremely sad, worrying and pathetic, this is becoming gradually like to witness the slow sinking of a Transatlantic during its inaugural trip in the middle of the ocean and the Capitan instead to arrange an effective evacuation operation to assure the maximum number of survivors is blaming almost everybody aboard of the tragedy in advance and uselessly looking the way to clean his responsibility.

The President must be right now trying to rule the country fairly and efficiently, using every hour of his office at most to take good decisions, push brilliant ideas to solve national problems while he still have that authority on his hands, there are a lot of very interesting positive propositions to work on, showing his ability for the office by proposing great initiatives instead to be fighting a battle that it is clear he will not win.

His only chance to pass at least minimally satisfactorily the judgement of History is to have a Legacy to be remembered of, something that put his positive mark on History, if he does Not understand that point he will cry bitterly later to have let pass the opportunity for it.

Richard Nixon was several times more cautious of the use of the word in public, he weighted carefully his statements during the investigation of Watergate. It is true that He was in the long run forced to resign but he did it in his own terms, he was not caught crying in disgrace and he later got a Presidential Pardon that repaired a lot his legal situation, moreover his legacy survived him decades. I am afraid that All that is what Mr Trump is risking to lose with this so impulsive way to face the investigation of the Hack-gate.

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Aug, 27 2018 @ 09:01 AM
The peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear Readers,

The past week seemed to be really tought, possibly devastating, for the legal case of President Donald Trump concerning the irregularities of 2016 campaign to the white house, with the indiction of two of his closest collaborators Cohen and Manafort.

However, for first time in all the duration of this so painful process Special prosecutor Muller has focused his attention Not in the presumptive collusion of the campaign with a hacking scheme that supposedly was promoted from abroad but on financial issues of the management of the campaign.

This change of interest from the investigators is really helping the President to strength his cases that he is being victim of, in his own words 'witches hunting', promoted Not really to make justice or clean politics but to solely damage his credibility and try to remove him from power at any cost.

I think it is extremely grave what we are seeing in America, is a kind of situation that easily may derive in a huge division of a nation that is already polarized even since before that election took place.

At the end of the story it may occur that effectively it become proven that there was a massive hacking of the election, but the question here is if that scheme was the only one running at that time??.

Please check:
D.Trump: The most expensive Witch Hunting of History

It is pretty clear from the finances of the Clinton Campaign that she was by far the favorite Candidate of almost all the corporations, She was the favorite among all the global business that knew they were going to be affected by a possibly return to protectionism, as actually is occurring during the Trump administration.

It is also possible that there were financial issues, but how can not be such a situation when all the large flow of Capitals into the election was going only into one of the campaigns, when all the Chinese and Indian industrial complex supporting the Walmart retail economic empire were decided to impose a candidate that was primarily promising that their interests were going to prevail over the best ones of the American people.

It is highly probable that the public opinion may see this political impeachment process as a double moral one, created to accuse the part that was lacking resources, the part that had popular support but not money of to have done what ever they could to compete with against the campaign of the rich tycoons that was willing literally to buy the white House by means of bypassing all the legal limits of campaign waste.

2016 election may look for some people as one of the most dirty ones in History but for the common American in general seemed to be the battle between Robin Hood and Prince John without land, a battle between all the ones that lost jobs and their entire way of living under the pressure of an economy arranged to concentrate the wellness in every time fewer and fewer hands and toward the Asian Tigers.

What began beginning as an investigation against irregularities on a very controversial election may end as something that can go out of control even for the people that were pushing this hunting, it is better to think twice before to underestimate the reaction of the millions of voters of middle and worker classes that supported the arrival of Trump to power.

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness

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