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men in black story

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posted on Jul, 3 2003 @ 12:18 PM
i was searching through the internet,looking for info on mibs. I found this story and thought it was interesting.So i decided to share it with you guys.
its a little long,but here it is:

Tonight, I viewed a movie called, "Shadow Men". As I watched this movie through, I was terrified and sometimes, I felt myself loosing grip on reality. A few times during the movie, I had to take a breath and remind myself that this was not happening, and was just a movie! I feel as If I have relived the ordeal of meeting the real MIBS in real life, as I did, 5 or 6 years ago. I am still shaken after seeing the movie.

About 5 or 6 years ago, I had an encounter with four MIB's (Men In Black), that had been sitting in their late model car (it looked like it was off the show room floor) in front of my house for several nights. The last night they decided to pull into my driveway, within 2 feet of my garage, which was only 70 feet from the front door of my house.

I watched them closely, from my darkened kitchen, in a lot of fear of not knowing who they were, and what they were up to. Keep in mind, up until that point, I had no idea who they were, accept, I was very nervous about some new information I had found on the Roswell Air Force Base in 1945. And, I had been warned by several of my sources, that the information I claimed that I had in my posession, could bring around agents, wanting to either silence me before the new information got out, or to also take it away from me. So I really strongly felt, that who ever was in the car watching my home for the past several nights, that there was some sort of connection, that I was being watched.

But as I said, the final night they were there, is when I found out who they were. With a fully loaded 9mm handgun, and my trained German Shepherd, I had turned on the yard lights, and bravely went out the door to confront the auto, and its occupants, no matter who they were. With my dog by my side, I came within 50 to 70 feet of the dark colored car, and discovered there were 4 what appeared to be Men In Black, and appeared to follow the description of what I had read about, and they fit the description of the MIB actors that I saw in the movie tonight.

I was so scared, and yet I cannot fully explain why or how I found this strength or bravery to actually go out the door to confront this very possible dangerous situation.

When I came within 50 to 70 feet of the car, I had my gun leveled at the driver, and yelled out for them to get off my land, and leave me alone, and if they did not, and they were going to harm me, I would blow their heads off! As I was telling them this, I had a perfect view of them. The garage light was on, and the light, was the one mounted outside the garage door, and above it, so the light completely illuminated the drive way area! What I saw, fit the description of the MIB's. They appeared pale faced, like they were anemic. They had oval shaped heads, with black hats, black ties, white shirts, and black pants and suit coat. They were all turned toward me, looking at me with emotionless faces, with dark sunglass's on. They made no facial expressions what so ever, and never spoke a word, even when I threatened to shoot them if they didn't leave, and had it mind to physically harm me. My dog, by my side, was growling and snarling, just waiting for me to give the command to attack.

The MIBs backed the car out of the driveway, and took off up the road, and they were never seen from again. I have told this story many times before. But after seeing the shadow men tonight, I can only say, that the actors who portrayed the MIBS in the movie, were almost exact in appearance, accept, for the shape of their heads, which were not oval shaped, much like the alien "Greys".

It was if I was going through a flash back, after seeing that movie tonight! It was horrible! I just sat there, stunned, and reliving what I saw years before. Since the night, that I saw the real MIB's, I have never once moved my hand gun from my bed stand! It is there, fully loaded and chambered! I guess, when you go through something like I have, you never really get over it completely! I thought that I had, at least I thought I had gotten over the awful shock and trauma of that night. I was wrong! But I think now, it is more of a flashback, then still experiencing the fresh trauma and fear of that night.

So for those of you that have seen the movie, or have not seen it, and will someday, just keep in mind, you know of someone that has seen them close up, and has had a horrific experience with the MIB's.

I had to tell the story again. It is really self theraputic, to talk about it. For me, it helps me, by sharing what I have experienced, and course, I do give credit to God for the incredible guts and bravery to have gone out to the MIBS and faced them. Normally, I would never have had the courage to do anything like that, never!

Billy Dee

[Edited on 3-7-2003 by theshadowknows]

posted on Jul, 4 2003 @ 05:53 PM
man that was very interesting i didn't know that

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