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It’s only taken trump a little more than two years to destroy Obama’s economy.

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posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 12:48 PM

originally posted by: soundguy
The signs are everywhere. The economy is about to seriously go south thanks to the dim bulb egomaniac and his sycophants at he helm. Of course the magats will willfully ignore the facts as they are immune to them. Personally I thought it would take 5-6 years for his policies to ruin the economy. Storm clouds gather on the horizon.

Crying "WOLF!" about President Trump has lost credibility. Successes after successes have neutered that boogyman.

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 12:53 PM
a reply to: chrismarco

Does this sound like a person who is objective and has done his or her research? I think if you go back and look at my responses or posts I try to be balanced and I consider myself in the middle when it comes to party politics...can you say the same?

I don't know where I belong politically. I have been pretty much marginalized by many members as a "people like you" I'm totally comfortable with that description. I'm not a trump supporter; my republican, baptist, conservative, Texan mother called Trump "White trash" I'm ok with that.

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 12:54 PM
It's only going to get worse folks. It looks like Trump is deliberately destabilizing the US for you know who.

Look, I don't blame Putin, he's doing this for his country.

But Trump is likely a traitor to the country.

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 01:01 PM
a reply to: olaru12

Well allow me to give you an imaginary ATS high five...If you don't know where you belong politically it means you think independently therefore in no way should you ever try to fit in...I'm happy to have chatted with you and I hope we can continue our conversations moving forward.

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 01:21 PM
a reply to: soundguy

Okay, I read the reports. I just don't see the sky falling; "Chicken Little".
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posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 01:54 PM

originally posted by: DAVID64

Obama Wins The Gold For Worst Economic Recovery Ever.

You mean that failed economy?

Even the sycophants at CNN couldn't put enough lipstick on that pig.
Yes, this is the slowest U.S. recovery since WWII

During Obama administrations 8 years in office, his "experts" repeatedly made the claim that surpassing 1% GDP was utterly impossible. Just a year and half into the Trump administration, and we are getting ready to surpass 4% GDP.

What magic wand does Trump have!?

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 04:16 PM

Analysts polled by Reuters, on average, expect the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based company to report a profit of $1.34 per share, below the $1.48 per share reported in the corresponding period a year ago.

The earnings report comes a few weeks after Harley announced a plan to move production of motorcycles for the European Union from the United States to its overseas facilities to avoid the tariffs imposed by the trading bloc in retaliation for Trump’s duties on steel and aluminum imports.

Cause and effect ^

To offset falling demand at home, Harley has been aiming to boost overseas motorcycle sales to 50 percent of annual volume from about 43 percent. With revenues from EU countries second only to the United States, the region is a key part of its growth strategy.

However, the decision to shift production overseas sparked an angry reaction from President Donald Trump, who threatened to impose higher taxes on the company and warned of a public backlash if Harley went ahead with the plan.

Damned if you do, ^
damned if you don't

Trump, however, did not specify how he could target Harley-Davidson with higher taxes, and no action has been taken since he made the threat in late June.

Course not, he's too lilly livered ^

Harley-Davidson shares have lost about 8 percent since early March when the rade skirmish between the United States and the EU started, and are down over 22 percent since end-December 2017.

12 billion, as a start, chucked onto the national debt bonfire to save the Agri' Industry
How much for the Auto industry ?
more than a golf course, for sure !

And anyhow, those 12 biggies,
They'll be paid in cash or by check

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Trumpland
Trump-Putin visit delayed until next year
What a shame

But, y'know, it's understandable, it's been a tough-old two years
What with those which(?)hunts, fake porn-star-denials, trips abroad ...
so many visits and meetings...

All of that winning and ... winning ....and ...
wanking off little america makincg 'Murica strange
That all takes yuuuuuge physical invstement !

Trump needs to regroup, take time out,
relax, go on a retreat somewhere
not meet any new people until next year

He's fùcked enough up already

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 04:53 PM
a reply to: soundguy

I don't suppose it's registered that it wasn't Obama's economy, nor is it Trumps economy...?

No one man is responsible for the state of the nations, allow me to emphasize that particular point...the nation's economy.

No matter how virulent your hate for the simply doesn't work that way. Sorry.

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 05:06 PM
3 pages of posts , and the OP hasn't posted not once.
Thread abandoned at the start.

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 05:15 PM
I've been feeling like we're due for a crash for awhile now. Theres a lot of bubbles, and this constant stock market growth cant continue for ever. When it goes up in a mostly parabolic fashion like it has in the last few years without real usually comes down in that fashion too..quickly. Some charts I've been reading are looking really bad and starting to turn bearish.

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 05:24 PM

originally posted by: Gothmog
3 pages of posts , and the OP hasn't posted not once.
Thread abandoned at the start.

Drive by Threading?

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 05:32 PM
the easy lending debt bubbles have been being inflate for almost a decade

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 06:21 PM
Take advantage of the good times we're in now to educate yourselves and get better training for future industries.

At this point, if you're not preparing for the next decade of technological progress then you're an idiot and will be left behind.

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 06:51 PM
a reply to: soundguy

The fake media and you never trumpers are completely delusional. LOL MAGA

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 09:28 PM

originally posted by: neo96
a reply to: CriticalStinker

You're very right, and I'll even go further to say that the affordable housing act didn't help

Criminal bankers jawboning and lying through their teeth. Par for the course

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 09:45 PM

My goodness. It truly is hysterical that here we are almost 2 years in and it is still "Trump will bury the country".

The EU came to the US today and the DOW jumped over 150 points.
Job market..more jobs than people.
Just took a Natural Gas order from Russia.
Sold the soybeans China tried to blackmail us with...

WTF is the issue here?

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 10:45 PM
a reply to: matafuchs

The issue is the same as always. Trump bad...stop him. Vote blue in 2018. Duhhhh.

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