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Universal Exchange Wallet App for Crypto/Fiat Transactions

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posted on Aug, 5 2018 @ 05:53 AM
I'm a relatively new member of ATS for about a year now but have posted some forum topics and mainly involved commenter.

Hopefully the Editors of this site can find it in their hearts to forgive me for lack of etiquette or following the exact ATS rules of writing conduct.

I'm still here so that's good, once upon a time I got kicked but then again I'm not thorough enough, never could follow text book rules too well in college or school in general. I do appreciate this site and members for excellent prose and respectable writing natures for the most part I think people tend to not play the special olympics if their just going to get a special trophy anyway, that's nice.

I'm wouldn't say I'm some wizard of intellect or disciplinary sort of humanus wrecktum. I'm merely a human in utilitarian guise that is supposed to be able to do what others do but I seem to be off and expressive in another dimentia closed circuit with no outlets but a keyboard sometimes.
I struggle deeply with the natural orders of linear sound thinking and analysis. I'm not ashamed either to present new ideas all the time because I'm a muse of sorts and overall creative guy.

I had been pushing around this idea last year so much then realized how futile it was after awhile.

I was initially thinking of how to solve security issues for crypto coin currency holders and trackable secure transactions where everybody has safe holding in whatever crypto-coin.

I thought you know what would be cool is a Universal Exchange Wallet App that features a cross over Exchange Table Ability to any currency of fiat to major banks and from major banks to crypto coin of choice.

This Universal Exchange Wallet App automatically depends on GPS to translate where someone is in the world to fiat they would need to exchange crypto coin for or not. This App is autonomous AI system and figures this from satellite help alongside cell towers what not.

So with UEW APP you could have a enabled cell phone that alerts you for thumb or index scan/print every time you ring out at a retail/ cashier line so you can take your goods after a one touch alert for payment validation process.

Before I was thinking of a self powered card about double the thickness of credit/debit card that kept charging with vibration/ Photovoltaic double sided film to always be Bluetooth capable autonomously linking personal social security/identification/bank account information with retailer/ atm for cash and checkout.

I was thinking why not be able to do banking anywhere with maximum versatility in the one thing everyone uses all the time anyways.
Cell Phones but with Thumb/ Index Scan/Print Enabled for accessing better security measures with money mapping and recording simple bio stats like Blood Pressure/ Steps / Temperature Average Daily/Weekly.

Everyone has a Biosignature that goes around thumb/index anyway and you can still have the charge ability with PV film and vibration supplemental charging technology.

These could be some awesome perks to having a phone to access holographic internet too possibly like a hydrogen with 3D non visual aid technology.

The new super secure cell phones of our future may have biosignature so it knows your you without having to freak over thumb/index scan/print.

The cool thing I thought about with AI is it's not that scary if kept minimal and effectively supplemental to human living instead of ruling our lives.

AI doesn't have to be a bad thing and robots don't have to be a bad thing either if one day they managed and regulated our court and legal systems to have an unbiased view of information and we have the ability to to conduct travel, fun , business and leisure more like royalty instead of slaves. What if the feudal system 1000 years ago can be reproduced for each and every one person to engage in a better life of education, business, sport and travel now with the advent of AI and Robots all with a truly dynamic, free and perfectly fluent money market.

No one has to be left out of a loop, in fact they can all be coiled together to get a more powerful system.

I hope to have many great times here on ATS to editors and members thanks for understanding my punkish writing behavior for a bit of the Spesh. I have as probably some or more can relate anymore autism somewhere on the spectrum so I'm odd with humor and relating as per a different functional sense and interpretation in this world of ATS and @ LARGE.

ZaK!, Lost Gods- Thanks

posted on Aug, 5 2018 @ 08:24 AM
a reply to: LostGods

Couple things. First its not a bad idea, HOWEVER, you are talking about many different technological applications that have ramifications across border. For that reason, I think you would have issues trying to implement it all. That said, the concept of a universal wallet isn't new, actually every crypto exchange basically has that. That said, anyone in crypto knows DON'T leave your crypto on and exchange, there has been too many multi-billion dollar thefts of currencies.

Second, biometrics isn't a bad idea, however whom and where would that data be stored? That can cause some issues there. Would a brit want there data stored in the USA, or China?

No need for GPS, IP Addressing through ICANN is specific to ISP and country, you can basically ferret it out that way, without the coding.

Overall, I like the idea, I'm just thinking that if you hit implementation mode, you'd see issues arise trying to get it out of one country and making it international. If you can overcome those barriers though.....


posted on Aug, 5 2018 @ 09:15 AM
a reply to: LostGods

Well.. This is an introduction-only forum.... which you utilized as another forum. Find and replace your topic/thread/idea/question in one of the more appropriate -to-topic forums so more people will see and comment on it.

Nice to see cya!


posted on Aug, 5 2018 @ 09:25 AM
First of all, welcome!

Second of all, no.

You're talking about intermingling the trackable with the private. I get it...there's no expectation of privacy, blah blah blah...

But look here Dr. Frankenstein, we already traded freedom for security. HUGE mistake. But screw it, let's be extra stupid and trade privacy for convenience!!

This isn't 'where we're headed' because of technology. This is where we're headed because of apathy.

A (physical) cashless society is extremely dangerous to individual freedom and the constitution; infringing on every single amendment in one way or another.

posted on Aug, 5 2018 @ 09:42 AM
I believe it's quite the wonderful idea, especially for the quick investor types that want faster clearing times for better profit. However, it's not my fight as I stick to cash and hard assets. But I would support an initiative to get it off the ground, motivated by an ROI of course.

If you are. Programmer who is working on this, point me into the direction of your Kickstarter.


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