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What is the strength of your energy??

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posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 01:05 PM
I wasn't... This is the meaning..

If adults, like very young children.... "Did not" judge themselves, they wouldn't judge anyone else either, except by reality... Children state facts, until judgement comes....

"Mommy, that mans fat",
"Billy, that was rude, be quiet"

I am not saying they will be judge externally.. I am saying they are using those "facts" (if you want to call them that) to judge themselves, their progress, their acceptance, their "Right"....

and by "Do remember that what you look for is right infront of your eyes"

I mean.... You search for enlightenment, you search for God, you search for "power" and understanding.... Yet you miss one of natures little fixes, what you look for is right infront of your eyes, only because your mind blocks it out so you have a clear field of vision... lol You may think this is trivial... but think of how much work that must actually take, and how much effort it actually takes to look at it... Not to mention what you're looking for ... is YOU!... Find rest inside of yourself... be happy with the progress you've made until understanding you can't help but make progress,.. it's natural.. and unnessecary to force... Absorb the world around you, and by all means read, so you can see where another individual thinks as you think and perhaps use another persons perceptions to mold yours instead of adopting a whole new belief.

There's a difference between strength of energy
What you believe is the strength of your energy;.

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posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 02:19 PM

Not to mention what you're looking for ... is YOU!

It is a difficult lesson to learn. I have not mastered it myself. Thank you for adding that depth to the conversation.

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 08:48 PM

Originally posted by ShadowHasNoSource

Not to mention what you're looking for ... is YOU!

It is a difficult lesson to learn. I have not mastered it myself. Thank you for adding that depth to the conversation.

The real problem lays in language... text, and speech, these are true barriers especially in the western parts of the world, when theres more than one way to explain something translation and meaning is lost, therefore the "rule" of thumb is simple,
*Some* words will enlighten only *Some* people
the next "rule" is very odd though....
and some people will recognize the 3 words from a movie called "Hero"
but the problem once again is *Some*
We allow most words to be 2D (So-to-speak) most of the time....
When we add more dimensions to our words (that is, adding depth), we are adding emotions, or "ego."
But when meditated on, these 3 words are the most profound on earth.
yet you go one step further through enlightenment and you shorten the words and shorten the *Some* so one-pointedness is easier, but only very disciplined people can attain such a degree of concentration.
The next word is: "GOD"
But when you add a third to this mathematical equation, you have quite a handful to digest... the third concept ("rule") is this:
All is a collective, it is "ONE FLESH," yet all is made of seperate ***free-willed***, like minded beings.

I want posters to understand the confusion of words when you read anothers post, perception can be a dangerous vehicle, and please bear with me, I try hard to put it into words that are understandable recognize the symbology and context as one.


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posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 10:58 PM
Until we are allowed to combine the mundane with what you speak it will not be accepted by the general population. In other words, we have to be allowed the information where science has proved what you speak of. The work of Einstein and Tesla would go along way towards this.

Information is currently being disclosed along this path. The problem is only the information that benefits the power stucture will be given.

You can get around not knowing the science if you have enough forward thinking, or some other fuel that will drive you to search the connections through different means. Of course, it doesn't hurt to understand the theory of relativity or that the earth is a big electromagnet that never runs out (aka free energy).

What I'm saying is, the sciences and other studies all have different languages. You are forced to spend years spending your parents money to learn the language in order to have access to the tools used in the field of that science. Divide and Rule. This list itself shows how much division it actually takes to keep the majority of humanity from suspecting anything more. Click for a list

Then you think how many languages their are. Christians believe "God" did it for retribution. But they never think that maybe that's what someone wants them to think. Not that you have to believe something but it always seems strange to me that people won't even entertain an idea that doesn't match what they learned as a child. Anyway.

Let's see if I can remember a profound statement or two to add to the collection.

"The Universe Within"

"Know Yourself"

"All that exists is motion and rest"

"Inner Silence creates Inner Space"

"There is no Mind"

"There is no Time"

"All existence and all possibilities are contained within an ever expanding present moment"

"All limitations are illusions created by the mind which is also an illusion"

"Heaven and Hell are both contained within you and outside you. It's only a matter of choice."

"Man is the sum of all things"

"I wish outer space guys would conquer the Earth and make people their pets, because I'd like to have one of those little beds with my name on it."


posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 11:14 PM
Here's one for the endless chatter in amongst some minds...

