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Nebraska Fears Segregation in Schools

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posted on Feb, 21 2005 @ 08:04 AM
It's sad that this still happens. We saw a lot of this sort
of thing when we lived in Alabama. Our hispanic daughter
wasn't 'white' enough for some folks. These people would
go to church on Sunday (and Wednesday) and preach at
the world about heaven and hell, but they wouldn't let
their children play with other children who had skin that wasn't
as white as theirs. So very sad.

I agree with the law that parents can switch their children's schools
for what ever reason they want to. That's a parents right. But it's
still sad that they use that law to aid in their bigotry indoctrination
of their children.

Nebraska Fears Segregation in Schools
The Associated Press
Friday, February 18, 2005


LINCOLN, Neb. - Dick Eisenhauer is tired of watching white families
take their children out of the schools in his Nebraska district and
enroll them in smaller, outlying ones where there are virtually no poor
or Hispanic students.

Like many of Nebraska's school systems, the Lexington district where
Eisenhauer is superintendent has seen an influx of Hispanics, largely
because of jobs at the meatpacking plants, and an accompanying
exodus of white students to public elementary schools just outside town.

And there is nothing Eisenhauer can do about it. Nebraska law allows
students to switch schools without giving a reason.

"It bothers you when people come into your town and make
comments like `You've got lots of Mexican kids,' Eisenhauer said.
"I feel distressed if they would opt out for that reason."

Full Story:

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posted on Feb, 21 2005 @ 08:28 AM
I wasn't able to access the link so I didn't read the entire article. My immediate thought is that parents are having their children switch schools not because of skin color but because these children do not speak English at all, or at least not fluently.

An entire class can be dragged down if there are multiple children in it that do not speak English and need most of the teachers attention. This problem is occurring all over and until we do something about illegal immigration it will continue to get worse.

I'm sorry that your daughter had a bad experience. I know that I didn't believe that discrimination actually EXISTED until I left my hometown of La Jolla, CA and started college at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. It was the first time that I EVER saw blatent discrimination and I was disgusted. That was in the mid 80's so I have no idea if it's still as obvious as it was in the south, but it was really strange to me that people were treated differently because of their skin color.


posted on Feb, 21 2005 @ 08:56 AM
It is sad, that we still have discrimination, the best thing I could think of to do, is to make only public schools, and make the parents give a valid reason they want there child transfered.

An entire class can be dragged down if there are multiple children in it that do not speak English and need most of the teachers attention. This problem is occurring all over and until we do something about illegal immigration it will continue to get worse.

My school has a class to teach foreign students English, theres very few people in it.
Alot of the time foreign studens will fake not knowing how to speak english, especialy, and I'm not trying to be discriminating, but in my school Russians, I'll give you an example:

In my math class a few years ago we had five Russian boys, and theyd all sit at this wall mounted desk, and when the teacher asked them a qwustion, theyd feign not knowing English, now everyone especialy the teacher knew they could speak English, they didnt really bring the class down, she just sttopped asking them qeustions, and we (the rest of the class) did fine.

I geuss its probably not as good in other places, unfortunately America is one of the places, that learning the national language is;nt law or procedure.

posted on Feb, 21 2005 @ 08:59 AM
Two sides of the coin.

If the Hispanic cannot speak English, and are damaging the English speaking childrens education, i do not blame the parents for moving their children to a school where they can learn with out being dragged down.

If it is just because of the Hispanics colour and race, well thats not on.
If they can speak good English, and are learning with the children, who the hell are they to say that they don't think they are "white enough?"

I actually think the hispanics are a beautiful race of people, who like the rest of us, have good and bad amongst them, and should not be treated like this.

Education being lowerd because of it? move the kids. Race issue? sue the parents.

posted on Feb, 21 2005 @ 09:04 AM
Sue them for what? Having a belief you disagree with? Exercising thier right to choose what school thier children go to?
Comments like that are what is wrong with America today. Even if they are moving thier kids for no other reason than racism, so what? Its morally reprhensible and indefendable but (at least in the states) you have the right to believe anything you want no matter how stupid. Afterall we dont sue the idiots who believe in reptilians do we?

posted on Feb, 21 2005 @ 09:41 AM
Just a note - The article doesn't say that the hispanic children
can't speak english. It says the people didn't want to associate
with them because of their ethnicity.

The hispanic people in our church school here in Wilmington all
are bi-lingual. Their english is just fine - no accent even. So I'm
not sure if language had anything to do with this. It's just
bigotry. I suppor the right of the parents to choose their schools
for what ever reason they want. But I find it sad that people
would choose schools based on skin color. That's all.

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