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2018 - The year the northern hemisphere burned.

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posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 08:51 AM
In this proud land we grew up strong
We were wanted all along
I was taught to fight, taught to win
I never thought I could fail

No fight left or so it seems
I am a man whose dreams have all deserted
I've changed my name, I've changed my face
But no one wants you when you lose

Don't give up
'Cause you have friends
Don't give up
You're not beaten yet
Don't give up

I know you can make it good
Though I saw it all around
Never thought I could be affected
Thought that we'd be the last to go
It is so strange the way things turn

Drove the night toward my home
The place that I was born, on the lakeside
As daylight broke, I saw the earth
The trees had burned down to the ground...

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 03:32 PM
Wildfires up 43% In Europe this year

The number of wildfires ravaging Europe is 43 per cent higher than the average for the last ten years.
You have to register to read the rest of article unfortunately.

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 04:53 PM

originally posted by: TruthxIsxInxThexMist
a reply to: IAMNOTYOU

I said a long time ago on a thread on ATS that the Aliens are trying to change our climate so that they can live here... maybe this is what's happening now. maybe they can't handle the cold weather climates!

I remember reading about that theory before. If they bring the gift of beer, and promise to cancel all reality shows, then they get my blessing, cant be worse than the leadership we got now

posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 05:38 PM
a reply to: johnb

My grand daughter left her doll outside in apple valley ca.

posted on Jul, 26 2018 @ 03:51 PM
link’re-poised-to-get-worse/ar-BBKTV RF

The fire season now runs almost year-round, and 2018 is already worse than usual. Wildfires have almost become a year-round threat in some parts of the western United States. From Colorado to California, it feels like the blazes from last year never went out. Flames ignited forests and chaparral virtually nonstop in 2017, and the year ended with record infernos in Southern California that burned well into 2018. Officials don’t refer to “fire seasons anymore but rather to fire years,” Jennifer Jones, a spokesperson for the National Interagency Fire Center, told me in an email. The NIFC reports that this year, wildfires have burned more than 3.9 million acres, behind the 5 million acres that had burned as of this time last year.
But the destruction from the gargantuan blazes we’ve seen in recent years is hardly natural; human activity is clearly making it worse.

For one thing, humans start the vast majority of these fires, upward of 84 percent of them. California officials have blamed a dozen of last year’s fires on Pacific Gas and Electric’s power lines. Utilities were also blamed for fires in Nevada. Arson was suspected for fires in Northern California.


Utility-holding company PG&E Corp. posted a nearly $1 billion net loss in the second quarter as it continues to be weighed down by uncertainties stemming from deadly wildfires that swept through Northern California last year. The San Francisco company said Thursday the loss was primarily driven by a $2.5 billion charge it took in the latest quarter related to claims made against the company in connection with 14 wildfires. PG&E first announced the charge in June, following state investigations pointing to some of its equipment as the cause for over a dozen of the wildfires.

How did the end of the world become old news

But, this July, we already seem much farther along on those paths than even the most alarmist climate observers — e.g., me — would have predicted a year ago. In a single week earlier this month, dozens of places around the world were hit with record temperatures in what was, effectively, an unprecedented, planet-encompassing heat wave: from Denver to Burlington to Ottawa; from Glasgow to Shannon to Belfast; from Tbilisi, in Georgia, and Yerevan, in Armenia, to whole swaths of southern Russia. The temperature of one city in Oman, where the daytime highs had reached 122 degrees Fahrenheit, did not drop below 108 all night; in Montreal, Canada, 50 died from the heat. That same week, 30 major wildfires burned in the American West, including one, in California, that grew at the rate of 10,000 football fields each hour, and another, in Colorado, that produced a volcano-like 300-foot eruption of flames, swallowing an entire subdivision and inventing a new term — “fire tsunami” — along the way. On the other side of the planet, biblical rains flooded Japan, where 1.2 million were evacuated from their homes. The following week, the heat struck there, killing dozens. The following week.

We're forecast some storms over next couple days but then back to heat, at least a few days respite and will damp things done for a day or so with some flash flooding too.

posted on Aug, 1 2018 @ 02:06 PM
Praise for Not In His Image
"Sometimes a book changes the world. Not In His Image
"What we know about the divine comes by way of three Pathsthrough
the spectacle of nature, through the testimony of spiritual
seekers, and through our own inner experience, as in meditation and
mystical communion. John Lamb Lash seeks to renew our understanding
ofall three paths, and thus to renew our sense ofthe divine.
In particular, he challenges the otherworldly creeds that have come
down to us in Christianity, fudaism, and Islam, and to recover the
earth-based religions that preceded them. Those ecologically wise
religions fourished, he reminds us, not only among the native peoples
of the Western Hemisphere but also in ancient Europe. By
reclaiming this pagan heritage, he argues, we can begin to cure the
pathologies of genocide, war, and environmental degradation that
afflict the modern world."
RussBI-I- SaNorns, author of
A Priuate History of Atae and Staying Put
"john Lash's heretical book is a precious act of spiritual disobedience
that seeks to save the world from Salvationism. Lash opens new
ground between myth and ecology, and helps one feel what the
planet fcels. He proposes direct knowing and moving beyond belief,
and advocates animism as a proposition to test. He leaves the future
open and in need of human imagination. Humanity is implicated in
the future of the living planet, but Lash exercises caution when
making suppositions about our role as a species. This book is learned,
courageous, and full of insights. Some may find it challenging and
even shocking, but it is an important read for those interested in life
on earth. It is made for readers to chew on, rather than believe."
-]rnruv N,rnnv, anthropologist, author of
The Cosmic Serpent and Intelligence in Nature