"How can you hear what anyone else has to say when you won't shut up"

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 11:37 PM

Originally posted by dnero6911
Here's one for the endless chatter in amongst some minds...

"How can you hear what anyone else has to say when you won't shut up"


How about...

"How can you hear yourself if you don't shut up"

Anyone else want to join in?

posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 06:24 AM
My powers are in my dreams.

I am able to manifest them to waking life when I forget I am awake.

posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 11:27 AM
The last one is really nice... perception is very powerful.

how about a lesson from the buddha...

The buddha decided to go and fast in a cave until he found enlightenment, after a long period of time, late one night he became frustrated and decided to give up. In the morning he found enlightenment.

posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 12:35 PM

Originally posted by dnero6911
I have no desire to share with anyone anything about this "energy" or "abilities"....

Put it this way... there is no limit, secondly imagination is the most powerful weapon....

short example. (Kind of a sloppy example)
If you were a well dressed person (suits) and you went around telling everyone you have a million dollars in the bank.... then you're only worth a million...
But if you walked around in thousand dollar suits and never told anyone how much you were worth, or how much you have than they'd assume you were a billionaire...

The only advantage to knowing someone elses abilities is so you can weigh the odds and judge yourself, however, accordingly.
In any sense... it benefits no one to brag, and no one to judge...
therefore you had better pay close attention to what comes out of your mouth, because you will be judged accordingly, it's a difficult discipline but one that is very important.

Do remember that what you look for is right infront of your eyes (anyone understand that sentence on a deeper level?)

EDIT: Horrible Grammar

[edit on 23/2/05 by dnero6911]

This is fine you do not want to share your energy or ability's, but you got to understand, I started this thread for those whom wish to share there energy, there experiences.
The purpose behind every thing i do, teaching, leanings, debating, is not to become better then someone else, or to know some ones weakness in the purpose of being better then them, I wish to learn for the purpose of bettering everyone, to learn, and realize how this works. So I can tell others how it works. I my self will tell any one about my gifts.. Why?. So they can learn, and realize that this is real.
Now I understand your thoughts and feelings, but this thread is meant for talking about such things, not giving reasons why we should not talk about it, thank you.

Originally posted by iori_komei
I am one, I like to find the source of any energy, and the strengths and weaknesses. And then try to reorganize it, much like a "healer", but alot more deeper.

I'm wondering , do you know what a true energy vampire is?

Indeed i do, but i'm not a normal "vampire", Let me give you an example of what I do.. When I am with my friends, my close friends, they know that there something different about me, and they execpt it, but what I do, is feed off the energy/feelings, of my friends around me, and I amplify it, what I try to do, is give a good atmosphere, and a good frame of mind, so I intake all of the good energy/feelings from the friends around me, and create a comfortable surrounding. This is what I do on a general level, but I also do this on a personal level. My friends come to me for help and guidance, so what I do is feed off their energy and try to find the effected area in the energy, then I try to guide the individual to a state of mind where they can try to organize, or reorganize there own problem. My way of trying to each them that they can do it them selves.

What is the ability of your energy?

posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 01:09 PM
Just because you think you have these powers doesn't necessarily mean you have them, and just because you have them doesn't mean you're able to make other people aware of it, or believe in it.... You cannot explain to someone what a hit of acid is like without them experiencing it for themselves.. you cannot tell someone what love is like unless they understand it.. it just won't hold any water... Yes you can teach people to feel their own powers/energies... but not by telling them yours...

posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 02:05 PM

Originally posted by dnero6911
Just because you think you have these powers doesn't necessarily mean you have them, and just because you have them doesn't mean you're able to make other people aware of it, or believe in it.... You cannot explain to someone what a hit of acid is like without them experiencing it for themselves.. you cannot tell someone what love is like unless they understand it.. it just won't hold any water... Yes you can teach people to feel their own powers/energies... but not by telling them yours...

No you can teach them, but you can make them aware of it, everybody uses a super natural ability that they have once and awile, but they not realize it, or they not aware of it. What I do is tell people what it is like, what that certain feelings is, and I try to explain it.
It's like this, a person starts to experience a feeling or emotion that is new to them, and it is bothering them, and hindering them, because they can explain it, they do not know what it is, or how to work, or deal with it. So they go see a psycologist, you tell them how you feel, and explain what its doing to do, the doctor will evaulate it, and explain it to you, what it is, what it does, and how to deal with it.
Same thing here, my friends come to me with something they can not explain, I feel out there energy, and listen to there story, then you try to help them understand what is going on, help them to become aware.

posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 02:53 PM
I understand everything you speak about and the purpose of this thread..
the reason for my words is that people will look at this and disregard these energies based on your words...

