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From the Start, Trump Has Muddied a Clear Message: Putin Interfered - The New York Times

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posted on Jul, 21 2018 @ 09:36 AM
a reply to: Sookiechacha

FACT : Hillary was already hated by roughly half the voters.

FACT : I refused to vote for her based on her performance as First Lady, and Senator.

FACT : She had a tainted history, and the DNC still chose to force her down the throats of voters.

FACT : Bernie was more capable of winning than she ever was.

FACT : She failed to campaign in states she needed, because she arrogantly decided she didn't have too then lost them.

FACT : Russia had NOTHING to do with any of that.

FACT : Russian social media intrusions were ineffective.

posted on Jul, 21 2018 @ 09:43 AM

originally posted by: angeldoll

originally posted by: Nikola014
a reply to: watchitburn

Well, how is it not news?

Either this is the biggest propaganda operation by the establishment in history, or there really is something to this whole thing.

What is Trump hiding and why? Why is he so reluctant to admit that the Russians interfered in the election? He does not lose anything by saying yes, the Russians interfered in the election by hacking the DNC and spreading disinformation, but that it was the fault of the previous administration, and that he absolutely did not collude with them.

It's really that simple. Why is he not doing it?

At first, I thought he was just, ya know, a little on the stupid side, and of course has an extremely fragile ego and couldn't bear the thought of people thinking he didn't win on the up and up.

But since this has gone on for a painfully long time, and not only continues but gets worse by the day, it's made me wonder. What does Trump know that we don't?
Did the Russians succeed in a big way in getting him elected? If it weren't for them and their propaganda campaign would he have lost for sure, and did they do even more than that, which remains hidden? And he KNOWS it, and therefore is terrified of being discovered?

I mean, nobody is stupid enough to continue this tirade for two years without good reason, are they?

If I'm innocent of something I'm being wrongfully accused of, I will NEVER shut up about it.

IMO that's what Trump is doing. He literally has had 99% of the media after him since day one. I don't blame him for loudly proclaiming what he knows.

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