Afteruord by
Cnrlssa GnnBN Punr-rsnrNc
WHlrn Rrvrn JuNcrroN, VnnvoNr
Copyright @ 2006 by |ohn Lamb Lash. All rights reserved.
No part of this book may be transmitted or reproduced in any form by any means
without permission in writing from the publisher.
Managing Editor: Marcy Brant
Copy Editor: Cannon Labrie
Indexer: Peggy Holloway
Designer: Peter Holm, Sterling Hill Productions
Illustrations: Abrah Griggs, Sterling Hill Productions
Printed in the United States
First printing, October 2006
t0987 654321
Our Commitment to Green Publishing
Chelsea Green sees publishing as a tool for cultural change and ecological stewardship.
We strive to align our book manufacturing practices with our editorial mission, and to
reduce the impact of our business enterprise on the environment. We print our books
and catalogs on chlorine-free recycled paper, using soy-based inks, whenever possible.
This book may cost slightly more because we use recycled paper, and we hope you'll
agree that it's worth it. Chelsea Green is a member of the Green Press Initiative
(, a nonprofit coalition of publishers, manufacturers, and
authors working to protect the world's endangered forests and conserve natural
Not in His Image was printed on Ecobook 100 Natural, a 100 percent post-consumer
waste recycled, old growth forest-free paper supplied by Maple-Vail.
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Lash, John.
Not in his image : gnostic vision, sacred ecology, and the future of
belief / John Lamb Lash ; afterword by Derrick Jensen.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN- I 3: 97 8-l -933392 -40 -0
ISBN- 10: 1 -933392-40-l
ISBN- 13: 97 8-r -931498-92-0 (pbk.)
ISBN-10: l-931498-92-X (pbk.)
1. Religion. 2. Gnosticism. 3. Paganism. 4. Monotheism. L Title.
BL't.L37 2006
200601 8250
Chelsea Green Publishing Company
Post Office Box 428
White River function, Vermont 05001
(800) 639-4099
For the mystics of the future
"A kid, thou hast fallen into milk."
Introduction: The Case for Awe / ix
Panr ONB: Couqunsr AND CoNvERSToN
l. The Murder of Hypatia / 3
2. Pagan Roots / 23
3. The Conquest of Europa / 4l
4. The Cult of Righteousness / 57
5. Messianic Madness / 7l
6. The Transference / 84
Pnnr Two: A Sronv ro GurDE THE SpECIEs
7. The Egyptian Cache / 105
8. Inside the Mysteries / 123
9. Schools for Coevolution / 138
10. The Fallen Goddess / l5l
I l. Dreamtime Physics / 167
12. The Insane God / 178
13. The Passion of Sophia / 187
14. The Christic Intercession / 200
15. The Way of the Revealers / 205
16. A Sheaf of Cut Wheat / 215
Penr TsnnE: HISToRy's Hanpnst Lpssou
17. The End of Patriarchy / 227
18. The Divine Scapegoat / 243
19. A Unique Message of Love / 249
20. Beyond Religion / 263
Panr Foun: RBcr-arurNc THE SopnraNIc VrsroN
21. Unmasking Evil / 283
22. Divine Imagination / 298
23. The Species-Self Connection / 310
24. The Goddess Mystique / 321
25. Sacred Ecology / 333
26. The Pagan Sense of Life / 348
Afte rword / 361
Notes / 365
Glossary / 389
Suggestions for Reading and Research / 410
Index / 43 I

edit on 1-8-2018 by i77oomiknotti because: i77oomiknotti

posted on Aug, 1 2018 @ 02:09 PM
a reply to: IAMNOTYOU

i bet i could breathe rocks, please say prove it.

posted on Aug, 2 2018 @ 02:14 AM
link just-goes-on-and-on-new-wildfires-erupt-in-scorched-northern-california/

UPPER LAKE, Calif. -- Days after wildfires left a deadly swatch of destruction in Northern California rural counties, new blazes exploded into life and threatened more homes in what has become an endless summer of flame in the Golden State. ightning-strikes-spark-132-more-wildfires-in-bc.html

VANCOUVER—The BC Wildfire Service says lightning strikes in the province’s Interior have sparked more fires, with 132 flaring up on July 31. The service is currently responding to a total of 305 fires.

Europe getting another blast of heat now and expecting to match or beat heat records. Rivers and reservoirs drying up fast, crops failing in the fields and farmers using up winter feeds on livestock already.

posted on Aug, 3 2018 @ 04:42 PM
a reply to: johnb

the atom bomb blew up sodom gomorrah and a tower, free radical electrons are not easily affected. earth and moon are in part hydrogen and electron. The part and whole are the same.

posted on Aug, 3 2018 @ 04:48 PM
a reply to: i77oomiknotti

I think there's five known materials that fit in those mesures and if you bring them to me the furthest reaches of your imagination wont be comparable. we would need a new nothing to pull it out of.

posted on Aug, 7 2018 @ 07:37 AM
biggest ever wildfire in cali.

On Monday, twin fires being treated as one incident north of San Francisco became the largest wildfire in state history, destroying 443 square miles (1,148 square kilometers) — nearly the size of the city of Los Angeles. The Mendocino Complex was still growing as it broke the record set last December. The Thomas Fire killed two people, burned 440 square miles, and destroyed more than 1,000 buildings in Southern California before being fully contained Jan. 12. The Mendocino Complex, which is 30 percent contained, has been less destructive to property than some of the other wildfires in the state because it is mostly raging in remote areas. But officials say it threatens 11,300 buildings and some new evacuations were ordered over the weekend as the flames spread.

Plenty of alarmist headlines re global warming, domino effect etc too

posted on Aug, 10 2018 @ 02:20 PM
a reply to: IAMNOTYOU

And i'll do it a god damned gin too.

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