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Dreams on a Merry Go Round

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posted on Jul, 22 2018 @ 07:32 PM
This was one of those dreams where I was super regretful to wake up. I feel there was more to see. So I instead went on the search for symbolism and the dream interpretation to try and decipher its meaning. This was a vivid dream with details that I do not normally remember. Maybe my dreams area always so weirdly interesting and I just don’t remember them. What are the odds that this one sticks with me ? It’s like when you spill glitter and no matter how hard you try to clean it up…. some of the little glittery pieces remain and as soon as you think you’ve cleaned it all up… ooops there it is again out of the corner of your eye… all speckled and bright and shiny but you just can’t get a hold of it.

Was the dream a message or something ?

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you wake and just can’t stop thinking about it ? I have them occasionally and each time I do its the same feeling of yearning to know what the heck was that dream all about. The dream will stick in my mind for months as I toss an turn it around in my head. It’s like walking through a cobweb and I have trouble finding all the wispy little pieces that have attached themselves to me and they tickle… letting me know they are still there.

It’s an exhilarating as well as a tad mysterious experience not fully knowing its full meaning but at the same time leaves me with somewhat of a frustrated feeling.

My Dream:
The dream starts with me and my immediate family together in a pyramid structure up in the sky. It felt like we were kind of on a tour. The pyramid was like the typical Egypt pyramid but it was way way way high up in the sky. The top capstone of the pyramid was glass and see through. The sides of the pyramid also had large glass windows to see out of.

I am standing looking up through the capstone and I can only describe a sense of wonder an excitement overcome me. As I am looking up, I hear thunder off in the distance and think to myself a storm must be approaching. No sooner than I think of the storm, while looking up through the glass capstone, I see a single lightning bolt coming straight down into my line of site, almost as if it were going to strike the tip of my nose, it left me a bit dazzled. After witnessing the bolt, I begin to look out the side windows thinking the wind and rain would soon be here If it had not already arrived, but to my amazement instead I see these funny looking birds flying by. I kind of giggle within but wonder what the heck is this all about ? Why do they look like that ?

Then suddenly before I can put any further thought toward these funny birds… I feel the pyramid structure begin to slowly sway back and forth, left to right, like a pendulum swaying very slowly an I don’t feel steady on my feet at this moment. I begin to feel off balance and dizzy as the swaying begins, as if butterfly s are flying around in my tummy making me woozy. I wake up.

Immediately I feel an urge of regret to have woken and wish I’d fall right back into the dream… however my waking mind knows this is not likely to happen so I tuck it away in the depths of my mind… in one of those little pockets of memory. I don’t think I will forget the dream as my search for its meaning has formed somewhat of a stronghold onto the glimpse I’d been given. I just wish…

I’ve discussed the dream with some folks who offered up some good explanations and known interpretations and or symbolism for dreams but I am still left in wonder. But I feel left hanging and don’t really know how to obtain any further acknowledgment or answers for the situation really. What am I to do about it I think ? It’s almost as if the dream successfully passed through that center portal in the middle of my dream catcher…but something happened and it was pulled back like a bungee cord retracting an got stuck in the web of the catcher where it remains circling and spinning round and round like a top and where it will stop…I don’t know ?

What does this dream allude to ? They say our dreams help us to work through junk we are going through. It got me to thinking about how it could relate to the reality of my life situation.
So which is more real… my dream or my waking life ? What kind of meaning am I to walk away with so that I learn something this dream was trying to convey to me ? All I know is that in that exact moment I so wanted to go back to the dream,I felt it was left unfinished and I woke up and it was gone. :/

“The dream argument is the postulation that the act of dreaming provides preliminary evidence that the senses we trust to distinguish reality from illusion should not be fully trusted, and therefore, any state that is dependent on our senses should at the very least be carefully examined and rigorously tested to determine whether it is in fact reality.”

Experts believe our dreams come from implicit memory:

“Implicit memory is one of the two main types of long-term human memory. It is acquired and used unconsciously, and can affect thoughts and behaviours.[1] One of its most common forms is procedural memory, which helps people performing certain tasks without conscious awareness of these previous experiences.”

So… if my dream came from retained info that I actually really experienced in waking life already and remembered it into memory without knowing I remembered it to use it later in life without even realizing I am doing so … does that make my dream where I am utilizing info from what I have already experienced for real while awake… a reality… and it is simply being replayed like a record ? Here it is sitting spinning round and round again. What the heck is this dream trying to tell me ? I awoke b/c the dream wanted me to remember that unconscious stuff I was utilizing so I could realize and consciously use it in my awake state ! The dream wanted me to be conscious of it and remember its message ? Now the dream is an entity ? Or did I wake myself up so I would remember and force this stuff to my conscience ?

I have never been in a pyramid. I’ve never seen those funny birds before. Why is my mind using these symbols to portray back at me real life unconscious memory events that I need to figure out ? Why would my mind catalog a memory that plays back as a pyramid ? or plays back as funny birds ? Why wouldn’t it just get straight to the point ? Why does it have to be so vague and cryptic ?

I’m Dizzy !

Dream Argument
Implicit Memory
brain reality dreams
pyramid dream symbolism
lightning symbolism
bird dream symbol


posted on Jul, 22 2018 @ 09:37 PM
While dreaming, the brain and body stimulus is in a sort of feedback flux.

Your body's reactions to things interpreted by the brain in the dream, can cause stimuli feedback to the brain, that feeds into the dream again.

When you get that feeling of swaying or swinging, perhaps your body shifted in your sleep, your brain then attempts to interpret the movement into the dream, causing your body to react to the sway again. Those slight perturbations to your body, may manifest as larger movements in your dream.

The more interesting aspect of this, is that senses and stimuli that you would normally never notice or utilize, while you are awake, may also get used in this type of feedback loop.

Such as, your natural sensitivity to EMF changes. Most mammals and many animals have some even if just very slight, interaction with EMF. Animals like sharks, obviously are more adept and actually utilize those senses all the time.

We don't usually use them in our day to day life, so our conscious mind doesn't access nor use the information. It's a waste of internal resources for regular activity.

However, while asleep, your subconscious may not only utilize this, but may allow the interaction to be processed by the portion of your brain "generating" your dream.

So a nice EMF shift, can cause interesting effects in dreams.

Shifting EMF fields causing the feeling of a back and forth movement, is probably a possibility.

(I cite the experiments where they attempt to induce "sleep paralysis" and "alien abduction" via controlled EMF in a helmet.)

If they can be induced artificially, there's no reason to believe that EMF can't naturally interact as well, especially, when it is the subconscious mind, that has more freedom with your senses, than your wakeful state mind.

If you ever attempt trance or deep meditation, see what happens if you try to force the same feeling, while awake and meditating.

Do something to generate a nearby EMF fluctuation.

See if you can actually feel it.

Maybe you're a little more sensitive to it, than others.

I wish you luck.

Our existence is still a mystery, and everyone gets their own puzzle pieces.
We're all working on the same puzzle, but no one can put your pieces down, for you.

posted on Jul, 22 2018 @ 10:10 PM
I offer my interpretation of your dream:

You are with your family in the pyramid in the air.
The pyramid is one of the most stable structures.
This speaks of a quite stable family life.
You have "Risen above it all" as a family
(Pyramid in the air) and life is somewhat care free.

You hear thunder, expect a storm , and lightning
strikes . This speaks of some change in the family
situation. The pyramid begins to sway . The
stability of the family is disrupted.
Funny looking birds: Flights of Fancy.
Someone is going to do something "different",
unplanned, unexpected which sort of "rocks the boat".

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