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Trying To Understand Portals

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posted on Jul, 25 2018 @ 01:14 AM

originally posted by: TonyS
What did the Celts know the rest of the world didn't. Or are there henges in other parts of the world I am not familiar with?

Personally, i feel that the Celts are more linked to Mother Earth than others hence they would rather use 100% granite in its natural form than limestone & granite for pyramids.

In terms of commuting from A >> B >> C, i have always viewed the pyramids as major airports and small remote stone circles as rarely used bus stops on a quiet road.

If the Celts did want a major point of jumping to parallel versions of Earth then they would construct multiple stone circles side by side as shown below. Note: The Tractor tire tracks (on the right) give an idea of the diameter of the circles.

i guess they did not want a ugly (visual pollution) pyramid on a hilltop and instead used multiple stone circles.

posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 03:54 PM
Hi TonyS,

from what I can read you are partially confused about portal travel due to dimensions. And you are right, that actually is a generally confusing subject. Partially it is because the word ' dimension' can mean a lot of things or rather gets confused with a lot of things. I will explain my view and information about it and hope it can somehow help you get a clearer view about it.

When I think of dimensions I do not think so much in parallel dimensions but rather in spacial dimensions. In my examples I will not count time as a dimension. I personally see time as a virtual dimension useful to simplify dimensional pathways, but in my explanation here it will make thins overly complex so I will scratch it.

Spatial dimensions can to some degree best be explained by geometry.
1 Dimensional can best be envisioned as a dot. It only has one feature and I will call it here a ' construct' dot. If you would subtract from three dimensions down it would mean a 1 dimensional ' dot' would have height but no width or length. Envisioning a construct dot is difficult since a dot in itself seems to have height and width but its easier to remember that it has a construct but only a single construct.
2 Dimensional is easier. Two dimensional is basically flat. it has two construct-lines. The easiest way to envision it is like a square. It has length and height but no depth (or width depending on you viewpoint).
3 Dimensional is like a cube or our world.
4 dimensional is like hyper cube ( Google it ).

How does multidimensional travel work?
It actually involves the use of quantum mechanics. But we get to that we need to discuss multi-dimensional space. I believe I once mentioned it in ATS before but I will explain it once more here.

Our dimension has three construct lines lets call them A, B and C and they represent Length, Width and Height.
Another three dimensional space overlapping ours has three different construct lines that do not directly influence our construct-lines; a (alpha), b (beta) and g (gamma).
They don't influence each other directly since they are part of their own relative spatial construction. However... (and now it kinda gets complex with the thinking part for human brains)..
...In higher dimensions they do tie into each other. so a forth dimensional space might have A, B, C and a(alpha) but there will also be a fourth dimensional space with a(alpha), b(beta), A and C. All those space coexist overlapping each other. Its important to note that matter and radiation actually form past those lines but are not part of those lines. So matter does not get pulled on by other multi-dimensional overlaps.

Naturally this whole think continues with even higher dimensions. so a six dimensional space might hava A, B, C, a(alpha), b(beta) and g(gamma). But it might also have other construct lines of other three dimensional realms tied to it instead. Essentially a six dimensional space might have six construct lines that originate form six different three dimensional spaces that have themselves got no overlapping construct lines.

Hope your still here, in my mind its basic dimensional math but it can really crack your head if you rush into it.
So...I was kinda lazy since I know I wrote it somewhere else on ATS a long long time ago (heh, there is that virtual dimension called time)

Space-travel. So dimensional portals. Right (looks at wall of text above) that was...kind of doable.
So if you want to travel quickly from one place to another in multiple dimensions there are some A-B-C rules.

The first one is that if you are a three dimensional vessel then you need at least a six dimensional space. Basically when you shift you always need your construct line to be there and you can' t really let them go for prolonged period of time cause you will lose structural integrity and you and your vessel will kinda go all over the six dimensional grid not much later. Essentially speaking; your vessel ' here' is tied to the spacial dimensions of A, B and C. and you will temporary leave this space in traveling but we' ll get there.

So the first thing it to ' tie' you vessel to the six dimensional plain. The cool thing is that you are always half way there; you just need to tie yourself to the other three construct lines. lets say a(alpha), b(beta) and g(gamma). The hard part is not to tie a point to six dimensions, its the part afterwards. Basically in order to travel really quickly you first ' latch' to six dimensions and then lose your original three dimensions (A, B and C) while aligning the matter of you and your vessel to alpha, beta and gamma without losing molecular integrity cause...well..cause death or worse. You vessel has then traveled (without actually moving!) to another adjacent three dimensional space. probably wanted to travel in your own three dimensional space but I got good news; you are half way.
Now comes the secret-sauce. You pull of the same trick but with a twist. You tie A, B and C to your location that is now alpha, beta and gamma. But when you drop alpha, beta and gamma you also drop two familiar construct lines like A and B. this does require some containment and you can only do it for an instance. At that point quantum mechanics (that trumps all those construct-lines) indicates that A and B are basically all available positions and you can only either know direction or location. We kinda wanna have location so we look at the right moment (hello quantum computing).. Once we have A and B we can shift in and we will have reached our destination.

So...yeah that pretty much sums it up. There are some disclaimers thou. First of all; if you got this technology then you will no that it goes fast. You blink in and out really fast, like near instance. Second; if your containment fails; you fail. Having only one dimensional point in a three dimensional object is death. Heck, even missing just one construct is certain death. This way of travel also need knowledge of both three dimensional spaces as well as the combined six dimensional spaces. Usually a so called ' angler probe' is send in advance to check the destination location to prevent appearing in a planet instead of empty space (for instance) Welp..I' m to lazy to type more. Hope this helps.

posted on Aug, 4 2018 @ 10:14 AM
How could there ever be a portal on earth. what about earths nature makes anyone believe their could be a portal just hanging out on the surface. Its a random thickness yet the portal is just sitting on the surface with no ill effect.. Until an Indian hits his head on the rim and falls in. Got it.

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