You do help you friends.. yes...
but you need to figure a way to help your friends and make friends out of your enemies..
in other words... you have to watch how you explain things because some people take offense to it.. (just like you may take this as offensively)
You have to try and explain things in such a way that everyone can understand it... I rather enjoy reading what everyone experiences... I just think people should be aware of their own power.. and be careful because just as much as your helping your friends you may be distancing an un-understanding person .. what people don't understand they tend to hate, or push away...
Which is a perfect example for people being contradictive.. (Like Jesus) ..

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 07:52 PM
There are lots of abilities people posted on here. The strength of my energy is well as a child i could see people's auras. At first thought it was just from the light's glare on my eyes, but when time passed found out nope it was aura.

I loooooooove paranormal/ spiritual stuff. I've meditated to the point of levitating off the floor, created energy balls, gone through solid surfaces, opening the third eye, communicating with 'ghosts,' and that is all so far i've done.

Its a small list but its not the quantity but the quality of how perfectly one can perform the task.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 08:05 PM
...strength of my energy?

...about 240volts at the wall socket...

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 12:04 PM
My early abilities though possibly demonic was possibly spiritual possession. I could not just take in any soul/spirit I wanted however, it was always involving a blood relative of sorts. I would be doing something terrible, falling behind in some way or another and I would ask for one of my deceased relatives to help me. My first experience with this was at band practice, with me on clarinet. I would be playing horribly, and just ask for my older brother, deceased at 14 when I was about a year old. My brother also played the clarinet and I infact played his own clarinet that he owned. Suddenly I would play with ease and skill, almost as if I had had far more years of experience than I currently had.

The same thing has happened with the piano, and I would ask my grandma a piano prodigy, deceased at 53 when I was about a year old. The same result would occur as the above.

The final one was my grandpa, considered the technical genius of our family, deceased at 52 when I was again about a year old. My grandpa was actually permitted to work on nuclear materials, missiles, and various other projects in the gov. He had never finished college but through his own self-studying he got the job. If I had any problems that revolved around anything technical, I would feel a presence unlike my own, and before my eyes fix and fabricate things without any prior knowledge of how it worked.

There might have been one other ability at childhood but it was double edged. It was an ability that for obvious reasons was called "curse", not very original. But when used I would imagine a great deal of chaos and discord within my hands, and envision this encompassing around the "cursee" and depending upon the situation, such as basketball. the other player would miss every shot even if he shot over 60 basketballs the other player could still not sink even one. The only downside to this was that I would be equally penalized, no matter the course of the game it always ended either tied or we gave up because none were sinking. I have however not found a way to increase luck/chance, leading to a conclusion that perhaps I am equalizing the playingfield in a sense, balancing out the ends.

Up to modern times, with training involved. I had developed the ability to see without seeing. I would pick up an objects energy output, even in pure pitch black circumstances, and I could at times even sense if it was on the move.

Because of its success rate at 85%, I delved deeper into my training and begun to practice pure thought. By discarding every emotion, thought, past/present/future notions, feelings, sensations, memories, connections, knowledge, differences, sounds, even who I am, everything that would go on within the conscious mind, until nothing was left but an energy based version of myself floating silently within oblivion.

What I perform from here on might be described as vampire qualities if used on a living being. I envision that everything is one and the same. From this I would drain out energy from various objects. normally from the ground lying down, starting with energy running from the ground up, feeling "rings of energy" run up my fingers, then hands, then arms, and finally to my head. From there I would store energy until I could not hold anymore. My tells for this was unbelievable sweating (I'm lying on the ground, how could I be sweating to the point where I am almost completely saturated). Near intolerable body tempertures, and concentrated areas of what can only be described as high "static discharges" throughout my body, while trying to sustain them within my flesh. From there I can choose to release it and try to control it outside of my body, or charge it along a path within my physical form causing objects to move and rotate, outside of normal outcomes.

I would just like to note that I have trained myself by myself with no master but it would have been nice to have had guidance and I still train and seek answers today.

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