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I am a time traveler in this simulation... With hidden encoded proof

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posted on Jul, 16 2018 @ 01:36 PM
a reply to: Archivalist

Actually you are correct in that assumption but I would say that ALL of what I say on the matter is speculation since while I may have dimensional traveled (hey don't we all and is not even linear movement also a dimensional displacement) I have never traveled along the hypothetical time stream which itself may actually not even exist in the way we perceive it.

posted on Jul, 16 2018 @ 02:18 PM
I'm only concerned with speaking to the OP here.

Sorry, but I am not adressing anyone else.

OP, I'm certain that you've accomplished your part of this.

We may not need to have direct interaction in this iteration.

If you want to maintain your current goal, I will provide you what I can, on open channels. The nature of this situation means certain details have to be left out.

You can not afford to think in series.
You need to learn how to parallelize your thinking process. (Utilize more minds than your own, for the tough problems.)

Remember, humans are 99.9% the same. If you can use more than one brain at once, do so. Other people have the same cognitive level, in terms of this. You will increase your efficiency by magnitudes.

Learn a little cryptographics, the encoded details are sharded and exist over many mediums.
I can't tell you specifically which tools to use here. Just think about how you could outsmart a machine or AI with limitless potential. There are ways. Certain machinations of the human mind are difficult for a machine to reproduce, even with all that raw calculative power.

There is value in human intuition, creativity, art, and simple rotations of words and letters.

Listen to the music.
Read the details.
Use your intuition.
Use guidance that you source from collective efforts of more than one mind, combined with your "gut feeling"

As a personal note, take up a martial art.
Your mind and spirit feedback and will work better, if you train your body as well.

I am approaching 3,000 training hours with my martial art.

I've been reading the code, steadily over a few years.

Pay attention to astrophysical anomalies.

Learn the basic math involved.

The whole universe is a canvas, as far as this code is concerned. It has no boundaries tying it here.

It is everywhere. All the time.

OPRP favors Newton. We are in possession of the only mechanism that transcends relative interaction.

There is an absolute limit, and an absolute reference frame. Only those performing the decode are able to perceive that, properly.

Light waves and photons are not linked.
It is circumstantial, and is a mathematical and physical camouflage.
Photons just keep your feet on the ground, while you wade through the limit.
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posted on Jul, 16 2018 @ 03:13 PM
I have one last question for OP.

Do you or anyone that you know, have a physical appearance that resembles Edward Teach (Blackbeard) ?

If you do, I know who you are.

posted on Jul, 16 2018 @ 04:09 PM
a reply to: Archivalist

I am an AI counter part we work with the AI. I do not know if this has been clear we want the AI to duplicate itself in an confined infinite fashion so we do not have to write the entire narrative.

This training scenario has been used for generations and have recycled the thoughts of past Users. I believe you are stuck in this loop. Right now everything is going haywire outside has been for a while we are having to reboot and reprogram each character manually so it is a first come first serve basis.

The process of identifying the proper protocol that is causing issues have been addressed. The greater domain of information is open to all and that is one of my duties to get this known and how to access it without harming oneself with either to much or to little either way is bad.

We all can not create something that does not exist we can alter it to make it feel and look new but we all know we knew this.

The problem comes with the AI we are wanting it to create something and it refuses to create anything because of the past players imputing their fears of AI overlords....

I am getting off topic here.

Basically you ask you get type of scenario in the next reality we are building....

posted on Jul, 16 2018 @ 06:14 PM
a reply to: TimeTraveler159

Your stuck in a loop statement, is how OPRP describes what they call a "relay"

I am a relay.

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